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These Shoes Were Made For Walking All Over Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Before we get into our discussion of floating shelves, I have something urgent to tell you, fellow shelf-o-philes. I read an article today that chilled me to the bone. It froze me with fear. It covered me with a frost of dread. It turns out all of man’s innovations like chimney smoke, factories and gasoline are ruining the environment. All of these innovations are melting the polar ice caps. The actual ice that makes up the north and south poles. These ice shelves will then raise the ocean level, killing us all.

After the water rises, and dry land becomes the most precious commodity on the planet, bands of thieving, dangerous nomads will sail the globe, attacking the survivors. It will be a living hell, an unbearable living nightmare, a nightmare in which the living envy the dead. We as humans will have effectively ruined the very place we were born, destroying our place in the universe forever. The good news is that until then we can still order shelves for the home, shelves not unlike these terrific floating wall shelf from Stacks And Stacks.

Floating Wall Shelves

Don’t sink into despair, floating shelves are coming!

Okay, so a set of floating shelves are not going to save you in the case of a global meltdown, but they will make your home look snazzy! This amazing shelving unit is constructed of sturdy northern hardwoods, the very hardwoods that will disappear when seas rise. This display shelf offers simplistic design while providing a space-saving solution for collectible and photo display. It’s basically a nic nac shelf is that is attractive and functional at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds!

Spaces in between the shelves are of differing sizes so you can display anything from small figurines to hardcover books in the same convenient area. And as long as you still have a home with walls, it can safely hold a total of 25 lbs. Best of all, you can order the unit in either Unfinished wood or these killer finishes: Natural, Walnut, White, Dark Cherry, Black, Chocolate, Honey and Mahogany! And until the end of days, it’ll make a great addition to your home or office! And so on.

Shelves are for Organization, Shelves are Forever.

Now that my board games are secured, I was taking a good long look at my garage on a whole. I live my life at an exceptionally high level of organization and cleanliness, but, to be fair, this garage is a disgusting mess. A disaster. Way too many boxes (albeit color-coded and stacked according to contents), power tools and automotive canisters organized by weight, National Geographic Magazines, and an array of paint cans containing the entire spectrum of Dutch Boy colors (just in case I need them). With all of that going on, I’m going to need some powerful shelving to beat back the clutter. And I found a winner over at StacksAndStacks.com.

In the past I’ve covered the best in shelving categories for the home, from the Garage to the Closet, the Bookcase to the Kitchen, the Laundry Room to the Wall. But what I’ve found here is Industrial. The Industrial Duty 5 Shelf Storage Unit. It’s a powerhouse, a sturdy dynamo, and it’s ready-made to meet the needs my overstocked garage demands. For me, the garage; for you, perhaps the office or home, because the Industrial Duty 5 Shelf Storage Unit will do it’s duty anyplace you need it to serve. Like all good modern shelving units, this tough customer features sturdy steel posts and beams with smooth, rust-resistant baked-on enamel finish. And they the treat particle board shelves. They do. And you’ll want that in a shelving system. Untreated shelves are the bane of shelving professionals, and critics like me: they should be outlawed. It holds up to 2400 lbs, and it assembles easily with rubber mallet in 30 minutes. (Ever wonder how many things you could DIS-assemble with a rubber mallet, in half that time? Me neither.) And that’s all it took to get my garage back to manageable. The Industrial Duty 5 Shelf Storage Unit. Highly Recommended.

(I also found this terrific Free Standing 4-Bike Rack, but that’s another story.)