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Creating an Inviting Waiting Room for Your Business

Creating an inviting waiting room at the office requires a few basics so visitors feel welcome. Don’t let guests get bored while sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Create a space that makes a good first impression by considering providing anything from reading material to water for guests to enjoy while they wait. By choosing the right seating and storage items any wait can go by in a flash.

Wall Magazine Rack - Mesh Basket Ladder

Wall Magazine Rack – Mesh Basket Ladder

Comfortable and stylish seating is a must for the waiting room. Look for chairs that provide a plush place to sit and have a design that works well with the rest of the office decor. Consider a chair upholstered in leather with a metal frame for a modern, sleek look. For a more traditional space consider something with classic details like a warm, wood frame.

Keep any seating area organized with the Wall Magazine Rack – Mesh Basket Ladder. The mesh design and different compartments of this rack make magazines easy to browse and create a cleaner look than storing them on a table. This wall mounted design is a great space saver. This rack can also be used for pamphlets.

Another wall mounted storage accessory that everyone will appreciate is a coat rack. This way people have a place to leave their jackets when they walk in the door. For a larger waiting room you can even add a free standing coat rack.

For an added complimentary touch put out a water dispenser and some plastic cups so visitors can grab a drink while they wait. Don’t forget to add a small trash can for when guests are done with their drink. Add a small table and you’re waiting area is ready to receive visitors. By adding a few thoughtful touches any office can make a great first impression.

Finding The Right Garage Shelves For Your Storage Needs

Feel like you’re running out of storage space in the house? The garage can be a great place to gain much needed storage space, all you need is to find the right garage shelves. In order to still be able to park cars in the garage it’s key that shelving be deep enough to hold whatever it is that needs storing, but narrow enough that it doesn’t stick out too much. For heavy duty storage it’s also important to have heavy duty shelving to match.

garage shelves

Wooden Shelf

Durable and versatile, this  wood shelf can be used everywhere from the pantry to the garage. This unfinished wood shelf can be customized with a stain to match the kitchen if added to the pantry. Adjustable shelves allow this shelf to be customized to suit various storage needs, everything from gardening supplies to tools.

garage shelves

5 Shelf Storage Rack

Looking for a more heavy duty version? The Metal Shelf with wood panels has a durable metal construction that can stand up to anything from sporting goods to camping equipment. This shelf also has adjustable shelves and the added bonus of particle board shelves that unlike wire shelves don’t let items slip through. This shelf would be great anywhere from the workshop to the garage.

garage shelves

General Purpose Origami Shelf

When you’re not looking for permanent storage the unique folding shelf offers space when it’s needed and itself is easy to store when not in use. This shelf can be moved to wherever it is needed, making it a convenient choice. Set on casters this shelf is easy to move when in use and easy to slide into place when folded flat.

Whether you need permanent or short term heavy duty storage it’s easy to find a shelf that suits your garage storage needs. In no time at all the garage will be organized!

Glass Cable Shelves For Storage Or Display

For space saving storage with a streamlined look nothing beats a wall mounted glass shelf. With a compact design these shelves can be used throughout the home for everything from storage to display space. A glass shelf has a floating look that visually takes up less space, so it works well in a contemporary or smaller space such as a bathroom.
Corner space is one way to make the most of unused space in any room. The Corner Clip Shelf – Glass- 12″ x 12″ or the Corner Clip Shelf – Glass – 10″ x 10″offers a unique display space for a small sculpture or vase. Use them together stacked in a corner for added visual interest in the living room. These shelves would also make a nice addition to the dining room.

Corner Clip Shelf

Corner Clip Shelf

A wall shelf can be a useful addition to the bathroom, providing storage and display space. Perfect for a compact bathroom that doesn’t have any free floor space to add a cabinet, a wall shelf placed by the sink is just the right place to keep toiletries. The Glass Shelf w/ Cable Mounting Clips, 10″W x 36″Lhas a large shelf surface area so it offers plenty of storage space. The wire mounting gives this shelf a modern, heavy duty touch.

Rectangular Cable Shelf by Expo Design Inc

Rectangular Cable Shelf by Expo Design Inc

The Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kitis the best of both worlds, providing a large open shelf space with a convenient design. The half circle shape is great for confined spaces in areas where a shelf with corners might get run into.

Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kit

Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kit

There is always more storage space to find in rooms big and small. From bathroom storage to living room display space, you’ll be surprised just how many rooms in your home would benefit from a stylish glass wall shelf!

DVD Storage Solutions

My husband I are big movie buffs.  We don’t agree on everything but like a lot of the same things.  We both love the classics, especially the Marx Brothers, Bogie and Bacall, and anything with Katherine Hepburn.  We also love classic thrillers, zombie flicks and occasional foreign cinema.  When it comes to modern dramas and comedies there’s a bit more of a difference between our tastes.  But that’s okay because those little differences are what keep things interesting, right?  Anyway needless to save we have a pretty expansive collection of DVD’s.  Admittedly, it took until very recently for me to get rid of all my VHS tapes.  But with our last tax return, we went online and bought all of the remaining VHS movies in our collection on DVD.  Now we have more movies than we’ve ever owned, but they take up less space.

