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Streamline Your Space With A Semi-Circle Glass Wall Shelf

Using pieces that have modern style and storage is an easy way to streamline any space. Many traditional display options tend to feature molding and a more elaborate, traditional design. Opting for a sleeker design is a good way to create an updated look for displaying any collection.

For a modern design look for pieces made of glass or metal with a shiny finish. Clean lines allow what is being displayed to take center stage, so the piece can act as a frame. Glass is also a good way to allow pieces to be seen from almost every angle.

semi-circle glass wall shelf

semi-circle glass wall shelf

Create a unique look anywhere in your home with the semi-circle glass wall shelf. With little showing hardware, this shelf has a floating effect that gives it an extra modern touch. Easy install and durable design allows this piece to be moved throughout the home so you can use it anywhere. Create visual interest by using a few of these shelves in a stacked or layered pattern on one wall.

Turn the traditional display hutch on it’s head by choosing a modern piece that presents any collection in style. Consider a modern shelf as another way to store a collection that doesn’t need to be protected from dust. A bookcase with shelves or cubbies that vary in size allow them to have individual slots so it looks like custom shelving. A TV stand with built in shelving is a great way to incorporate favorite photographs or other items into your living room.

Choosing a contemporary display option allows your favorite pieces to be the focus, while the case blends stylishly into the background and in with your decor. For a bolder look, modern wood shelving is another great option that can create a unique look with unexpected shapes. With so many options, it’s easy to find a piece perfect for any home or any space!

Architectural Elements Corner Shelf

What kind of storage creates an attractive look, doesn’t take up floor space and makes the most of hard to use space? A wall mounted shelf! The rare piece that can be used in any room of the house, a wall mounted shelf is versatile enough accommodate collections large and small, providing storage anywhere you need it. A shelf is an easy way to make a big impact in any space.

Architectural Elements corner shelf

Architectural Elements corner shelf

When dealing with a large collection you can use several together to create a custom look. Cover a wall or fill a space with shelves and use them to display a large collection or framed images. By propping frames on a shelf rather than putting them up on a wall you can change the look whenever you feel like it. This is a great way to keep the look of a bedroom or living room fresh. Permanent shelving is a great way to create an easy to change display.

The Architectural Elements corner shelf is a great alternative to a nightstand in a small bedroom. Use it to store a small lamp and give the room the illusion of being larger. This same shelf is also a great addition to a small bathroom, where you can use it to display candles and soaps or store beauty products. Stack several in a corner to gain even more storage.

The kitchen is another space that can never have enough storage, use a wall shelf to store spices or cooking utensils, while also displaying a charming touch like a piece of pottery or decorative vase. The open shelf makes items you use everyday easy to grab.

Throughout the home, open wall shelving is a creative display option. When it comes to a special collection don’t limit yourself to traditional shelving.

Make Room With The Forma 4 Shelf Tension Caddy

Like most women, I go absolutely nuts over bathing products!  There is nothing quite as luxurious and relaxing as bathing yourself with quality, good smelling products that are good for your skin.  I must have at least four different body washes, a couple kinds of shampoos and conditioners, plus loofas, sponges, pumice stones and whatnot.  In my particular bathroom, storage for these products has always been an issue.  I like to keep all of them in the shower, because I never know which one I’m going to want to use until I do.  I was not able to get a shower caddy that hangs over the shower head, because the pipe for the shower head comes out of the wall at a strange angle and the caddies would just end up on the ground.  And, my shower is just a stall without the tub, so it is not like I have ledges on which to place my bath products.

Forma 4 shelf tension caddy

Forma 4 shelf tension caddy

Enter the fabulous Forma 4 shelf tension caddy that I found online.  This shower caddy must have been designed with me in mind!  First of all, it fits nicely in the corner of my shower stall so as to not take up to much space.  And because it mounts with a tension pole, the corner caddy was fast and easy to install with no tools.  I’m not exactly a handy-woman, so that was convenient.
I have my shower caddy set up so that each basket has a purpose.  The tall bottles of shampoo and conditioner go in the big bottom basket, body washes in the next one up, etc.  But here’s the icing on the cake – each shower basket is adjustable on the pole, so I could make everything fit perfectly!  I should also mention the awesome benefits of having hooks and bars to hang my razor, loofas and face towel.  I would recommend this shower caddy to anyone, even if they don’t collect large amounts of bath products!

What Does a Wall Shelf Have To Do With The Flying Nun?

