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Glass Houses require Glass Shelves

Often I’ll find myself looking at blank wall, staring actually, for hours on end, wondering how I can improve on it. To improve on it without overdoing it, mind you, without killing what makes a bare wall attractive in the first place. As I was staring at my living room wall this afternoon, it struck me that the wall needs support, in the form of a glass shelf. Then it struck me that as a matter of fact, the GLASS SHELF would need support in the form of metal hangers, to remain a hanging shelf. Then it struck me that I need support in the form of psychiatric counseling. But first things first, I need to find a glass shelf to fit this wall.

Perfect. After looking at shelves designed for garages, some for laundry rooms, some for kitchens, and some for the closet, I found the perfect wall shelf at Stacks and Stacks. It’s called the Glass Shelf with Metal Support, and it’s going to really add some dynamic flair to the blank wall. And functionality. This Glass Shelf is available with a Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I neglected to point you in the direction of the Brushed Nickel version; Oil Rubbed Bronze is not well-suited for wall hangings. The Glass Shelf may slip. So be careful, home improvers, and enjoy this Glass Shelf, and your new non-bare wall.

The Glass Shelf with Metal Support. Recommended.