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Fun Sports Themed Shelves and Kids Decor!

Shelving doesn’t have to be dull, it can be fun, funny, modern, and endless other styles that you can think of.  When we are talking about decorating the kids’ room, it is especially important to consider what type of wall shelves you will install.  Wall shelves are so important in the kids’ room because it is a great way to keep displayed items, such as trophies, stuffed animals, knick-knacks and collectibles on display where they belong, and out of the kids’ hands where they do not belong.  When kids play with these treasured items, they often times end up getting lost or damaged.  It’s great to set up a good habit with children early on that some of their collectibles and toys are just for looking at, not playing with.  One way to do this is to mount a wall shelf out of reach.

Floating Wall Shelf - Baseball Shelf

Floating Wall Shelf – Baseball Shelf

When you are choosing these shelves, think of your child’s favorite things and look for a shelf to match. There are kids shelving choices in a variety of themes, from ballerinas to zoo animals and beyond.  Sporty kids will love this Wall Shelf – Baseball Shelf because of its sports fan theme.   Another way to decorate your child’s room while keeping in mind his or her personal taste is to look for specialty kids lamps.  Just like the above mentioned baseball shelf, there are baseball themed lamps, plus football, soccer and more.   And for girlie girls, there are, of course,  ballerina lamps and princess themed lighting.  When mounting wall shelves in a kids room, it is really important, for safety reasons, to make sure that you have hit a stud with your screws.  You just never know when a kid is going to try to climb that shelf!  It’s also important to make sure that you have no strings, ropes, ribbons hanging from the shelf as these can be hazardous as well.

Closet Shelf Help

Making the most of your existing closet shelf is a priority when you are organizing your closet.  The shelf above the closet rod, which you will find in almost every closet, is a great place for storage of clothing, office supplies, shoes and pretty much anything else you can think of.  So how can you make the most of this space?  Often you will find that you stack sweaters, pants or shirts high up on that shelf, only to come back later and they have fallen down.

Purse Organizer - Park-a-Purse

Purse Organizer – Park-a-Purse

One solution to this is to use shelf dividers that are specifically designed for the closet.  These handy tools simply slide onto your wooden shelf and create a vertical divider that keeps stacked items neat and tidy.  Another great tool for the upper closet shelf are bins, which contain items, but offer less access to stored items, so it’s a better solution for things that you don’t need daily access to.  A third option is to use wire shelves which divide up the space vertically.  This also helps to keep clothes from falling over and makes it easier to grab from the pile without causing a closet avalanche!  If you have other items that you would like to store up there, like shoes or purses this is a great place to do that. The Park-a-Purse – Purse Organizer is an inexpensive closet organizing tool that can be used high up on that shelf or even on the floor if there is space.  Each purse has its own compartment, perfect for accessories lovers.  It can also be used for smaller shoes, especially ladies footwear like pumps.   Other ideas include plastic bins for out of season clothing, toys, personal items and more.  Whatever your closet organizing needs are, there are plenty of closet tools to help you out on your way to a more organized wardrobe!

Get Your Kid’s Organized

Kid’s bedrooms can be difficult to keep organized, with toys and clothes scattered all over the place. Designing storage so little ones have easy access to toys and plenty of organizers for clothes is the best way to manage the mess. Especially with very small children it’s important to keep in mind what items you want within reach and what you want to store on higher shelves.

Kids Hangers with Clips

Kids Hangers with Clips

With kids outgrowing clothes left and right, kids wardrobes can be hard to keep up with. Keeping everything organized and up to date is that much easier with the proper storage. Especially when kids are small keeping those little shirts on hangers can be a challenge. With the right hangers like the Kids Hangers with Clips (12) clothes will easily stay in place. Built in clips are perfect for storing skirts or pants.

Adding closet organizers with bins is a good way to keep clothes sorted and folded. Perfect for pajamas or shirts, bins are a great way to store clothes where kids can reach them so they can get ready in the morning or for bed on their own. Hanging closet organizers is another great way to provide easy to access storage and they can be removed when they are outgrown.

When you have a new baby at home you can quickly end up with clothes for the baby at all ages. Using baby clothes closet dividers is a great way to keep clothes sorted so when the baby grows into them they aren’t forgotten.

Modular shelving can be a practical choice for kids bedroom storage since it can grow with your kids. Use stacking cubes for books so shelving can grow with their library. Add baskets to the cubes for convenient toy storage. In no time bedroom pick up will be cut in half!

