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“When Wall Shelves need Walls installed on their Shelves, you are forced to ask… which came first, the Wall, or the Shelf?” (Wall Shelves 2: Shelves Never Sleep)

Walls, historically, serve as the very life-blood of a Shelf. Except for the random free-standing bookcase, I dare you to give me one example of a Shelf that didn’t involve the use, at some point, of a Wall. Shelves and Walls. Walls and Shelves. Bread and Butter. Death and Taxes. Milo and Otis. Mac and Me. So you can see, the natural balance of nature is set in stone. But what happens when we CHANGE all of the known physics of Walls and Shelves? We would be in new Shelves Territory. A New Frontier. I tried to picture clusters of Walls as they traveled across the Shelves. What did they look like? Ships? Motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming, dreaming of a of a world I thought I’d never see. And then, one day… I GOT IN!

These amazing and easy to use Expandable Cabinet Shelf Dividers come in a handy 2 piece pack. Including 4 plastic shelving clips, you have the bases covered. Perfect for wall and floor cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom! Spring loaded for easy installation, non-skid rubber pads for a secure fit. All natural wood construction with a clear lacquer sealed finish. Keeps your shelf organized by separating your items, allowing you to get the most out of your shelves with this 5 piece pack. Each divider expands vertically from 7.5″ – 10.5″ and is 5″ deep.

And trust me, the super-tough Expandable Cabinet Shelf Divider can take whatever life dishes out. It’s a tough wall. How tough? As tough as that experimental wall they tried to crash a jet plane through. Yeah. That tough.

Expandable Cabinet Shelf Dividers – Set of 2. Highly recommended.

I’m Excited About Boat-Shaped Decorative Shelves!

I have no idea what this is, but it's not as interesting as decorative shelves.

“Science”. Woo. Big deal. So today, a bunch of smart guys found out that the bits that build up our Human DNA aren’t the only building blocks God plays with in the universe to make Life. Big deal. Can you bolt that information to the wall and place picture frames, plants, or even the very books these geeks must have read to become scientists? Are they any match for decorative shelves?

I don’t think so. So what do I think about, instead of thinking about where existence began, who created it, why it’s here, were do we go when we die? Often I’ll find myself looking at blank wall, staring actually, for hours on end, wondering how I can improve on it, perhaps with decorative shelves.

To improve on it without overdoing it, mind you, without killing what makes a wall attractive in the first place. As I was staring at my living room wall this afternoon, it struck me that the wall needs something special, something special in the form of a boat.

Then it struck me, as a matter of fact, that a boat decorative shelf would be a perfectly incredible addition to an already perfect wall. Then it struck me that I could find the perfect boat shelf if I just logged on to Stacks And Stacks and looked for boat shelves. And about a trillion times faster than it took the scientists to find new life in the universe, I found boat shelves.

BOAT decorative shelves. Cool, huh?

Who cares about book-learnin’ – Look at decorative shelves!

These adorable boat-styled wrought iron shelves bring rustic cabin appeal with style and sophistication to your home! The boat-shaped wall mounted shelves are made from 100% wrought iron, with a neutral finish to complement any home’s decor. Each decorative shelf has three tiers for displaying small collectibles and figurines. Alternatively, the decorative shelves make a statement when used without any adornment!

Hardware for hanging the shelves is included on the back of each; simply measure and screw or nail them to the wall. Just don’t take them to Mono Lake, California, where the scientists discovered the new life form. They don’t deserve shelves this cool.