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Adjustable Shelves: The Pros and The Cons.

Many things in this world are adjustable. Actually, almost anything is adjustable, if you try hard enough (just don’t count on it staying in the same shape it was in previously, West Virginians). Adjustable is freedom; adjustable is flexibility. Adjustable is customizability. Adjustable is neat. But sometimes you can get carried away with adjustability. Take the human body. Adjustable? Sure, sometimes. If by adjustable you mean changing hair color, face lift, heart transplant, and such. But in the days of violent, godless antiquity, some folks decided to adjust human bodies, on racks. These adjustments were often painful, and often permanent. Oftentimes, if you didn’t give up the demonic, satanic spirit within your body, the adjustments would cancel out your ticket to earth. You would then have to adjust to the afterlife. Many times in life you must adjust to horrible, maddening situations. There’s no way around it: you have to eat what you’ve been served, no matter how hellish and mind-numbing. Life is cruel; life is a waking nightmare. Even when you’re in an inescapable situation, you can adjust. Subtle, minute adjustments — just to keep yourself sane. To keep yourself from doing something that would cause others to think you may be possessed by a demonic, satanic spirit. It’s all about adjustments. Other fine words in our collective vernacular bullseye the concept of adjustable. One of these words is “expand”. Now imagine if you could take the concept of expansion, and add it to a shelf? Then that shelf would become adjustable.

With this triumphant Spice Rack Expand-A-Shelf from Stacks And Stacks, you have the power to adjust the Spice Rack, without tying it to a medieval torture device and stretching. The Expand-A-Shelf is much easier than that. It allows you to find spices fast! The multi-tiered design of the awesome Expand-A-Shelf makes it easy to see and access spices, condiments, toiletries and other supplies that tend to get hidden behind larger items stored on shelves. If that doesn’t define awesome, then you may as well strike the adjustable definition as well, for as long as the Expand-A-Shelf can expand, it is not only adjustable, but awesome. It’s also useful for showcasing collectibles in display cabinets, if that’s what you’ve chosen to do with your life. This sturdy white plastic stair step system expands (smaller section slides out of larger section) to fit most shelving (cheers!), and helps keep your cabinets and cupboards organized. Best of all? It’s available in 2 and 3 tier versions. That’s adjustable, very adjustable.

The Spice Rack – Expand-A-Shelf. Highly Recommended.