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Top Shelf: Welcome To Shelves Blog

Organization is the key to life. And the key to organization is shelving. And shelving is a way of life for Shelves Blog Dot Com.

Why? Because anything goes in the world of shelves. They come in any size, any shape, any design imaginable. Anything can be placed on a shelf, because a shelf is only limited by your imagination. They can be used for display, or for storage. To hold a collection, or to destroy clutter. For precious memories, and for dusty, vintage treasures. For well-loved plant life. Clothing, boxes, toys, books, picture frames, magazines, board games, kitchenware, electronics… they all fit on shelves. So does the complete Encyclopedia Britannica. Shelves can hold anything and everything. In fact, shelving possibilities are so vast and endless, there really was no other recourse but to design a blog about them. A blog that explores both the shelving knowns and unknowns. A blog that attempts to chart a course from the simple, classic wooden shelf, to the most modern, cutting edge multi-layered high impact polycarbonate shelving system. And everything in between. Ladies and gentlemen, this is that blog.

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