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Post-Holiday Reflections lead to a Great New Shelf Solution

This Kensington Hook Shelf from the folks over at STACKS AND STACKS is a terrific way to not only add a bit of classic architectural design to your wall, but add must-have functionality: coat hooks. Four hooks to be exact, which turned out to be exactly what I needed. Does your home feature shelves with hooks for jackets, scarves, etc? Mine didn’t, and that became a problem. In fact, I wouldn’t have stumbled onto this terrific Hook Shelf if not for the past week’s Holiday Guests. Namely my sister and her family.

I live alone here in my large Billings, Montana home. I rarely have guests, and when I do, they usually aren’t staying over long enough to require the use of a coat rack. I never considered that the lone hook in my mud room (immediately adjacent to the kitchen nook) wouldn’t be sufficient for any future coat hanging needs. I was wrong. Enter my sister Jennifer, her husband Marty, and their two children, Marlene and Marty Jr. I realized very quickly that with this harsh winter, the amount of coat rack space I had available was woefully insufficient. With every soaking wet day-glo HyVent ClimateBlock Triclimate Nylon layer that was peeled from these rambunctious children, I knew I was in for it. As were my kitchen chairs, barstools, and any other surface that could bear the burden of a hanging coat. So be it.

Thankfully I spotted the Kensington Hook Shelf at STACKS. With it’s easy-to-install, invisible mounting system, I was back in business in no time. The added bonus of elegant crown molding, a well-placed front lip that keeps my top shelf items safe, and decor-accommodating white finish were just that: bonuses. This is great shelf, and for me, one that saved the holidays. Or at least lowered my level of stress significantly. And that? Another bonus. Thanks, Kensington Hook Shelf. Recommended.

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings from Shelves Blog Dot Com!

I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone the best. The very best. A warm, rousing, and festive Holidays Season for all. Thanks for making SHELVES BLOG DOT COM a success, and I look forward to sharing even more shelving innovations with you in the New Year. Cheers!


The Season is for Giving and Smiles and Happiness.

Time to think about others and not yourself.

No matter if you’re an award winning endovascular neurosurgeon,

or post information about hanging a shelf.

The Heart is all that matters this Season,

it shines through rain, and snow, and fog.

It is the best we Humans have to offer.

Happy Holidays from Shelves Blog.


Beat Back the Bite of Winter with a Warm, Tropical-Style Rattan Shelf.

Not to beat a frozen horse, but it’s COLD out there. There’s no denying it. You can’t. As we speak, the Parker House is covered in a heavy blanket of fresh powder, while news radio is telling me that both Seattle Washington (State) and Las Vegas Nevada are covered in snow. Amazing, and chilly. The freezing weather certainly gets me thinking about warmer climes; the tropics. Over my hot mug of tea, I’m staring out the window, gazing at the drifting particles of ice, the bleak white canvas of a frigid Montana winter, and I’m thinking about RATTAN.

With a nice, bold RATTAN SHELF, your home immediately takes on a warm, earthy feel. A pleasant, south of the border, jungle vibration. A RATTAN SHELF simply takes you away to a cozy, balmy, cold-front free tropical paradise, a paradise where there is no need to consider Winter Worries like frostbite dehydration, hypothermia, or trench foot.

Our friends at STACKS AND STACKS are on to a good thing this winter. Besides their vast selection of RATTAN ITEMS, they feature this terrific RATTAN SHELF: the perfect shelf to get your mind out of the outdoor cold, and back to pleasant, functional, indoor home decor. Take a look. The SHELF easily falls under the category of “Great Wall Shelf”, with the bold look of RATTAN to boot. It’s sturdy, roomy, comes fully assembled, and features a nice bonus: a rod for a fingertip towel or a wash cloth. Functional? You bet. But those are all just side benefits. The real treat is for your eyes. RATTAN. While it may be icy outside, you can show winter who’s boss with this great SHELF. Recommended.

It’s Actually CALLED Marvelous: The Marvelous Modern Modular Media Shelf

Convenience is the name of the game. And really, now that I reflect on it, Convenience is at the heart of all shelves. Consider for a moment: what is a shelf but a perfectly designed way to make your home, office, the grocery store, videocassette rental center, or library convenient? If we weren’t looking for the convenience shelves graciously offer, we as a people would just remand everything to unceremonious boxes. There would be boxes everywhere. But alas, we don’t, and alas, shelves serve a terrific purpose. You know, everyone’s home or office can always use a little extra space here and there. Organizing space. Space to spread out. To make things convenient. The kind of space that fits right where you need it, adds a few inches of pure, pristine space. Shelf space. Wouldn’t a little extra space be marvelous? Marvelously convenient? Yes, it would be. And yes, it is.

