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Coping With Infinity: Almost TOO MANY Great Shelf Ideas Exist.

I was trying to count the number of ways a person could uses shelves in the home, while cleaning out my shelf library, and I was deep in thought. There are two concepts that trouble me, while giving me peace at the same time. ONE: the fact that there is an UNKNOWABLE number of ways to use shelves. TWO: the fact that if you begin cleaning and organizing, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO CLEAN. These two concepts share equal ground, and that ground is INFINITY. Infinity. It’s almost too hard a concept to wrap your mind around, a concept that would take an infinity to understand completely. But here we all are, trying to get by, everyday we go about organizing and finding new uses for shelves, while the great and all-consuming concept of INFINITY rests just out of sight. It’s always there. And it always will be. I’ll just have to accept that. But you know I won’t accept anything but the finest in shelves, and I’ve found just that at Stacks And Stacks.

This is infinity terrific Wall Shelf Slash Display Ledge from Stacks And Stacks. And besides the simple fact that it holds 50 pounds (50!), it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes! A not completely, but ALMOST infinite number of choices! Look here: natural, white, dark cherry, black, and honey — that’s a variety of finishes, it is. Not to mention this shelf comes in your choice of lengths: 20 or 24 inches. And that’s really special. So if you, like me, are having trouble reconciling the nature of infinity and the universe itself, it’s nice to know that some things never change. Like the durable simplicity of a great shelf. And a great shelf this is. To infinity and beyond, and so on.

The Wall Shelf – Display Ledge. Recommended.

Shelf Determination: Never Give Up, Never Quit… The Shelf You Need Is Closer than You Think.

The sheer frustration connected with the inability to find a perfect shelf is a maddening experience — not unlike a powerful vice that crushes the human spirit, crippling in its effect on the psyche, horrendous in the totality of its absolute hellishness. When you need the right shelf, the wrong shelf will not do, no matter how hard you try to force it. You need the right shelf. You need perfection. And that’s why you’ve come to Shelves Blog Dot Com: perfection. I’m happy to help, because perfection is my business. And my business is good. If I could pass on one bit advice to my readers domestic and international, it would be this. Never be discouraged. Never give up. You may think all is lost; that your quest is over; that doom itself has come to your house, moved in, and wrecked the bathroom. NOT SO, fellow Organizers. I can’t stress this enough: NEVER GIVE UP. EVER. It’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Forward to the correct shelf. Which, in all probability looks VERY similar to this Venezia Deluxe Shelf from Stacks And Stacks.

With its traditional design and beveled edges, this Venezia shelf kit is a perfect compliment to any decor. Its extra thick shelf (1 1/8″) and flush mounting brackets make it ideal for use in your home or office. This splendid Kit includes one shelf and two brackets along with all the necessary hardware, is crafted of solid wood, and boasts a grooved design is ideal for displaying collectibles. It has all of these things, yes — and most importantly, it brings with it the promise of HOPE. Hope for the perfect shelf, hope for the future of children, hope for tomorrow. And so on.

The Venezia Deluxe Shelf. Recommended.

One Step Closer to Shelf Perfection.

Since I was a young boy, let’s say 2, no, let’s say 1, I’ve loved shelves and shelf organizing. They are my life. My mission. So many people here on earth wander aimlessly, not knowing their reason for being. Suckers. For me it’s simple. Thanks to the miraculous invention of the common shelf, I will have a purpose in my life, until my life ends. And when it does, I have left specific instructions to Jennifer, my sister, to place my cremated remains into an urn — and place that urn onto a shelf. And there I will sit, for as long as my relatives carry on, hopefully passed down through the ages. Resting on a shelf. It will be a just reward for my lifetime spent in service of the shelf. I often wonder where and when my life will come to a close, if I will have done enough organizing, if I have spread the word about shelf organizing to enough people, and what type of shelf I will end up on. These are deep, deep thoughts — but necessary ones. I enjoyed Cremation Urns Dot Net‘s take on the subject: “Go with your heart.” Radical, but correct. They speak very highly of keeping urns on shelves, and give helpful examples in their “Options for display inside the home” section. Now, no one can control the future, but if I could actually chose the shelf in which to be deposited, I would definitely chose this BLOMUS Wall-Mounted Glass Shelf from the website Stacks and Stacks.

