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Rolling Cart Provides Portable Shelves

Working on a project at home or in the office can pose some difficult storage problems. For any project that requires a lot of space and is going to be worked on for more than a day having a convenient work area is a must. File cabinets can be difficult to look through and having a desk cluttered with papers isn’t always an option.

metal mesh rolling cart

metal mesh rolling cart

That’s why portable storage, like a metal mesh rolling cart is a great choice for freeing up space. Set on casters, this cart can easily be moved around wherever there is space to spread out. When it’s time to clean up the individual compartments help keep things organized and make everything easy to store until you’re ready to work on it again. The best thing about a portable storage cart? When work is done you don’t have to put everything away, simply roll it into the closet for easy, concealed storage.

When spending time sorting through paperwork in the office a cart is a great choice for sorting and keeping desk space uncluttered. Look for deep trays that keep paper work in place or are large enough to hold file folders or envelopes. A compact design that can easily slide under the desk makes for a good storage option.

Crafts often take more than a day to finish and a cart can be a huge help in keeping organized so it’s easy to pick up where you left off. From sorting yarn for a knitting project to keeping quilting pieces laying flat, a cart is an easy way to create a portable workspace. Scrapbooks are another craft that are easiest to tackle when everything is kept well organized.

No matter the project, a portable cart can help keep the required tools on hand and ready to go when it’s time to work!

Versatile CD Storage – As Bin Or Shelf

It can be difficult to get the most out of storage pieces. Over the years storage needs change and finding adaptable shelving can be a challenge. With a little forethought, finding shelving that can serve multiple functions can save you time and money. The key is to find long lasting shelving with a versatile look that can be enjoyed for years to come.

mountable mesh 12 cd tower

mountable mesh 12 cd tower

Smaller storage options are a good place to start since there are always odds and ends around that need sorting. The mountable mesh 12 CD tower has a stylish, modern look that easily transitions from the dorm room to the office. Whether you want to display a CD collection or organize office supplies this versatile tower has got it covered. Shelving that can be mounted on the wall opens up all kinds of space saving possibilities. Place it above a desk to to free up space or use it next to your audio components for easy CD access.

For larger bookcases, investing in durable wood shelving is a good way to ensure stylish book storage for years to come. When you know you’ll be moving shelving that can easily be assembled and disassembled is a great choice. With shelving that can be taken apart, you can easily boxed up all the pieces in a single flat box, rather than wasting space on an entire, fully assembled bookshelf.

Modular shelving is another great choice for storage that can grow with your collection. Look for shelving that gives you the option of adding to it so you can maintain a cohesive storage style. When you want to streamline your collection, simply remove extra storage and use it elsewhere.

Simple pieces in neutral colors are the easiest to blend with various styles over the years. With a little time and effort it’s easy to find storage options that have multiple uses and can grow and adapt with you.

Shelves for a Media Library

The living room doesn’t have to be an overly casual space in order for it to be relaxing. There are many ways to create a comfortable, cozy feel. Adding the right shelving can help create a chic, stately library look in the living room while adding storage as well. Whether you choose to fill the walls with floor to ceiling bookcases or add a single cabinet, bookshelves bring a classic look home.

large media cabinet with sliding doors

large media cabinet with sliding doors

For large or medium sized living rooms lining the walls with bookshelves is one way to create a cozy, study like feel. Don’t be afraid to place other pieces of furniture like couches or media centers in front of them, this layering can give the shelves a more permanent look. Filling the shelves with books turns the living room into a library as well. Don’t feel limited to using shelves for storing books, they can also be a great place to store a movie or music collection. Fill in unused space with family photographs, vases or anything else you want to display.

Have a smaller space or don’t want to commit to a full on library look? Choose lowering shelving that only covers half the wall and use it to surround the room or line a single wall. The large media cabinet with sliding doors is a great option for smaller spaces. The sliding doors mean you don’t have swing out doors that can get in the way and the height is just right for displaying a collection without shelving taking over a smaller room. A cabinet designed for storing movies or music, but with traditional style is a great way to make the living room feel like a study.