While holiday shopping over at STACKS AND STACKS, I stumbled onto this amazing little shelf. I promised marvelous? Indeed. And it has to be as such, for it bears the name, and that name is THE MARVELOUS MODERN MODULAR MEDIA SHELF. Sly and stylish, the SHELF is perfectly designed to blend in with your pre-existing workspace and home decor. It can stand alone as a helpful addition, or can be mounted under existing cabinets and shelves. Full customization, thats what the THE MARVELOUS MODERN MODULAR MEDIA SHELF offers. It allows you the full freedom and convenience of customization. Feel free to stack MULTIPLE UNITS together for even more storage options! And of course it’s perfect for all those VHS Machines, DvD Disk Players, Stereo Components and other Media Accessories that the modern world demands we use. STACKS has noted that all the mounting hardware is included, with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly, and that’s a great convenience for rapid installation (in minutes, I’ve heard, requiring no power tools). This terrific shelf solution is available in your choice of Black, White, Maple or Walnut — and that pretty much closes the case. THE MARVELOUS MODERN MODULAR MEDIA SHELF is modern, modular, marvelous, and perfect for your media. Best of all? It’s convenient. Recommended.

Is It A Wall Shelf or a Suspension Bridge?

Whatta Wall Shelf!

At this point in modern engineering, we’ve all seen them. And by them I mean suspension bridges. Bridges where the main weight-bearing elements are hung beneath suspension cables. It’s a tried and true triumph of physics and design, and the basic principle behind the mighty suspension bridge has now been miniaturized into a convenient wall shelf for displaying items. In my humble opinion, there is no greater place to re-purpose this innovation than for at-home shelving purposes. Safe, secure, stylish — I have to say I am pleasantly surprised to see that while the basic and timeless hallmarks of the wall shelf remain intact, a bold new level of visual interest has been achieved. A well-done accomplishment for sure. Very well done.

There they are, packaged and ready to go. This cutting-edge technology has now been made available to the general public, available from Stacks and Stacks. These suspension bridge-like wall shelf brackets are at once modern and timeless, and are able to accommodate any shelf from 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick shelf. (Glass works best. Tempered glass is an even better option.) Needless to say, the cables are tough, durable, and ready to work. How tough? Stainless steel with aluminum fittings tough. The brackets can support up 100 pounds if installed correctly into a wall stud, depending on the style of shelf you use.

But Mr. Shelvesblog, I don’t have a wall shelf!

If, for some reason, you don’t have the prerequisite glass shelves handy, please don’t fret. Available now: modern glass shelves that come complete with their very own brackets. Everything you need, all in one place. This is a highly recommended product for anyone with something heavy to display.

A Slice Of Shelf Excellence

Wedge shapes are part of the natural world. We come in contact with them each and every day. Imagine your life without them – no pizza slices, no pie.

A wedge shape is not only an integral part of the world’s geometry, it is a delightful way to bring a shelving option to a corner that lacks pizzazz. A wedge shape is a great way to maximize empty space, a space exactly like a corner. And it’s the wedge shape that fits the corner perfectly, as if the wedge was made specifically for the corner. Wedge, meet corner. Corner, meet the amazing Floating Corner Shelf.

If you enjoy a shelf constructed of delightful tempered glass and tough metal, you’ll enjoy this masterpiece. Here at ShelvesBlog, we find the “floating” design to be the most eye-catching of all wall shelves. They’re strong, yes. They hold anything a regular shelf can, sure. But by giving the impression of “floating”, they challenge your perceptions of gravity. It’s an illusion, of course. This Floating Corner Shelf is a master of illusion.

If your home has the zest of modern décor, and you’re in the market for shelves, I would say it is an absolute must to consider the Floating Corner Shelf. Not only is it terrific looking, not only glass, not only “floating”, but it’s a wedge. Wedge shapes are part of the natural world. Make this Floating Corner Shelf part of your world. Recommended.

Wall Decoration Shelves. Squared.

Sometimes you need shelves for organization, and sometimes you just need to show off terrific items like flowers and picture frames. When it comes time to forgo roomy shelf space for a design that demands attention and acts a de facto display case, albeit one that hangs on the wall without a glass door, the perfect choice is this delightful Collection Box from STACKS AND STACKS.