It’s a stylish way to spend the afterlife, and having lived a stylish life, that’s the afterlife for me. This Wall-Mounted Glass Shelf is a sleek wall-mounted glass shelf unit that gives you functional storage and display options. This frosted glass shelf is accented by stainless steel mounting – which makes it pitch-perfect ideal in the bathroom for towels and toiletries, in the bedroom for accessories, or in any room for collectibles or supplies. Or my relatives wall, for my urn and earthly remains. But, of course, more importantly than all of the functionalities, this shelf is classy. It’s a reflection of me, actually, and it’s a good fit. I’ll have to pass that info on to Jennifer soon, because you never know how much time you have left. And so on. Sometimes.

The BLOMUS Wall-Mounted Glass Shelf 68528. Highly Recommended.

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner. Except This Time.

You MUST utilize every inch of available space in your home or apartment with shelf space. You MUST. And this goes double for corners. Corners on a whole, make up more than 25 percent of your wall space. Now, when you take the 50 percent of wall space used by the typical household, divided by the 100 percent of wall space you SHOULD BE using in a household, and multiply that by a factor of 4 (the amount of corners in a given room), you can clearly see that it is mathematically impossible to ignore corner shelving any longer. Barbara Tobiasz agrees, in her article entitled “The Real Angle on Wall Corner Shelf”. The great news is that with all the extra corner shelf space, you’ll be able to organize, display, and really keep that house in tip-top shape. Now, when it comes to that corner shelf, there’s no real reason to go on a long quest for one, because I’ve found the perfect fit. It fits in your corner. And it’s called the Corner Clip Shelf from Stacks And Stacks.

The spectacularly clean, simple design of this tempered glass corner shelf will add pizazz to most any decor. Available in 10″ x 10″ or 12″ x 12″, each kit comes with one 3/8″ thick glass shelf which has a polished edge, and one corner bracket. Each shelf installs with only one screw and holds up to 50 lbs. Adhesive backed foam keeps the glass in place! Baby, that’s a great corner shelf, it is. There is no better way that I know to shelve the items in your corner than with a powerful corner shelf, and this shelf is nothing if not powerful. Power with responsibility. And the discipline of organization. And so on.

The Corner Clip Shelf. Recommended.

Se7en Secrets of Shelf Cleaning REVEALED.

Now that we’re in our seventh year here at Shelves Blog Dot Com, I thought it would be a good time to reveal some top secret, insider-only trade secrets. It’s a bit like a magician spoiling the secrets of his fellow magicians, but hey, everyone knows that magic is fake and phony; that 99 percent of what they say is falsehood; that it’s all smoke and mirrors just to get that ticket money right out of your hand. With shelves it’s a little different: top organizers in the field know the secrets developed ages ago by the MASTER ORGANIZERS. These secrets were concealed by the elite, passed down through the generations via dark cabals, known only to those indoctrinated in the ways of professional organizing. These secrets have never been made available to the public for one reason, and one reason only: subjugation. So prepare to rise up, fellow readers, against the tyranny of the Martha Stewarts of the world. This information will set you free:

START AT THE TOP. Often faux-professionals will begin their shelf cleaning in any manner they see fit, wasting valuable time and energy. This is wrong. Start from the top, work your way down. If you are dusting, use clockwise circular motions, and keep a fresh Swiffer nearby.

SHELVES DO NOT NEED TO BE DUSTED EVERY DAY. Wednesdays and Sundays are fine.


CONTROL A SHELF, AS YOU WOULD TRAIN AN ANIMAL. Do not give it an inch. Items that are used everyday usually end up staying on shelves, and clutter them from one end to the other. Don’t allow this.

EXCESSIVE SHELVES SOMETIMES CREATE A DANGEROUS VORTEX. What about having ONE shelf above a sink to keep a shaver and accessories on? These types of shelves are handy, easy to reach, off of the countertop and can double as décor if done correctly. Too many shelves in one place at one time will promote clutter, laziness, and disharmony. Junk flocks to excess shelves like the Bermuda Triangle.

DO NOT THINK OUT OF THE BOX. THERE IS NO BOX. Soon you will see, it is not you holding the duster, staring at the shelf; it is only yourself. The shelf is a reflection. Take the “h” out of “shelf”. See what it is you find then.

HAVE FUN. People always forget to let sunshine into their lives… SMILE. When you finish the cleaning, there is always the promise of more cleaning to come.