Acrylic DVD Holder - 14 Capacity

Acrylic DVD Holder – 14 Capacity

Storage and organization is a big part of my life because I feel much more relaxed in my home if it’s tidy and well organized.  Because movies had a tendency to dominate our home, it was important for me to give them their own special storage solution.  And when it comes to storage furniture, I tend to gravitate toward modular solutions because they allow me to customize and rearrange things as needed.   There are two excellent styles of DVD holders for people who have large collections, as well as small ones.  The more basic and utilitarian one is the acrylic 14 DVD holder.  These are great for people who want a simple and streamlined way of storing their DVD’s rather than a piece of furniture to dominate the room.  You can put them on the floor, on a shelf, you can stack them – they’re very versatile.

Stackable 28-DVD Storage Rack - Bamboo

Stackable 28-DVD Storage Rack – Bamboo

We wanted something with a little more style, so we went with the stackable 28-DVD storage rack – bamboo.  Well, we went with six of them.  I like these modular DVD boxes because they stack nicely and the handles make it easy to move and rearrange them.  Plus, they’re made from an eco-friendly material that’s natural and not manufactured so there’s quality there.

Great Furniture With Shelves

Whenever someone asks for my advice on what kind of furniture piece to buy for this room or that, my number one suggestion is to think mainly about form and function.  What purpose does this piece of furniture serve and what kind of look are you going for?  As far as looks go, I recommend choosing designs with a timeless look.  Most “transitional” furniture pieces fall into that category.

Edge Water Computer Desk with Hutch

Edge Water Computer Desk with Hutch

Transitional furniture is usually a combination of classic and modern elements, hence the name.  Unless your home has a completely modern or contemporary look to it, a piece that’s very contemporary could end up being an eyesore, and more likely, looking outdated someday.  At the same time, the straight up classic pieces can look like they were handed down from your grandmother or you found it at a garage sale.
I recently helped my best friend find a desk for her home office.  By “office” I mean a corner of her living room, since she doesn’t have a dedicated room for an office.  So our goal was to find an office desk that was compact, but still had plenty of storage, and had that timeless look so she’d still love it ten years down the line.

We ended up choosing the Edge Water computer desk because it met her entire list of criteria.  This desk is transitional in the truest sense.  It doesn’t have any flashy or trendy elements that could go out of style some day, but it still looks great.  The black finish is neutral, so it goes with everything.  It has an even balance of clean modern lines and some classic details so it really is a piece that will stand the test of time.
She’s a laptop user, so it’s perfectly sized for light computer use like internet browsing and writing emails.  There is a sliding keyboard tray, so it’s also suitable for desktop computers.  Between the hutch and two drawers, the computer desk she has plenty of storage space, but she also display photos and other nice things on the top level of the hutch.
So remember, if you’re stumbling over which desk to buy, think of this desk as an example of meeting all your needs where looks and function are concerned.

A Country Touch For Your Entryway

As I mentioned earlier in the blog posting about the 70 piece pegboard organizer, my dear wife and I have recently purchased our very first home. We have been hard at work diligently trying furnish and renovate the house to make it something that is all our own.

country bench with shelf

country bench with shelf

We have remodeled the kitchen, fixed up the bathroom, created a workspace in the shed, and painted every single room. We have just about checked every item off of our list; the very last project we have to complete is to re-tile and furnish our entryway with attractive and durable furniture.

Most of our home has a country theme throughout, with rustic furnishings and lots of rich wood colors. In order to make sure our entryway looks perfect and everything matches throughout the home, I wanted to purchase a sturdy wood entryway bench that is unfinished. I did not want to risk ordering a pre-finished bench and having it totally clash with the existing furniture. With an unfinished bench, I could do it myself.

The Country Bench with Shelf has the perfect style that I was looking for, and as it turns out, is unfinished as well. This bench is made from solid wood and is very sturdy. One other thing about this bench that I absolutely love is that it has a lower shelf. I plant to use this shelf to store shoes and keep them out of the hallway, avoiding any potential spills or falls from scattered shoes. It will also help give my entryway a clutter-free look.

Finally, the bench is made from plantation grown solid parawood, which is a sustainably grown resource. Knowing that my furniture comes from eco-friendly resources is very important to me.  The fact that the entire bench is solid wood makes me feel good, knowing that it has long-lasting durability.

Wall Tool Organizers

My wife and I are proud to say we have finally been able to purchase our first home. We have moved all of our stuff into the home and are now starting to get down to the task of making this house our “home”. One of the reasons we selected this house was because it has a fairly large shed in the backyard, which is perfect for storing my tools and gardening accessories.

70-Pc Wall Organizer Pegboard Kit

70-Pc Wall Organizer Pegboard Kit

Like I said, the shed is a pretty large space, but the issue with the space is that there are no hooks or pegs installed for tool organization. I looked for a great solution that would make it easy for me to store all of my tools and keep them organized in the shed. I read about a 70-Pc Clear Plastic Pegboard Organizer Kit in one of my wife’s magazines and knew I had found the perfect solution for organizing the shed.

When the tool pegboard arrived, it was very easy to mount to the side of my shed and I got to organizing all of my tools. This organizer has U-hooks, J-hooks, and S-hooks – just about any type of storage hook you can think of! It is able to hold everything from my hammer to my power drill.

Also included with this incredible wall organizer are a set of six clear plastic storage bins, which I am currently using to hold drywall screws as we repair a wall in the kitchen. This wall unit makes it easy to run to the shed, grab a handful of screws and run back to the kitchen.

This peg board has been a great addition to our shed and has gotten our move-in experience going in a positive direction. I would highly recommend this product as it has excellent function and provides great organization.