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Make Family Life Easier With An Adjustable Bathtub Shelf

Adjustable Bathtub Shelf

Adjustable Bathtub Shelf

Sharing the bath tub area with your significant other can make things pretty crowded. Throw in a couple of kids and you have an outright land war between the Head and Shoulders, Aveeno Shaving Cream and the Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo. Bathtubs are only built to store a finite amount of bottles, and our tub was reaching critical mass. Luckily for me, my family and our bath tub, there was a simple, easy answer to my storage woes.
With its versatile design and excellent storage capabilities, the adjustable bathtub shelf ended up being the perfect way to store all of the different soap and shampoo bottles my family uses, without needing to make major renovations on the bathroom! This bathroom shelf can be stretched out wide to span the width of the bathtub, providing a “bridge” of sorts to store your soap, shampoo, loofas and razors while you shower or bathe. This adjustable metal shelf will fit into any bathtub with a width from 20″ x 25.5” (which is just about every bathtub in the world, save for you spoiled “Jacuzzi tub” owners, who probably don’t need the extra bathroom storage anyways!) by stretching from the rim on one side to the rim on the other.
The shelf is made from a really sturdy metal and has a rubberized coating, which is what allows it to “stick” to the tub so well. At first I was worried it would just slide right off the side of my tub, but the rubberized coating has just the perfect amount of “stickiness” to keep it situated on the tub. At 5” wide, it is just wide enough for all of my shampoo bottles. (Although Costco sized bottles are probably too heavy to be supported, so stick to non-jumbo bottles.) I found this unique bathroom storage accessory at StacksandStacks.com.

Fantastic Four Foot Floating Wood Wall Shelf

4 foot floating wood wall shelf

4 foot floating wood wall shelf

Last weekend I took the family out to get some portraits taken. We drove all the way out to the scenic and beautiful Fargo, ND to capture my family’s love for the snow and cold weather. The photo shoot was a smashing success, and we came away with loads of great pictures to share with our friends, and of course, display prominently in our home.
A few days passed and all the while I pondered just where I would want to show off our new portraits. The living room was an obvious first choice, as it was the place our guests were most likely to encounter our gorgeous depictions. Well it turns out I was in luck, because while I was perusing my favorite online store, Stacks and Stacks, I came across the perfect solution.
The 4 foot floating wood wall shelf is the perfect display shelf for my fabulous Fargo family portraits. This sturdy floating shelf is able to support all of the family portraits (including the one in which I received a snowball to the face) and is completely seamless! The shelves not only display the professional images of my family, but add some modern style to my living room as well!

I was worried that I would have a hard time installing a floating shelf into my home, but it turns out that it is a breeze to install this shelf! All I needed was a Phillips head screwdriver to complete the install. I simply screwed in the mounting brackets and then just slid the shelf right into place!

The shelf can hold up to 30 pounds of weight, and at four feet across, has plenty of room to show off my amazing family frolicking in the snowy paradise that is Fargo. As I said before you can find the floating wall shelf and a whole bunch more like it at StacksandStacks.com

Versatile Desk Hutches

Great for organizing a large, messy office or providing more room in a small workspace, desk hutches are an easy way to gain additional storage space. Coming in a wide variety of styles, you can use it strictly for storage or find a larger shelf design that can double as display space.

desk hutches

desk hutches

When you don’t have enough space to dedicate an entire room as an office and instead have a multitasking living room or guest room it can be hard to add storage to an already crowded space. Since the hutch sits on top of the desk it doesn’t take up additional floor space you don’t have. Smaller writing desks with a low hutch make a nice addition to a child’s bedroom or guest room.

At home or at work, an office presents a number of challenges. Finding a balance between office equipment and creating a pleasant work space doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is find the right desk hutch for your storage needs. Do you have a desk littered with paperwork? Look for a hutch with paper slots so you can free up desk space. Have lots of electronics to store, like a scanner or printer? Choose a larger shelf-like design that features a cord cutout in the back.

Make sure to consider exactly what kind of storage you need. If you like having everything at your fingertips then look for a hutch with open shelving the makes paperwork and office supplies easy to find. Prefer a more streamlined look? Opt for a hutch with plenty of cabinets or drawers for concealed storage that will keep your desk looking neat. When you’re office storage needs change, desks with an optional storage hutch allow you to remove the hutch making them a versatile piece of office furniture.