I’m going to add one more bonus secret for you, while we’re on the subject of seven. The Sona Seven Shelf Shelving Unit from Stacks and Stacks:

This is a beautiful, dynamic piece, perfect for any room. Could it be a bathroom shelf? Of course, it’s perfect for towels and bathroom accessories! Use it in the living room for books? Sure can! It would even be an attractive alternative to a bakers rack in your kitchen. Each shelf easily holds up to twenty pounds, and the attractive contemporary design adds a modern twist to any decor. Constructed of metal and plastic resin, The Sona Four Seven Unit is sure to please!

That really makes EIGHT SECRETS, not seven. Oh well, it’s okay, because EIGHT is GREAT! And so on.

The Sona Seven Shelf Shelving Unit. Highly Recommended.

Strange, Cartoon Representation of Wall Sconces

Cartoons terrify me. They are the EXACT, POLAR OPPOSITE of shelves and shelf organization. They are hand-drawn, non-existent, intangible. They are meaningless, frivolous, and empty. Whereas shelves, wall sconces and shelving units are durable, functional, stylish, bold, and assist in keeping one’s life organized and tidy, these horrible cartoons do nothing but defeat the purpose of spare time.

Time which is allotted by the creator for CLEANING and ORGANIZING. Certainly not for watching hand-drawn (or heaven forbid, COMPUTER-drawn) cartoons frolic and have adventures and tell jokes and fall off cliffs. I’ll put a tall cabinet, wall mount shelving, wood wall shelving, or any other wall shelving systems up against any of these cartoons, any day of the week. If you could open my mind and peer into my darkest nightmare, you’d see this:

Cartoons? Not wall Sconces?

Not pretty. Not at all. And that’s why I was so torn while surfing the values contained within Stacks And Stacks’ “Wood and Composite Wood Wall Shelves” section. I stumbled across a pair of 2 Wall Scones. I was intrigued after setting eyes on the item’s smaller “thumbnail” (a computer insider term), so I clicked through to view the entire item.

I was instantly taken aback. Shocked. The two opposite sides of my mind completed for dominance; I was unsure how to proceed. Here was a pair of wall sconces that were  world classic, eye-catching, and featured plenty of customizability. And yet, it was represented not by a photograph, but — chillingly — by a cartoon:

Ahh that's the stuff. Pure wall sconces

Wait, that’s not a photograph of those wall sconces!

I have no idea why the company responsible for this great set of wall decorations decided to go with a cartoon for their product’s advertisements, but at the end of the day, I have to thank them for drawing those wall sconces.

They allowed me the opportunity to face my fear; to push back against the wall of fire in my mind; to temporarily disconnect my hatred and distrust of hand drawn cartoons. And I did. I ordered six sets worth of these terrific looking sconces. Friends, when your mind is locked in a deadly battle against itself, tearing apart the very fabric of it’s own existence, struggling for control of your very soul, there is a simple cure. Spend money. I did, and I feel great. And so on.

Floating Through The Night: This Wooden Shelf Floats. Along Your Wall.

It’s the age-old dilemma. So many friends and neighbors have asked me exactly how to find the best type of wall shelf. Well, if we are going to take into account floating wall shelves as a category in our quest, or wooden wall shelves as well, then the solution is simple — surprise, it’s just that: a floating wall shelf. It’s an inevitability that soon or later all home improvers must grapple with: there’s no better way to add functionality to your walls (without the use of a classic “bookcase”) than the wall shelf. The floating wall shelf. There’s no way around a wall shelf if you’re looking for the finest in wall shelves.

Toolmonger has an interesting theory that PLASTIC is a great interweave to support and add durability to the shelf as a whole. I disagree, though I value Toolmonger’s opinion. Wall shelves, specifically floating wall shelves, should be wood. Constructed of wood.

Not entirely unlike the look of this Floating Wall Shelf from StacksAndStacks.com. The look of custom shelving with those in-demand Architectural Elements built right in. And built of wood. It would be stating the obvious to say that these wall shelves add character and elegance to your home or office, but I’ll spell it out, as Toolmonger disagrees with my premise. The uses you’ll find for a 36″ shelf are legion; the versatility is unlimited — no — limited only by the limits of your imagination. Book, vases, everything, anything. I implore you to consider the Floating Wall Shelf in your hunt for the finest Wall Shelf. By all means, do your own research, but consider it nonetheless. You’ll be glad you did. And so on.

The Floating Wall Shelf. Recommended.