When I saw the name for the first time, I had to do a double take.  “The Flying Nun Wall Shelf?” I said to myself, “What an obscure reference.”  And then I got and laughed to myself in delight.  Before stumbling upon this great floating wood wall shelf, I was in the marked for something but not sure what. I have an assortment of collectible books, figurines, vases, statues and framed photos that I wanted to stand out in a really eye-catching way on my long living room wall.  I knew I was looking for some clever way to display these things on the shelves, but figured I would just settle for some regular floating shelf.  But I realized that there are so many unique things about this particular wall shelf.

flying nun wall shelf

flying nun wall shelf

It’s named for the character’s headpiece because it has the two ends that stick up.  So, when mounted to the wall with the “wings” up, they work as bookends.  Or to just keep things from falling over the side.  And when the wings point down, they add a traditional look and support to the walls shelf.  I even mounted a few of the shelves vertically because it looks neat.  One of them holds this tall, slim art glass vase and that looks amazing.  The other one holds this beautiful old Balinese puppet-sculpture-thing perfectly.
The shelves come in several finishes like Chocolate and Honey, but I went with the black ones for a simple, timeless look.  Some of them face up, some face down, and some hang uniquely on their sides.  So, now I have an entire wall of interestingly placed floating shelves in random configurations and it looks like it is straight out of an interior design catalog!

Elegant Drawer Dividers for Upscale Organizing!

Drawer Dividers are by far one of the best organizing tools in the professional organizers tool belt!  They can make any room of the home a more orderly place and save you valuable time because you won’t be searching through drawers endlessly to find the right sock, battery or tool!  Well, drawer dividers have gotten a style upgrade recently.  No longer just made of plastic and metal, you can find drawer organizers for any room of the home in any style that you crave!

walnut stained expandable dresser drawer divider

walnut stained expandable dresser drawer divider

The walnut stained expandable dresser drawer divider is one such updated, stylish drawer organizer!  This beautiful piece is perfect for use in the bedroom.  It has a dark walnut stain that will match fancy bedroom furniture and also makes it easy to clean.  Expandable drawer dividers are great because they can fit into more spaces and also because they use the entire drawer for storage, instead of leaving wasted space on the sides of a more traditional drawer organizer.  This particular model is 5.5” deep which is perfect for dresser drawers.  If you are looking for drawer dividers for the bathroom or kitchen, you might want to go with a plastic model or metal that can be cleaned and sanitized easily.  Also, typically these drawers are not as deep as they are in a dresser, so a shorter drawer divider might be in order.  There are also drawer dividers that are specifically designed for different purposes.  For example, in the kitchen, you can get a utensil tray or even a spice drawer organizer that turns any drawer into a spice rack for easy access and better viewing of spice bottle labels.  In the laundry room, a specially designed junk drawer organizer works wonders with those drawers where all odds and ends in the home seem to end up!

Transitional Desktop Organizer at Home or Office

Desktop Organizers have a new look, updated with beautiful materials, finishes and storage options. These new features organize and beautify your office!  The desk organizer cabinet with drawer is a great example of this new wave of office organizers!  With a truly transitional style, this desktop shelf has everything you need to keep the desk neat and tidy.  What I love about this unit is the elegant wood construction and crisp white finish.  Organizers don’t have to be unattractive.  They actually can make a desk look better and at the same keep it clean.

Desktop Organizer

desk organizer cabinet with drawer

When shopping for a desk organizer or other shelf for the office, keep the following list handy to get you started on your way to a more organized office:

•    Compartment style: This is probably the most important step in choosing a desktop organizer.  It is the backbone of the organizer itself.  So think about what you really need.  Do you have lots of small supplies like paper clips and staples?  If so you will probably want to look for a desktop organizer with a drawer, especially one that has dividers built into the drawer to keep all supplies separated.  If you want to keep printer paper in the organizer, be sure to measure the compartments to make sure one of them measures at least 9” x 11.5”
•    Style:  Don’t forget about style!  You will want to make sure that the desktop organizer is both functional for your needs, and aesthetically pleasing!  Look for every type of style out there, including contemporary, traditional, antique and many more in between.  If your office decor is a little lackluster, look for an organizer that will provide a punch of color!
•    Pricing: Obviously you want to stay within your budget but get the right organizer to fit your office storage needs.  If your budget is super tight, look for mesh metal desktop organizers which are affordable and have a modern, edgy style.

A Handsome Hanging Shelf

For Christmas this year, my father in law decided it was time for me to get into wine and wine tasting. I opened up my presents to discover I have been gifted four dozen bottles of wine (lucky me), plus eight white wine glasses and eight red wine glasses.  Do not get me wrong, I am very excited about learning more on the subject of viticulture and the many subtle elements that go along with the art of wine making and tasting. But I had no idea how I was going to store all of the glasses that I had just received.
Then it hit me… What a great idea for a post on the Shelves Blog! The Shelves Blog deals with storage and other storage accessories, and I was having a unique storage dilemma, so time to break out the old typewriter. (It is really hard to get my posts from the paper onto the computer, but anything for you loyal readers.)