Wall Mount Corner Shelves are the Answer

wall mount corner shelves

wall mount corner shelves

The end of the year is the best time to sit back and ruminate on past achievements, as well as make plans and resolutions for the coming year. This time I vowed to organize and beautify my home. Recently a friend of mine, a distinguished family therapist and a Feng Shui enthusiast, explained to me the correlation between one’s living space and one’s state of mind. As it turns out, your home is not only a reflection of your inner self, but also a big influence on such. It got me thinking that all the little things I’ve been neglecting throughout the years form a really big picture. For example, I have lots of stylish photo frames, elegant vases and other lovely home accents, which until recently were unnecessarily tucked away in my garage; meanwhile my home looked like an austere, transient space, which inevitably transferred onto my outlook on self and life in general. I started my design quest by bringing all the pretty things out of hiding. Vases found their home on top of the bookcase; picture frames settled on the dresser and the console table. I still had a few wonderful candleholders, a couple of exquisite sea shells from my last trip to the islands, and some marvelous figurines – all of which had no place to go. Much of my wall space was already occupied by newly hung prints and paintings, so I needed a clever and compact shelving solution. I found just what I was looking for in the wall mount corner shelves. I need three wooden shelves in Walnut to match my living room furniture; they’ll serve as perfect displays for a Nautilus shell, a pair of jade candlesticks and a miniature Toltec warrior statue. Two glass shelves will accommodate a few votives, a reed diffuser and a perfume collection in my bathroom. Seeing all those treasures finally out and in the open is sure to fill my heart with warmth and give me a true sense of home. I still have a long way to go in creating a picture-perfect haven, but I’m off to a good start.

The Wonders of Folding Bookcases – By C.G. Roxane

ave you ever had the need for a bookcase in your home? Everyone certainly has, but how about a book case that can be broken down in mere seconds, transported, and then reassembled with ease? Yes, it’s possible, and I’ve discovered how – A folding bookcase.

The world of folding bookcases was unknown to me, perhaps it is to you. But once you research the incredible benefits of a terrific “folder”, you’ll be amazed you hadn’t heard of them sooner. Everyone should consider adding a folding bookcase or two to their homes! I selected a classic 4 tier corner bookcase for my condo, and it’s worked wonders to add visual flair and intrigue to my standard, run-of-the-mill decor. It actually worked so well, I’ve decided to use them in every room in the house. I’m creating a library comprised of wood bookcases that can be folded!

Folding Bookcases

Folding Bookcases

They are so strong! My 3 tier folding bookcase, which I purchased at Stacks and Stacks at a very reasonable price, is constructed of bamboo, which is just great. It looks like regular wood, but it’s just really so much better. What is so great about collapsible, folding bookcases is that they are always generally readily available in many different colors, and constructed of many different materials, perfect for all the different rooms in my home!

Next, installation! It’s incredibly easy. When I installed my folding bookcase, I thought it would fall apart — how could something that is folded flat ever become a bookcase that could carry my have tomes and noels — but it did. Boy did it! In fact, you’re free to place anything you want on these powerful bookshelves, from houseplants to picture frames to candles! The options are limitless!

I did not think it would be possible, but I added a folding bookcase to my home!

You can too.

Folding Shelves Are The Solution

Folding Shelves

Folding Shelves

Last time I moved, I had all my stuff shipped freight across the whole country. After three days sleeping on a yoga mat at my old place, a week in a tiny hotel room with no kitchen and three more days on the floor in my new apartment, I was yearning for peace and comfort in familiar surroundings.

When my things finally arrived, I didn’t care that I had to unpack and organize for hours on end, I just wanted to recreate that tranquil harbor I had back in New York. Unfortunately, some things didn’t make it in one piece. I suspect they had my stuff come on a six-horse carriage over the mountains, through the rocky deserts and across a few rivers.

It took two weeks, you know. Of course, I had shipping insurance, but those guys were sly. They specifically listed all particle board items as not covered due to “inherent weakness of materials.” That took care of my now three-legged computer desk, my cracked entryway table and my two bookcases, which were completely destroyed.

So much for getting a break on shipping costs.

I was mostly devastated about the bookshelves, because they had tons of storage space and once looked pretty sleek. I soon realized that I was definitely going to move out of this always cold and damp apartment in no more than a year, so I needed to find a solution to the moving issue once and for all.

I did some research and decided to opt for collapsible furniture made of solid wood. While big wooden dining tables, armoires and futons would generally cost an arm and a leg, things like folding shelves were refreshingly affordable at Stacks and Stacks and still looked like a million bucks. I now appreciate the ease with which I can rearrange my living room without having to ask anybody for help. I also love the fact that I finally have some quality pieces to my name. Last but not least, when the time comes to move again, the experience will be a lot more pleasant.