Has Clutter Cornered Your Quest For Clean? Battle Back With Shelves.

For me, it’s BLACK AND WHITE. I’ve used this blog to wage war against untidy living; against clutter; disorganization; sloth. I don’t apologize for it. I use this forum as a sounding board for ideas that I hope reach a needy nation: a nation needy for the information I transmit regarding the ways of tidiness. Organization. “Clean”. Shelves are BY DEFINITION a way to stay organized, and it hurts a little when I think about the masses, the cluttered masses, that could easily change their experience simply by engaging in the battle against “messy”. By transforming their lives to a clean, pure, happy existence. By using shelves. BLACK AND WHITE.

Shelves for the bathroom REALLY help. Bathroom Corner Shelves are a godsend. You have that corner just sitting there, waiting to be utilized and maximized by becoming a station for shelves and shelving units — to be filled with items that usually clutter the bathrooms of the untidy.

This model in particular is suburb for taking the fight directly to the disastrous uncleanliness of a disorganized bathroom. It’s a Bathroom Corner Shelf, and one with a difference. I found it while surfing the web over at StacksAndStacks.com. It’s a crisp white corner shelf that boasts solid metal construction. That’s good. It also features and a white powder coat finish — one that guarantees long-term durability. Three wire shelves are where its at for the bathroom, and the white bathroom shelf has them in triplicate. Easy to clean, they won’t allow liquids to pool, and they’re stylish. Not much more you could ask for. And so on.

The Bathroom Corner Shelf. Recommended.

Don’t Cut Corners! 50 Pounds Worth of Good Shelf Advice, Right Here.

I’ve seen a Corner Shelf that holds 50 pounds. There’s no reason to dispute it: I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I have 3 in my home, and 2 at my island retreat, the property known as GoldenIreland. Once or twice a year I’ll make it down to the island to relax, retreat, and refresh. But being out on an island doesn’t mean you can’t organize! There’s always organization to be done, whether you have corner shelves around for use, or not. (Luckily, I did.) You know, Coney Island is a place that needs LOTS of organization. Let’s wish them luck with their Island. I don’t know if corner shelves can help them.

For OUR needs, there is a perfect solution to clutter, the solution I mentioned before. The Corner Shelf that Supports 50 Pounds. Trust me, I know from experience, these shelves are easy to install and look great, too. They boast a terrific hidden mounting system, one that cleverly employs a patented slide-and-slot method of mounting. What that means in a nutshelf: no screws, connectors, or other means of support are visible. As the shelf is locked to the hidden connector and the hidden connector is locked to the wall, you’ve achieved corner shelf perfection. (Perfection always comes with a price, though: the shelf won’t mount into cement or thick plastered walls. Sorry, Pasadena.) This is a shelf that is up to the challenge, especially if that challenge is supporting 50 pounds worth of material. It is what it does, and it does what it is. And so on.

Corner Shelves. Highly Recommended.

Shelf: The Final Frontier

Sometimes, you need to call into question the fine art of naming objects. The ones that are locked in, like Banana, or River, or Tree, we can do nothing about. These items were named millions of years ago. But what about more modern names? Like when a company decides to name a superior, dynamic and contemporary shelf something that just doesn’t fit? Look at this incredible Floating Glass Wall Shelf I found at Stacks and Stacks. What comes to mind when you look at it?

Take a close look. Look carefully at its fine tempered glass; its elegant silver painted metal clips; its smooth pedestal platform. What springs to mind? If you said “peach”, you’d be crazy. As crazy as the creators of this impeccable, amazing glass floating wall shelf. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY NAMED IT. They somehow think this stylish beauty in some way resembles a peach. Poor job, fellas. Very poor. To be fair, I’m not too excited by my creators naming me Richard Parker, but I don’t look like a peach, either.

Stacks and Stacks wisely chose NOT to call this masterpiece a “peach”. They correctly label it a Floating Wall Shelf with Double Clip Support. Seems to fit a little better, eh? No question. And let’s not forget that this floating wall shelf features glass that is .31″ thick. Temper the fact that it was named “peach” with the fact that it features .31″ tempered glass. Alright, I know you’ve been thinking it. And I’m with you. Let’s come right out and mention the obvious — this Floating Glass Wall Shelf looks nothing like a peach. It looks like the U.S.S. Enterprise.  And so on.

The Floating Glass Wall Shelf. Recommended.