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The Mirror Has Two Faces and this Shelf Can Be Reversed and Looks Like Squares.

Modern art is mind blowing. It’s not only art, but it is indeed modern. Not only modern, because it was made recently, in modern times, but because it is modern in its thought and thinking and execution. Modern. Shelves Blog is modern, modern in the sense that there weren’t blogs around in the days of Picassa and Remebrante and Van Ghoe. Those fellows had to promote their art without the ease and simplicity of the internet. Suckers. Modern art, while sometimes bizarre and creepy, is also space-age and, in a word, modern. Modern! You have to take the good with the bad, just as in life: for every masterpiece like the one pictured above, you have to deal with a kooky wacko like Warhall. But it’s okay, because sometimes, when great ideas like modern art combine with the glorious simplicity of the shelf, something happens that is nothing short of magic. Magic! I was surfing the site called Stacks and Stacks, looking specifically for modern works of art in their shelves sections, and just look at what I found. In one word: perfection. In four words: Suchow Reversible Display Shelf. Don’t let you eyes fool you, this shelf is real, and is modern, and looks like this amazing modern art painting. Amazing.

The great charm of this unbelievably versatile Suchow display shelf is many. Many. It’s unique because it can be viewed from both sides, thus serving as a room divider as well! Imagine! Furniture placement can be so limited due to unsightly furniture backing; however, with this display rack you can admire collectibles from both sides! Modern! This display unit also makes a lovely baker’s rack or bookshelf. Lovely! Modern! Practical storage of items such as books and dishes can be stored; or decorative vases and sculptures can be placed on the shelves for admiration of both sides. That’s terrific! The rack is constructed of solid Chinese Basswood, with a black lacquer finish and two drawers the open on either side. The irregularity, or, dare I say MODERN design of the display shelves completes the piece’s modern theme! And how. And so on.

The Suchow Reversible Display Shelf. Recommended

The Basket as Deathtrap, Wacky Childhood Fun, or Undershelf Mesh.

Baskets have been around since time immemorial. The stork brings a baby in a basket; the first settlers to the great Americas arrived in giant baskets; it’s very possible that the universe was in a basket before it exploded, or, if you will, banged big. A common, and as I read it, unfunny joke that is told around college campuses is all about someone who might be labeled “lazy” or “stupid”. This person would take Basket Weaving 101. Baskets. Laundry baskets. Grocery baskets. Collection baskets. Baskets abound. But today, I’m going to focus on 3 specific types of baskets. Don’t worry, SHELVES will appear here as well, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. First, let’s consider the Basket as DEATHTRAP:

This basket is usually a basket that has been designed for other purposes, but through a strange series of events, has become something entirely bad. Like, say, a magazine basket that harbors a giant tarantula that has a taste for human flesh. Or a hot air balloon basket that has caught the fiery remains of a bad morning out over wine country – and has converted itself into an express elevator to hell. This is the type of basket you don’t want any part of. Next, let us consider the Basket as WACKY CHILDHOOD FUN:

Easter wouldn’t be as Bunny-rific without the basket. The basket, in this case, is the perfect delivery device to bring borderline-lethal amounts of sugar and fake grass to children. Candy-colored and fun to look at, these baskets usually arrive only once a year, which is good, because calories. That childhood obesity issue is as sad as it is funny, but you don’t want any part of that, either. At least for the children. The poor, defenseless children, who need all the help they can get. A child who weighs 174 pounds in not is not wacky, nor is the child fun. But Easter is both wacky AND fun. Finally, lets consider the Basket as UNDERSHELF MESH:

Yes. Yes indeed. That’s a mesh basket, attached to a shelf. A SHELF. Shelves Blog. Whether you need more room in your closet, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom, this Undershelf Shelf Mesh Basket is a basket that is here to help. Especially if you have a shelf that needs the addition of a basket. This sleek basket slides easily onto the shelf, and guess what? You get instant storage space. That’s pretty cool. And this Undershelf Mesh Basket that I found on Stacks And Stacks is perfect, if you have shelf that you need to plus, as you would with a mesh basket that holds additional items. Perfection achieved. You’ll love the design, you’ll love the ease of use, and you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase the mesh shelf in either Small or large size. So, as you can see, baskets play a vital and robust role in today’s modern landscape.  And so on.

The Undershelf Mesh Basket.  Highly Recommended.