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An elecTRONic path to shelf LEGACY.

I was trying to count the number of ways a person could uses shelves in the home, while cleaning out my shelf library, and I was deep in thought. There are two concepts that trouble me, while giving me peace at the same time. ONE: the fact that there is an UNKNOWABLE number of ways to use shelves. TWO: the fact that if you begin cleaning and organizing, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO CLEAN. These two concepts share equal ground, and that ground is INFINITY. Infinity. It’s almost too hard a concept to wrap your mind around, a concept that would take an infinity to understand completely. But here we all are, trying to get by, everyday we go about organizing and finding new uses for shelves, while the great and all-consuming concept of INFINITY rests just out of sight. It’s always there. And it always will be. I’ll just have to accept that. But you know I won’t accept anything but the finest in shelves, and I’ve found just that at Stacks And Stacks.

This is infinity terrific Wall Shelf Slash Display Ledge from Stacks And Stacks. And besides the simple fact that it holds 50 pounds (50!), it comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes! A not completely, but ALMOST infinite number of choices! Look here: natural, white, dark cherry, black, and honey — that’s a variety of finishes, it is. Not to mention this shelf comes in your choice of lengths: 20 or 24 inches. And that’s really special. So if you, like me, are having trouble reconciling the nature of infinity and the universe itself, it’s nice to know that some things never change. Like the durable simplicity of a great shelf. And a great shelf this is. To infinity and beyond, and so on.

The Wall Shelf – Display Ledge. Recommended.