Hanging Wine Glass Rack by Rogar

Hanging Wine Glass Rack by Rogar

At the same time I fired up my old computer and logged on to StacksandStacks.com, my favorite place to find storage options.  What I was able to find is an excellent way to store wine glasses and a piece of décor that gives my kitchen a sophisticated touch I never thought it would achieve.
The ceiling mounted wine glass rack provides storage for all of my different wine glasses, plus it hangs them upside down, allowing the dust to accumulate on the outside of the glass instead of within the cup.
Now, whenever guests come over and see my fancy hanging wine glass holder, they instantly want a glass of their own. However, I have learned that an elegant wine rack does not solely make one a wine expert. Apparently Two Buck Chuck is not appropriate to serve with Christmas dinner!

Shelves Cool Enough For Batman

My favorite cartoon character of all time is the amazing Batman. I love his story; Billionaire philanthropist witnesses the murder of his own parents, vows revenge and takes to the streets to fight crime in spandex and chest plates. I love the Batmobile, the way it looks just like a bat when it soars down the street. I love the way Batman’s mask has those little pointy ear things, I love his logo. Basically Batman is my hero and I try to make everything in my home look like Batman.

wall-mounted 185 DVD storage shelf rack

wall-mounted 185 DVD storage shelf rack

The other day I was surfing the web when I came to stacksandstacks.com, and found the most amazing DVD rack I had ever seen. It had great storage, a modern design, yadda yadda, but what was really impressive to me about the design was the way it looked like Batman. Ok, I have to admit I was already looking for a new place to store my vast collection of Batman DVD’s, but it was really the design that caught my eye.  Did I mention my Batman DVD’s ? I should probably mention my Batman DVD’s. Well I have just got my hands on the largest collection of Batman DVD’s in the world, and it has every single movie (185 total!) that has to do with Batman, plus a bunch of them in other languages too! Now I am a proud owner of Batman & Robin (Special Limited Russian Edition). This wall mounted 185 DVD storage shelf rack was the perfect piece for my Batman themed home!
Anyways, the front of this media stand has two long, swooping curved poles that come to a point at the top, kind of like on his mask where those little pointy things are! The sleek black metal shelves really bring out the Batman motif, and because it is wall mounted, I never have to worry about it falling!

Folding Locker Shelves Save Lunch

It’s a classic high school cliche- the shrimpy freshman gets stuffed into a locker by the big bad jocks, of course in front of the sweet but popular crush of the freshman. The tragedy of these situations is that it could be easily prevented by one simple addition to the freshman’s locker. But what is this one little item that allows you prevent such an embarrassing, life altering event from even occurring in the first place? Not to give it away – but it is locker shelves.

Whether it is in high school, at college, working out at the gym or even hard at work in the office, lockers never seem to have the right amount of storage for anyone’s needs. The lockers are very efficient at storing long, narrow objects such as hockey sticks, shoulder pads, or a baseball bat. But when it comes to short, squat items, what could possibly be the solution?

Double Locker Shelves

Well I have the answer to both of these dilemmas and it is a much easier solution than anyone could expect it to be. This folding set of double locker shelves instantly provides double the storage to your locker, plus they get in the way, making your locker impossible to be stuffed into, even by the most dastardly of bullies! Made from sturdy metal wire mesh, these shelves conveniently fit right into most lockers. If necessary, stack the two included shelves in your locker for triple the storage capacity!

With Locker Shelves Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

With these simple stacking mesh metal locker shelves, you will not have to worry about a smooshed lunch because your files fell onto it; or find your books disheveled and the pages all crinkled because there was a mini avalanche in your locker between classes. You will also not have to worry about a smooshed ego because you are stuck in a locker and the bell just rang for winter break.
Get these locker shelves and end your frustrations with locker stuffing, falling items, or both!

Rolling Computer Cart – Compact Office Space

On the days that I am able to work from home, it is very important for me to have a nice, spacious workspace so I can spread out and really concentrate on my work. For the last few months, the lack of a proper work desk has forced me to work at the family dining room table. That has done nothing but infuriate my wife when she arrives home from work to find a huge pile of my work on her kitchen table.

rolling computer cart with USB hub and sliding keyboard shelf

rolling computer cart with USB hub and sliding keyboard shelf

So, I set out to find the perfect at-home office desk, and I believe I have found the ideal solution for my situation. The rolling computer cart with USB hub and a sliding keyboard shelf has all the accessories and accessibility I need for my busy work day. This mobile cart is set on casters, so I can move it around the house whenever it is necessary to do so. Below the desk top is a convenient pull out keyboard shelf, which is perfect because as a blogger, I do a lot of writing and I need to have an ergonomically friendly keyboard set up. I use my iPod to listen to music while I work, so having the USB hub right there built into the desktop is a godsend.
I also love that this rolling desk has such an attractive modern appearance; it looks great with all the rest of my living room furniture (Yes, unfortunately my home office doubles as the living room.) The medium density fiberboard (MDF) is stronger than I expected, it certainly is much stronger than typical particle board. I can be pretty rough on furniture, so sturdiness is a quality I am always looking for when it comes to furniture.
I found this excellent computer cart online at Stacks and Stacks.