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Review: Ellipse 4 Tier Glass Shelf

By Dale Baily

Here’s a great tip for keeping your bathroom clean and tidy, as well as looking terrific!  Think about adding an etagere!

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made of wood, some plastic, some are even made of metal. But my favorite, and in my personal opinion, the best looking one, has got to be the one that is built out of glass and metal.

Ellipse 4 Tier Shelf

Ellipse 4 Tier Shelf

I purchased the ellipse 4 tier glass shelf and transformed my plain jane bathroom onto a deluxe, fancy bathroom that reminds me of staying in a hotel. It looks great holding towels and soap. And it looks great as well when you put towels in it.

What is also pretty terrific about having an etagere in the bathroom is the easy way you can just grab what you need and it is right there.  You don’t need to go into a drawer or closet to find what you are looking for.  It is all literally right there.

There are also easy to clean, and that is a nice benefit, because all that glass seems like it would be difficult to keep looking its best, but no, in fact it is extremely easy to clean.

My wife really likes the way the silver frame looks.  It is a little bit futuristic to me, but she says it looks European. Our guests comment on it as well, saying things like they like it, and where did we get it.  It’s nice to have fancy things that people like, and people seem to really like our etagere.

So that is my tip: if you want to make your bathroom just great looking, and also really easy to clean and organize, make sure you get an etagere. I found a great one I love at Stacks and Stacks.

You can too.

Review: Rectangular Glass Shelf Kit – Wall Mounted

Decorating with a wall mounted glass wall shelf if a great way to create storage or display space without compromising on style. The glass design creates an uncluttered, floating look. This makes it a great addition to a smaller space like a bathroom where you need streamlined storage. Though featuring a modern design, it’s easy to pair sleek glass with more traditional décor.

Rectangular Glass Shelf Kit

Rectangular Glass Shelf Kit

Looking for extra storage space for toiletries or bath towels? Try a shelf like the Rectangular Glass Shelf Kit – Wall Mounted that gives you easy access to everyday essentials. By placing it up high on the wall inside the shower opposite the shower head you can store shampoo or towels in a very convenient place where everything can stay dry. Simply roll up some fresh towels and stack them on top so they’re ready to grab after your next shower!

Creating interesting and easy to use storage in the kitchen can be a challenge. Cabinets can limit wall space and free areas often require shallow shelving that doesn’t get in the way. A narrow glass shelf can be placed beneath a cabinet or on an empty wall to store cooking tools or spices. Use it to display your collection of coffee mugs in an easy to reach place.

Buy multiple rectangular glass shelf kits and stack them one on top of another to create all the custom storage you need. Try arranging them at different levels in a staggered pattern to create a focal point. Using wall shelves to display framed photos or a collection of vases is a versatile option. Since you don’t need to a hook in the wall it’s easy to change the arrangement. Create a custom arrangement large enough to fill a living room wall or compact enough to provide storage in an entryway. Find them at Stacks and Stacks!

Review: 4 Shelf Steel Storage Rack

By Fred Dalton Trudeau

Are you like me, with a residential garage that is filled the the brim with clutter, detritus, riffraff, miscellany, various Christmas ornaments, and boxes of newspaper? Your garage should be pruned, organized, codified and harmonized as soon as possible. The myriad of boxes are not going to magically store themselves.

Which brings us to shelves.

I created a new system for myself, in the interest of policing a garage that has gone beyond the pale in terms of stagnating boxes, and I’d like to share it.  I call it, quite simply, “stacking, packing, and racking”.  Feel free to use this discipline to help yourself out in a classic garage-related storage space quandary.

The first rule of “stacking, packing, and racking” is make sure you have a proper vessel for the items you intend to organize.  It is sheer folly to attempt a re-arrangement of clutter, either cursory or in-depth, without a proper containment unit, a final resting place if you will, for the aforementioned clutter.