Sold in a handy set of 3 varying sizes, these Boxes are Shelves, and visa versa. But here’s a hint (shh, don’t tell) – they actually CAN be used for storage and organization! I know! Many times I find it frustrating that décor and “style” have to intrude on good old-fashioned functionality. If I had my way, modern and tradition design would eschew the need for “glitter” as I call it: little flourishes that many find make a home or office “cozy”. I prefer pure the cold mathematics of shelf organization; optimizing anti-clutter expenditure and maximizing the available raw space of a shelf. But this is my opinion only. There is certainly room for both schools of thought, and the Collection Box is nothing if not versatile.

Not only do the Boxes come in 3 sizes, but they also feature a gamut of color choices. Pick from Natural, White, Dark Cherry, Black, Chocolate, Honey, and Mahogany if you, like many others, enjoy harmonizing your home or office’s look and color scheme.

I know my hard-edged opinions on shelf organization would classify me as “straight-laced”, “cold”, or even “square” — but these Collection Boxes prove that squares can be cool, too.

Gorgeous, Timeless Bookcase Cabinet Combo

Sometimes a shelving solution will come along that covers all the bases, and takes home furnishings to a new level. A shelving cabinet that elevates the field. Eye-catching, ornate, and classic. Functional, durable, delightful. Timeless. Take a closer look at the Bookcase Cabinet from the Mount View Office Collection, and imagine your home or place of business with this incredible cabinet up against the wall.

Created by Kathy Ireland Home, an innovative company headed by Kathy Ireland, the case features the traditional look of an old-fashioned four-door cabinet, awash in a cherry veneer. Solid cherry wood doors obscure and protect the spacious interior of this amazing cabinet, while tough MDF construction overall means this bookcase is dependable, sturdy, and long lasting.

The Cabinet is perfect for the den, the hallway, or the office. It complements a décor that is tasteful, elegant, and cultured. It’s adjustable inner shelf is hidden within, pitch-perfect for all your notable collectibles such as rare books, personal memories within treasured photo albums, knick knacks, and vases. The exterior middle shelf is exposed and terrific for items that not only need to be organized, but add to the overall style and tone of your home or office décor.

I had the pleasure of finding Miss Ireland at a trade show recently. I told her how excited I was about Kathy Ireland Home, an environmentally sensitive company committed to outstanding style, quality and service. I know that Kathy Ireland Home uses only superior materials, experienced craftsmanship, innovative designs, and she is obsessive about the high quality of her products. I was overjoyed to speak with her, as my chief obsession is shelves and shelving solutions. Clearly, we have a lot in common.  Moments after I introduced myself, we were photographed together:

I began to tell her about ShevlesBlog, and what we hope to accomplish with the site: to bring interesting shelving solutions to the public, spotlighting specific products of note, and featuring the cutting edge of shelf technology. I hoped that perhaps one day she might appear as a guest blogger, or co-editor. Unfortunately she was late for a vendor meeting. She wished me luck with the site, and shook my hand goodbye.

Kathy Ireland Home products prove that Quality is not a trend, it’s a Revolution. If you like what you see in the Mount View Office Bookcase Cabinet, you might want to consider the entire Kathy Ireland Home line from our friends at STACKS AND STACKS. Highly Recommended.

Did Elves Build These Shelves?

Brr, it’s cold out there. Must mean it’s December! Just in time for Christmas and the Holidays, all those families, décor enthusiasts and craft trendsetters tend to break out the Holiday decorations. And really, is there anything more soothing and heartwarming than the sweet sight of a full-tilt Holiday-style shelf? Tis the season!

Shelves play a integral part of holiday decorations. Besides hanging ornaments on a tree or lights on a roof or decorations in a windowsill, placing your favorite holiday knick-knacks on a shelf is a great way to show your holiday spirit. Wall shelves are perfect for the job. In fact, wall shelves are perfect for ANY style knick-knacks! Even Seaside styled knick-knacks:

You should consider getting in on the fun! This great 36” Floating Wall Shelf from our friends at STACK AND STACKS is a terrific way to get all your Holiday cheer up on the wall for all to enjoy. It’s easy to install, sturdy, and totally professional looking!

In fact, almost anything goes on this great wall shelf… but make sure you draw the line at snow. Everyone is dreaming of a White Christmas, but no one wants to deal with a soggy shelf. Snow belongs outside. This great shelf belongs on your wall.