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Our Blog Transmissions have gone Very Far out into the Galaxy with information about Shelves.

It’s just dynamic when a friend of yours surprises you with a gift you didn’t expect.  This happened to me today when Doctor Alan Range of the Jet Propuslor Laboratory in Glendale sent me an actual chart of the distance ShelvesBlog blog posts have traveled through space.  Amazing, informative, incredible!  Of course, when you type anything into the internet, high frequency carrier waves that are invisible to the naked eye take the information far into the cosmos.  But only a special few have access to technology that can track these waves.  And today that’s me!  Thanks Alan! I think the perfect way to celebrate the fact that not only does ShelvesBlog have the most hits and ranking of any blog site pertaining to shelves, but we’ve gone the farthest into space: to review a floating wall shelf. It’s an inevitability that soon or later all home improvers must grapple with: there’s no better way to add functionality to your walls (without the use of a classic “bookcase”) than the wall shelf. The floating wall shelf. There’s no way around a wall shelf if you’re looking for the finest in wall shelves.  And I hope this information makes in deep into space.

I love the durable look of this Floating Wall Shelf from StacksAndStacks.com. The look of custom shelving with those in-demand Architectural Elements built right in. And built of wood. It would be stating the obvious to say that these wall shelves add character and elegance to your home or office, but I’ll spell it out, as Toolmonger disagrees with my premise. The uses you’ll find for a 36″ shelf are legion; the versatility is unlimited — no — limited only by the limits of your imagination. Book, vases, everything, anything. I implore you to consider the Floating Wall Shelf in your hunt for the finest Wall Shelf. By all means, do your own research, but consider it nonetheless. You’ll be glad you did. And so on.

The Floating Wall Shelf. Recommended.

Video Game “Tetris” inspires a very “Tetris”-inspired Shelf!

Look out video game fans.  Your prayers have been answered by the Shelf-Gods. Some really delightful designers have finally figured out how to harness the dazzling excitement of Russia’s famous video game TETRIS an refashion it into the rigid, purposeful structure of a shelf. Modern, so modern. But is it art?  Modern art, while sometimes bizarre and creepy, is also space-age and, in a word, modern. Modern! You have to take the good with the bad, just as in life: for every masterpiece like the one pictured above, you have to deal with a kooky wacko like Warhall. But it’s okay, because sometimes, when great ideas like modern art combine with the glorious simplicity of the shelf, something happens that is nothing short of magic. Magic! I was surfing the site called Stacks and Stacks, looking specifically for modern works of art in their shelves sections, and just look at what I found. In one word: perfection. In four words: Suchow Reversible Display Shelf. Don’t let you eyes fool you, this shelf is real, and is modern, and looks like this amazing modern art painting. Amazing.

The great charm of this unbelievably versatile Suchow display shelf is many. Many. It’s unique because it can be viewed from both sides, thus serving as a room divider as well! Imagine! Furniture placement can be so limited due to unsightly furniture backing; however, with this display rack you can admire collectibles from both sides! Modern! This display unit also makes a lovely baker’s rack or bookshelf. Lovely! Modern! Practical storage of items such as books and dishes can be stored; or decorative vases and sculptures can be placed on the shelves for admiration of both sides. That’s terrific! The rack is constructed of solid Chinese Basswood, with a black lacquer finish and two drawers the open on either side. The irregularity, or, dare I say MODERN design of the display shelves completes the piece’s modern theme! And how. And so on.

The Suchow Reversible Display Shelf. Recommended