4 Shelf Steel Storage Rack

4 Shelf Steel Storage Rack

Trust me, after my experience this weekend, the very best solution is to purchase a rationally priced 4 shelf steel storage rack. I ordered one from Stacks and Stacks, easily constructed the item using the simple instructions, then began regulating my overpopulated garage.

I have to tell you, this storage rack is an unyielding dynamo, a real steel triumph of power and rational self-interest. It won’t bend to the confines of an over-stocked wall, nor buckle under the weight of innumerable boxes.  With each individual shelf capable of shouldering a weight capacity in the range of 800 pounds, you can certainly bet your bottom dollar this unit is going to set your clutter straight.

I used a personal philosophy called “stacking, packing, and racking”, found an honestly amazing steel storage rack, and perfectly organized my garage.

You can too.

A Collector’s Dream Shelf

By Kathy Wilkes

Here’s a fun suggestion for everyone today, a fun new way to display! Have you ever considered wall shelves to show off your collection of bean pals, Smurfs, or antique bottles? Whatever your collection is, I have a perfect way to show them off!

As for me, I love ceramic miniatures.  I collect them at swap meets, estate sales, and even ebay.  You can be sure I’ve amassed a million wonderful hand-crafted ceramic miniature pieces.  Ducks, cars, sheep, everything you can imagine! I even have an Eiffel Tower!

Well, I already have a well-stocked and meticulously lit display cabinet for my treasures, but I thought “wouldn’t it be neat to display them all over the house?”, if that was at all possible.  It turns out, with the assistance of some terrific glass clip shelves, I could display my collection in every room of the house!  The kitchen, bedrooms, atrium, great room, and even the hallways!

Glass Clip Shelves

Glass Clip Shelves

The glass clip shelves were a godsend, honestly. They are so durable and easy to install. I could do it myself, and I’m really not good at building things. Once they’re up on your walls, you’ll be amazed. They look so good, with frosted chrome connectors and crisp, clear glass.  Well, I wasted no time, carefully placed my favorite ceramic miniature pieces atop those glass shelves, and viola: my collection is on view in every room.

These shelves don’t need to be used just for display, now that I think about it. They can be used for picture frames, flowers, even bath towels!  Really, I guess only the limits of your imagination can limit the uses for these great glass wall shelves.

I purchased terrific glass wall shelves at Stacks and Stacks, placed my favorite collection proudly upon them, and improved the look of my home.

You can too.

Review: Classic 16 x 16 Floating Corner Shelf by Creative Connectors

Classic 16 x 16 Floating Corner Shelf by Creative Connectors

Classic 16 x 16 Floating Corner Shelf by Creative Connectors

Review By Joel Batchler

Have you ever wanted to spice up the boring corner spaces in your home? You know what I mean: boring, boring areas of space in almost every room in your house, areas that could use a little something “extra”?

Well, I think I found a perfect solution.  Everyone should consider adding a corner shelf or two to their homes!  I selected a classic 16 x 16 floating corner shelf, and it’s worked wonders to add visual flair and intrigue to my usually boring walls. It actually worked so well, I decided to use them in every corner of the house. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First thing’s first! The classic 16 x 16 floating corner shelf, which I purchased online at a reasonable price, is constructed of melamine, which is just great.  It looks like wood, but it’s just so much better.  Melamine is sturdier, easier to clean, and it’s available in so many different colors, perfect for all the different colors of walls in my home!

Next, installation! It’s just so easy. When I installed my shelves, it was a real breeze. Melamine shelves are terrific to screw into drywall or studs. (Be careful, though! I found out that while they hold up to 80 pounds, these shelves can’t be drilled to cement walls! Sorry basement!)

Best of all, you are free to place anything you want on these shelves, from picture frames to candles to houseplants!  The options are endless.  You can theme a guest room with plastic fish, miniature anchors and other remembrances of the sea, or deck out your child’s room with the latest video game or sports things.

Well there you have it! I added a classic 16 x 16 floating corner shelf to my home and really spiced it up.

You can too. Get yours at Stacks and Stacks!