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Modern shelf design is so brand-new, it’s not at Stacks and Stacks. Yet.

Modern Shelf

Wow, just look at that perfectly ROUND bookshelf! Devastatingly awesome, in both design and execution. Trust me, when I saw it in the German Shelving Magazine “Kazlooster-Shalven”, I had to have it all any price. Unfortunately it’s not yet available, as the designer has yet to share the plans with his investors. You know the story: genius inventor, blah-blah, can’t handle “reality”, flies too close to the sun, yadda and such as. Who cares about this German fellow’s mental state, I just want to be able to purchase his modern shelf. Ah, well. in the meantime, let me tell you about the Bookshelf – 2 Shelf from Stacks and Stacks. Prepare to be impressed.

It’s almost too good to be true: both strong steel exterior and shelf construction together with a solid fiberboard back, making these bookshelves the best value on the market today. Attractive, plastic snap-in radius corners make assembly easy and add to the overall strength of these bookcases. Shelves adjust at 1″ intervals during assembly. Generous 12″ deep shelves accommodate 3-ring binders and large publications. Shelf count includes fixed bottom of bookcase. You can choose printed steel in Medium Oak or baked enamel finishes in Black, Gray or Sand, if the spirit moves you. Comes in a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 shelf unit. Easy assembly with quick-lock fasteners, which make this a triumph for all of us. Perhaps one day we will see the perfectly round bookcase hit the market. And trust me, when we do, I let you know. And so on.

The Bookshelf – 2 Shelf. Recommended.

Make sure you pick Shelves that your Kids will actually LIKE.

There is nothing sadder, more depressing, more unconscionable, more vile, more unthinkable than furnishing a young child’s bedroom with boring, wooded, old-fashioned shelves. It’s horrible, and it’s pathetic. So please, I beg of you, if you have ANY love for the children YOU YOURSELF CREATED, I beg of you to purchase them child-appropriate shelves, not unlike this amazing Kids Bookcase – Circus Theme – MDF from the website Stacks and Stacks.

If your child is captivated by the circus, and they should, because THEY’RE KIDS, you’ll simply love the amazing Kids Bookcase – Circus Theme! If they love the clowns, and animals, and all the fun that the circus entails, there’s no better choice to make than to make the choice to purchase this amazing bookcase. You’ll be giving your little ringmaster a piece of furniture they will truly love when you purchase them this bookcase! This bookcase is pitch perfect for storing and organizing your child’s favorite chapter-books, picture-books, puzzle-books, maybe games, certainly CDs and so, so more! In these dark day, the bookcase’s brightly colored case gives your child a fun way to organize their things! MDF construction means it’s as tough as a lifetime carnie, and durable to the last. The best way to show your child the Greatest Show On Earth may in fact just be to purchase this wonderful Kids Bookcase – Circus Theme – MDF. It’s tops! And so on.

The Kids Bookcase – Circus Theme – MDF. Completely Recommended.