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Float a Glass Corner Shelf. (You know you want to.)

Your glass corner shelf floating habit is safe with us.

Do you want to float a glass corner shelf?  Have you ever?  Do you want to experiment, but are afraid of what people will say when they find out?  Afraid of what your spouse or significant other might think?  Did you ever consider that the desire to float a shelf was NORMAL, and that many websites can facilitate this desire?  Sites like Stacks and Stacks, which has a vast selection of everything you need to get a floating glass corner shelf?  Consider this floating corner wall shelf.  It offers a decorative shelving solution for any room of the home! Perfect for bathrooms, the corner wall shelf is made of .31″ thick tempered glass, with modern metal shelf clips that give it even more style. Without heavy looking, unsightly mounting hardware, this glass shelf has the appearance that it is magically floating against the wall, a contemporary look that is trendy today!

You should mount this shelf in any corner, because this contemporary glass shelf makes the most efficient use of wall space. Weight capacity of each shelf is 33 pounds, perfect for displaying photos of you and your significant other before the days of the corner shelf.  So feel no shame.  Take a deep breath, get over to Stacks, and do what feels right.  Everyone is doing it these days because it adds a touch of modern style and everyday convenience.

And then it was time for the shelf!

When a shelf is needed it is needed for there is no time to waste.  “Where is my shelf?” is heard.  Crying.  This is not what is needed to be heard when shelves are an abundant part of the on-line world, as costs that are reasonable, and shelves are easy to order.  When they are looking for a 4 shelf system, can it be difficult?  Not at this time.  Just wait!

They can get industrial-quality shelving for their home’s storage needs, with this complete 4-shelf system from the internet sales site Stacks and Stacks! Designed and built for commercial use, these wire shelves accommodate 1,200 pounds (300 pounds per shelf) – perfect for garage and tool shed applications. This commercial shelving system is also customizable; the 4 shelves adjust in 1″ increments so you have total control over shelf heights. This 72″-tall wire shelf measures 48″ wide, and comes in two depth choices: 24″ and 18″ deep. Both sizes also come in two powder coated finish options: Silver and Black. Let us see the actual product:

And there it is.  This heavy duty shelf includes 4 wire shelves, 4 posts, s-hooks, plastic shelf-mounting clips, and adjustable foot glides. It also includes all mounting hardware. A scratch-resistant powder coat finish withstands all rough environments! Casters are NOT included, but available separately in sets of 4 (includes 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters).  So do not worry, there is always a shelf.  Find one.  Buy one.