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Happy Holidays from your Friend at ShelfsBlog!

A Great Shelving Solution Constructed Of Wood

Convenience is the name of the game. And really, now that I reflect on it, Convenience is at the heart of all shelves. Consider for a moment: what is a shelf but a perfectly designed way to make your home, office, the grocery store, videocassette rental center, or library convenient? If we weren’t looking for the convenience shelves graciously offer, we as a people would just remand everything to unceremonious boxes. There would be boxes everywhere. But alas, we don’t, and alas, shelves serve a terrific purpose. You know, everyone’s home or office can always use a little extra space here and there. Organizing space. Space to spread out. To make things convenient. The kind of space that fits right where you need it, adds a few inches of pure, pristine space. Shelf space. Wouldn’t a little extra space be marvelous? Marvelously convenient? Yes, it would be. And yes, it is.

While holiday shopping over at STACKS AND STACKS, I stumbled onto this amazing little shelf. I promised marvelous? Indeed. And it has to be as such, for it bears the name, and that name is THE MARVELOUS MODERN MODULAR MEDIA SHELF. Sly and stylish, the SHELF is perfectly designed to blend in with your pre-existing workspace and home decor. It can stand alone as a helpful addition, or can be mounted under existing cabinets and shelves. Full customization, thats what the THE MARVELOUS MODERN MODULAR MEDIA SHELF offers. It allows you the full freedom and convenience of customization. Feel free to stack MULTIPLE UNITS together for even more storage options! And of course it’s perfect for all those VHS Machines, DvD Disk Players, Stereo Components and other Media Accessories that the modern world demands we use. STACKS has noted that all the mounting hardware is included, with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly, and that’s a great convenience for rapid installation (in minutes, I’ve heard, requiring no power tools). This terrific shelf solution is available in your choice of Black, White, Maple or Walnut — and that pretty much closes the case. THE MARVELOUS MODERN MODULAR MEDIA SHELF is modern, modular, marvelous, and perfect for your media. Best of all? It’s convenient. Recommended.