Shelving doesn’t have to be traditional, opt for modular bookcases with clean lines for an updated look. Variously sized compartments are an easy way to add visual interest and display favorite objects in a modern way. No matter your living room style, shelving can help make it personal by perfectly displaying your favorite collection.

Unexpected Living Room Storage

Living room storage can be a challenge, especially when it comes to your movie collection. You want to store your DVDs or video games where they’re easily accessible, but most of the time you want them out of sight. Finding attractive storage you don’t mind having on display can be a tall order, the first step is to figure out your storage needs.

bamboo dvd and video storage box

bamboo dvd and video storage box

Have a small collection of favorite movies you watch over and over again? Or do you have a large collection, with six or seven DVDs that always end up stranded around the DVD player? Consider a bin in a natural wood tone like the bamboo dvd and video storage box to help corral them. A wood container brings a touch of warmth and casual look to the living room so it blends nicely with the rest of your décor. Set one or two of these bins on a nearby open shelf and they will always be within reach, but never without a home.

For a large movie collection that you want to be able to peruse on movie night think about using a dedicated cabinet designed for storing DVDs. This is an easy way to keep them organized, easy to access and well concealed. Many TV stands offer built in cabinets where movies can conveniently be stored out of sight.

Short on space in the living room? Get creative by choosing living room furniture based on it’s storage space. Choose a coffee table with an open lower shelf where you can use boxes to store movies. Organize and label boxes by movie genre so it’s easy to sort through them on Friday night. You could also pick side tables with cabinets or an ottoman with interior storage to get really creative. There are lots of ways to gain space for your favorite movies.

A Simple Shelf Can Work Wonders!

Deluxe Adjustable Shelf - by Panacea

Deluxe Adjustable Shelf - by Panacea

Not all of the important shelves are large bookcases!  There are plenty of little shelves that will do wonders for organizing your home, office and garage!  A great example of these is the Panacea Deluxe Adjustable Shelf.  This handy wire shelf is great for dividing up any space vertically to get you the maximum storage you need so badly around the home.  This model adjusts in width, great for really using up all available space in your cabinets, cupboards or closet.  Small wire shelves are great for any room of the home.  Use them in the kitchen pantry for keeping plates, cups and even food separated.  They are great for stacking cans below and above, reducing the need for you to dig through stacks of canned goods to get to the right one.  In the bathroom, they can be used in the cabinet under the sink for storing and organizing makeup, toiletries, cleaning supplies and even towels.  In the closet, use a small wire shelf on the existing closet shelf above the rod to separate stacks of folded shirts, sweaters and even shoes!
Here are some things to think about when shopping for a shelf:
·         Where are you going to use it?  If you are using it somewhere with moisture, you may want to go with plastic that won’t rust or rot.  On the other hand, if you are using it somewhere in plain view of all to see, an attractive wood or metal shelf may be a better choice!  The deluxe adjustable shelf features wire covered with vinyl – easy to clean and moisture resistant!
·         What are you storing on it?  Size obviously is very important.  You want the items to fit on it in the best way possible, without taking up anymore room than is necessary.
Before you go shopping, don’t forget to thoroughly measure your space so there are no surprises when the item arrives at your door!

Shelf Organizer of the Week for Large Shelves

Check out this week’s featured shelf organizer – the KD lidded storage stool!  This beautiful fabric box proves that storage doesn’t have to be dull, it can be stylish, trendy and downright elegant!  I love replacing my plastic boxes with fabric or woven wicker models, whenever I can.

KD Lidded Storage Stool

KD Lidded Storage Stool

The KD lidded storage stool is the perfect piece for that!  The faux leather lid is contrasted perfectly by the fabric covered box sides for a stylish storage option that can be used anywhere in the home!  Use it in the living room for stowing pillows and throws, games and more.  Or as a toy storage box in the nursery.  Even in the bathroom, this trendy box can help out, keeping guest towels and other supplies handy.  Another option would be to use it on an existing shelf in the home, whether that is in the closet or on a wire shelving unit elsewhere!
Looking for more trendy storage ideas to up your style?

