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Turn A Metal Closet Shoe Rack Into Shelves

Shoe racks aren’t just for storing your favorite pair! They’re a great choice for multifunctional and durable storage you can use throughout the home, from the hallway to the office! Unlike traditional shelves, shoe racks stackable design makes them an adjustable form of shelving that can be assembled to create just the right amount of additional storage.

Metal Closet Shoe Rack

Metal Closet Shoe Rack

Mudrooms and entryways can be a dumping ground for everything from bags to shoes. Give everyone a convenient place to store all these odds and ends with the Metal Closet Shoe Rack – Set of 2. Stack these racks up high enough that the top level can be used as an entryway side table, perfect for dropping off a handbag. Add a basket to the top shelf and you’ll have a place to stash mail or keys. Then use the lower levels for storing everyone’s shoes.

Add a metal shoe rack to one end of your desk top in the office and use boxes for as a quick storage solution. Modular design allows you customize the size of the shelving to your office storage needs. Open shelves provide easy access to things like staplers or tape dispensers.

Shoe racks can also be used within closets and cabinets throughout the house, from the kitchen to the entryway. The open shelves help make the most of unused storage space. Use this rack to make linens more easily accessible in the hall closet or for seasonal shoes in the entryway. Separate shelves for pots and pans in the cabinet also help to make the kitchen more organized and functional so you don’t have things falling out of cabinets every time you open them up.

Since shoe racks have as many organizational uses as you can think of there is always a space in your home that could use one!

Milan Mantle Shelf – Great Storage Versatility

Wall mounted shelves are an easy way to create a decorative display space in any room of the home. Taking up so little space, these shelves can provide storage as well. Rooms without a lot of free floor space can be difficult to decorate, a wall shelf in the entryway paired with a wall rack can be used to display photos and smaller items. Look for one with a molding design like the Milan mantle shelf to create a traditional look.

the milan mantle shelf

the milan mantle shelf

Another small room that can be hard to add storage to is the bathroom. A wall mounted shelf offers convenient storage for all the toiletries you use everyday. Try a deeper, glass shelf that can stand up to bathroom humidity. You could even keep one by the tub for bath salts and wash clothes. Several shelves can be used over the toilet as an alternative to an over the toilet etagere.

Adding style and easy to access storage in the kitchen can be a challenge. With little free wall space a narrow wall shelf can be used to store things like salt and pepper that you want on hand while you’re cooking. Mix in some decorative touches to bring some personal style to your kitchen.

Larger rooms can also benefit from additional display space. Use shelves with a built in ridge for displaying plates or frames in the dining room as an alternative to large china cabinets. Create a unique look in the living room by using several wall shelves to create an easy to change wall display. Rather than hanging frames, simply place them on the shelves. When you want to change the look, frames can easily be rearranged.

A wall mounted shelf is a quick and easy way to create a versatile display area that looks great with any decor!

Stainless Steel Newspaper Holder Creates a Modern Look

Even the largest bathrooms can end up looking cluttered and messy. The best way to and end each day is in a soothing space. Creating a clean looking bathroom can be as easy the accessories you choose to fill it with. The right organizational tools and style can make bathrooms big and small look sleek.

stainless steel newspaper holder

stainless steel newspaper holder

Modern accessories, like a frameless mirror or floating shower caddy, are an easy way to create a streamlined bathroom look. Keep magazines neatly stored in the stainless steel newspaper holder to cut down on bathroom clutter. With a single sheet of stainless steel along the front to conceal magazines this holder creates an uncluttered look.

Wall mounted designs are an ways way to gain storage without taking up counter space. Try a wall mounted hairdryer or toothbrush holder for a clean and convenient look. The less storage you have directly on your counters, the easier they are to clean. Wall mounted liquid and bar soap dispensers are another was to save space, both by the sink and in the shower.

The shower can end up filled with almost empty shampoos. Keeping bottles and sponges contained within one shower caddy is the best way to keep the shower looking tidy. Find a caddy with enough room for your toiletries that has a simple design to keep the shower neat. Having one designated area for everything is an easy way to gauge just how many bottles you need in the shower and what can go.

Concealed storage is the easiest way to keep the bathroom looking clutter free. An over the toilet etagere is the ideal storage solution for bathrooms of any size. Choose a cabinet without glass doors to store medicine or toiletries. Use a larger cabinet for easy access to bathroom linens.

Keeping the bathroom serene is one easy way to make your home a restful place.

Mini Milk Crates Make Perfect CD Storage

Modular storage provides options traditional storage just cannot match. Most importantly, it can grow and adapt with your needs. Versatile storage is great for a growing media center or an at-home office. Whether you’re looking for casual shelving or to create a display space, there is modular storage to suit your space. My personal favorite type of modular storage uses that old-time favorite, mini milk crates.

Plastic Mini Milk Crates

Plastic Mini Milk Crates

If you want to start small try storage like the plastic mini milk crates for your CD collection. Featuring a fun milk crate design, this is a great storage option for music lovers young and old. These crates look great everywhere from the game room to the dorm room. They are also small enough to be used as drawer organizers for everything from socks to office supplies.

For your other office needs try modular drawers for storing paperwork in your growing office. At home or at work, using storage that can grow as your business grows is an economical storage choice. Build your office in contemporary style.

Larger modular shelving is a modern way to display a growing collection throughout the home. Have an ever growing collection of china that you want to show off in the dining room? Consider modern shelving that allows the emphasis to be on your collection and not the case. The living room is another space where you can never run out of storage. Whether you have a large movie collection or lots of books, modular storage allows shelving to expand or be streamlined much more easily than replacing an entire bookshelf.

Have a media center that just won’t stop growing? Look for a TV stand that has cabinets or additional shelving that can be added to it as you acquire more media components and movies. That way, when it comes time to expand, you can ensure the living room maintains a uniform look rather than ending up with a hodgepodge of storage pieces.