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Apothecary Style Wooden CD Cabinet – A Classic Solution

As the years go by I have discovered that the decrease in the compact disc’s popularity over the years has led me to be able to purchase used discs at a cut-rate price. For a low price of just 20 bucks, I can sometimes acquire up to five CDs, which is an amazing deal. Unfortunately this CD buying spree has led to my home becoming cluttered with innumerable compact discs and their gaudy, large jewel cases. What I really needed was a wooden CD cabinet to store them all in.

All these stacks and stacks of CDs were becoming an issue for me and my sanity. I could not find my keys or my remote, my toe nail clippers or my garage door opener; you name it, I lost it among the towers of musical media. I went to the only logical place to go to eliminate my stacks upon stacks of CDs: StacksandStacks.com.

My home is furnished in a traditional style, and unfortunately it seems like most CD towers these days have a sleek, modern look that just does not fit in with my home decor.  Luckily I was able to find the incredible, traditionally designed apothecary style wooden CD cabinet! It was available in three colors, oak, walnut and cherry; I chose walnut (It matches my hardwood floors).

apothecary style wooden cd cabinet

apothecary style wooden cd cabinet

This incredible CD storage unit has a solid wood construction, so I knew I was getting a sturdy piece of furniture.  I plan to keep it around long after my CDs have gone by the wayside; who knows, maybe someday I will become an apothecary myself. It has 24 drawers, each large enough to hold 19 CDs or eight DVDs, or (for those of you who are really old-school) four VHS tapes! If you do the math that is 456 CD’s, 192 DVDs or 96 VHS tapes! Each drawer comes with a slot for drawer labels, so I always know where my favorite Hall & Oates greatest hits collection is! (Yes, I have a favorite.)

Double Shelf Lazy Susan: An Extra Set Of Hands

double shelf lazy susan

double shelf lazy susan

My wife is a passionate epicurean, and will spend hours upon hours in the kitchen, coming up with amazing delicacies that tantalize the taste buds and stimulate the senses.  Unfortunately, as a busy attorney, she never has the time to cook on the weekdays. (Most of her recipes require hours of work, I’m telling you she is amazing.) So that leaves Sundays  as the one day of the week that she has the time to prepare such sophisticated and time consuming meals for our enjoyment (the timing of which had become an issue, I’ll explain in a bit). Unfortunately my wife is also very short, and our cupboards very tall, so she is constantly calling me into the kitchen to help her find the vanilla, or find the oregano, etcetera, etcetera.
Now, this spice exploration is not a problem most days, but (like I mentioned before), Sundays in the fall are the days that I have specifically designated to be glued to the sofa. You see, I am an avid fantasy football professional, and Sundays in the fall are game days! I simply cannot be bothered with all this searching for spices, because I might miss the key play that changes the progression of my fantasy career for years to come (Yes, I have to be there to watch it).
I needed to find a partner my wife could trust to supply her with the spices she so seriously seeks. Enter the double shelf lazy susan, the saving grace to my fantasy career.  This nifty space saver has two levels for the ultimate in spice storage, and spins so my wife does not need me to come in and find her ingredients. Made from acrylic, this turntable is way sturdier than what you typically expect from a lazy Susan; it is not flimsy in the least bit! I found this incredible tool over at StacksandStacks.com.

Help Your Shelf With A Metal Magazine File

Shelves are great; every home and office needs them, and without the wonderful properties of shelves, I would not be here writing on this blog for you today. But alas, shelves cannot carry the entire burden when it comes to neat, organized and efficient home storage. Sometimes all a shelf really needs to meet its maximum potential is an assistant to pull some storage weight.

Metal Magazine Files

Metal Magazine Files

One great way to quickly and easily organize the shelves in your home or office is by using magazine files to sort paperwork in a neat and vertical fashion. The metal magazine file is the perfect example of using additional accessories to really put the finishing touch on your shelf organization.
This modern metal shelf organizer has an attractive, eye-catching contemporary design. The shelf features a pattern of circular punch outs in its sturdy metal frame, which add visual interest while promoting the ability to find what you are looking for. I like to put my old copies of The Economist inside the files (I purchased quite a few of these files, they are so useful!) so I have a veritable library of world events, all within reach on my shelves.
Of course, this magazine file is not only useful when paired with a shelf. This storage organizer can also be used on a desktop. It makes an excellent “inbox / outbox” and allows for a more organized, clutter free desk space.

One more trick for the true “handy-persons” out there on the interwebs: Try hanging these files directly onto the wall.
1.)    Evenly place two screws into the wall, separated by a few inches. Be sure to leave enough clearance for the metal panels
2.)    Place each screw within the circular cut outs, and slide the file down onto the screws. The metal panels should fit snugly between the screw head and the wall.
3.)    Tighten the screws into place; if desired, place two screws at the base of the file
4.)    There you have it, a wall mounted magazine file!

This Garage Shelf is Neat, Sweet, Petite

I live in a tiny little bungalow in the heart of the city, and that obviously provides me with very little garage space when I need to get to my handy work. Our garage is miniscule to say the least, with just barely enough room to fit our single car in, plus a little bit of extra room for working on home projects. I am a dedicated “do it yourself-er”, so I really wanted to find a way to be able to do some tinkering in my garage. After all, is that not what drives a man to buy a house in the first place? The ability to tinker to his heart’s content? I knew I had to find a garage shelf for the job.

Garage Shelf with a rack

The solution to my desire for tinkering was right in front of my eyes the entire time, right there on my computer screen. Stacks and Stacks had what I consider to be the ultimate in space saving work shelving: a garage shelving with an included storage rack!

Petite’s not a Reference to the Capacity of this Garage Shelf

The shelf is super lightweight but very strong, owing to its sturdy metal construction. The garage shelf and rack is able to hold an astonishing amount of weight, including up to three gallon-tubs of paint or other accessories for the garage! The surface area of the shelf measures approximately 15″ x 7″.

Now I have enough space to fix remote controls, garbage disposals, and more, plus I have room to get started on my birdhouse building hobby that I have always wanted to get off the ground!

The great thing about this shelf is the rack feature. These metal bars keep whatever you have stored on the garage shelves from falling. This would cause quite a hassle as my garage is very tight and any falling objects are sure to land on something fragile.