·         Baskets – Don’t forget to swap out a plastic storage box for a basket.  You can find woven baskets with lids or without to organize any area of the home!
·         Fabric Boxes – just like the KD lidded stool, but there are many more options out there also nowadays!  You can find fabric boxes in every style, pink and blue for the nursery, brown leather around the home and much more!
·         Wooden Shelves – Replace plastic storage boxes, when you can, with wooden shelves which will last for years to come and have a much better style.
·         Metal – If you like contemporary style, look for modern metal and chrome finished baskets to store just about anything!
·         Eco-friendly storage boxes – usually recycled paper, but also other materials such as bamboo which is renewable.
The possibilities are endless!  Never settle for drab storage containers if you don’t have to!

Box Storage Organizer For Sewing Storage

My friend Carly is a seamstress, and if anyone ever needed a comprehensive storage solution that goes above and beyond, it was she!  This gal studied fashion and has a really keen eye for pieces that can be re-purposed, which is her specialty.  She also creates her own patterns and makes clothes from scratch.  I have never seen anyone with the amount of fabric and garments she’s collected.  You would think that she should have her own boutique, but for now she doesn’t.

box storage organizer by albern enterprises

box storage organizer by albern enterprises

You would also think that she would have had figured out how to store everything early on, but she didn’t.  She just kept going to estate sales and the fabric district, finding great bargains and building her mountains of cloth.  At first, a spare closet was enough, but over the years it got overwhelming and all her fabric ended up in various places all over the house.  Then, when it came time to find something she needed, it was always an uphill battle.  It became especially frustrating for me, when I would ask her to make me something and she didn’t even know where to begin!
So I convinced her to solve her storage issues with a really great box storage organizer.  This bin organizer shelf has a lot of really cool features. First of all, the bins (which come in hard and soft sided) are sold separately, so she was able to choose the exact ones she wanted.  The fabric bins have label slots, so I believe she mostly went with those.  She was able to separate fabric by its kind and label each storage box appropriately.  Then she used the hard sided bins for scraps and accent pieces.
Carly is happier than ever with her Bin Warehouse.  I got to thinking about the ways in which I could organize my own craft room or garage with this storage unit.  I already have bins of items, but they’re stacked and it’s pretty impractical.  The shelving unit would save me having to unstuck boxes to get what I need when it’s in the bottom box.
What part of your home would you de-clutter with this fantastic bin storage unit?

Floating Wall Shelves As Kitty Perches?

Throughout my lifetime, I have put wall mounted shelves to a multitude of good uses.  Most people use wall shelves to display photos and candles; they make a great substitute for a fireplace mantel if you do not have one.  It seems like in the last few years, “floating” shelves are the most popular kind of wall mount shelf.  I like them because they’re simplistic looking and you don’t have brackets getting in the way of lower shelves.

I once created a play area for my indoor cat with wall shelves.  First, I made sure that they could hold the weight and pressure of the cat jumping onto them.  Then of course I mounted them properly into studs so they would not come crashing down on the cat!  I arranged them staggered vertically up the wall so she could jump from level to level.  And I covered the floating shelves in carpet so she could comfortably take a nap on them, and it helped keep her stable when jumping around.  This “kitty jungle gym” I created from wall shelves was much more of a success than the expensive climber I’d bought her, as it gave her much more space and options to play!

wood floating wall shelf by ennovage

wood floating wall shelf by ennovage

Most recently, I got creative in my studio apartment.  My bed is placed on the longest wall facing the rest of the room, and I didn’t want my whole place to look so “bedroomy” so I created a wall shelving unit surround my bed with these particular wood floating wall shelves by ennovage.  I don’t have a headboard, so the shelves around my bed serve a lot of purposes.  They’re my headboard, my nightstands, and display all of my room’s eye-candy objects like framed artwork and figurines that I’ve collected.

My kitchen is also a little small and with just one cabinet over the sink, there wasn’t enough room for food and dishes.  So, I mounted a bigger shelf underneath the cabinet and over the sink to hold my dishes.  It looks very modern and chic!

I encourage anyone with space issues to get inspired and discover all the awesome ways you can store and display with wall shelves too!