Budget Minded Furniture Materials

Woodworking / Camber Hill Entertainment Credenza by Sauder

Woodworking / Camber Hill Entertainment Credenza by Sauder

During these times of economic struggles, believe it or not, it is still possible to decorate your home properly.  You can even find furniture itself that will fit in to a limited budget, you just have to know where and what to look for.  One easy way to accomplish this seemingly impossible task is to simply choose the right materials.  For example, hardwood furniture is going to be much more expensive than laminated versions.  And nowadays, manufacturers are doing so many great things with veneers that you can pick up almost any type of furniture that is made of particle board and you would never know the difference.  Laminate TV stands are a great place to start.  One of my favorites is the Sauder Woodworking / Camber Hill Entertainment Credenza because it has a unique oval shape that works well with any home decor style and it is truly affordable.  The oval shape is also a great choice if you have children or for tight spaces around the home, as there are no harsh corners to bump into.  I also really like the open shelf concept, as it is less bulky and obtrusive than large TV stands with tons of drawers and cabinets.  You can find laminate furniture for virtually every room in the home.  Dining room tables are one example, and another are beds.  Here are some other tips on how to decorate your home with furnishings on a budget:

Repurpose – Use two end tables to hold your television, use an old door as a headboard, you get the idea.
Refinish what you already have – You can easily sand and refinish most furniture material types, this makes it a cinch to change up colors and styles on a whim.
Second Hand Stores – These are a great source of used furniture which can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a new item.

Garage Shelves and Workbenches

Summer is often the time for DIY projects inside and outside the home, and the starting point for all of these home improvement efforts is usually based in the garage for a variety of reasons.  Whether you are looking at a full remodel this summer or simply have a short list of summer friendly home improvement projects to accomplish, you will make life much easier by starting with a well organized garage.  Here are some professional tips on getting your garage in tip top shape for DIY readiness:

Adjustable Workbench with Wood Top

Adjustable Workbench with Wood Top

1.        Garage Shelves – There are so many different types of garage shelves, from wall mount to freestanding, plastic to steel.  But the bottom line here is that if you look at your garage walls and see any empty space, you are wasting that space by not using it.  Start with a few freestanding shelves on the floor for tools that you use frequently and place wall mount shelves above them for storage or tools that are rarely used.
2.       Adjustable Workbench with Wood Top – Establish an official work bench area in your garage.  It is important that this be a large surface that you actually keep clean.  Avoid using it for storage, it should only have on top of it pencils and pens, calculators, measuring tape and paper.  It should also be a type of surface that you won’t fuss over if it gets paint, stain or dented.  Plywood is a great choice, as is stainless steel.
3.       Additional Storage Ideas – Another great idea for garage storage, if you feel like you have run out of space on your shelves is to look to the ceiling.  Overhead ceiling mounted shelves are easy to find and provide storage for plastic bins, lightweight sporting goods equipment and more.  There are even hoists that allow you to have access to ceiling storage racks with ease.

The Practical Charm of a Magazine Table

Anyone who enjoys kicking back and reading the paper knows the living room coffee table can get cluttered with magazines and papers. Keeping the living room clutter free is a must for creating a relaxing space. That doesn’t mean all those magazines have to end up the trash. Add or swap out an end table with a magazine table. Designed to provide much needed storage for periodicals, a magazine table is the perfect way to keep those magazines within reach of your favorite chair, while also keeping the living room organized.

Heirloom Cherry Magazine Table by Powell

Heirloom Cherry Magazine Table by Powell

For a classic look with both an easy to access, built in magazine rack and interior concealed storage, the Magazine Table – Heirloom Cherryis a great choice. Traditional details, like carving and a warm wood finish make this table the ideal addition to classic living room décor. A pull out shelf also provides even more tabletop space, just the right place to put a snack or cup of coffee.

Unique C Table

Unique C Table

Want the convenience of a magazine table without the traditional look? The Unique C Table has a unique design that puts a modern spin on the classic magazine table. Set on casters this table can easily be moved around the room, so it can be placed by an armchair one day and the couch the next. The open design of the magazine rack below makes it easy to grab a magazine, while an arching arm above holds a glass table top perfect for placing a cup of tea or a lamp. This magazine table would even make a stylish addition to the bedroom as a nightstand.

Built in storage makes these tables a great way to make the living room a more orderly and restful space. No matter the décor, there is a magazine table that will look great in your home.

Dorm Room Shopping Tips

When you are preparing to send a child away to college for the first time, there is a lot of planning that is required. Nobody wants to be the parent that sends their children woefully ill prepared to live away from home for the first time, having to mooch off of their roommates just to get by. Often what happens is parents send their kids to college with way too much stuff, and then the dorm room ends up looking like a monsoon hit it.

wire shelf dividers

wire shelf dividers

Of course, it is better to be safe than sorry, and I would recommend erring on the side of sending too much stuff with your child, but also send them with ample organizational items. This will help avoid having them shove everything under the bed or even worse, just shove it in the closet or leave things on the floor.

One must-have for the dorm room is a good, spacious laundry hamper, preferably on wheels and with a lid. The lid is a necessity because it keeps the laundry in the basket, and not all over the floor. The wheels are a great accessory because they make wheeling the hamper when it full of dirty clothes significantly easier.

Another great organizational accessory is an item for closet shelves. Adding wire shelf dividers is an excellent way to split up the space of a larger shelf. These are the perfect items for a dorm, because often two or three students need to share one large shelf. This just makes it much easier to delineate the space.

A final accessory that is perfect for dorms is under bed storage bins. These bins are great for college dorms because usually the beds in dorms are elevated to accommodate extra storage. With a clear bin, your child will have a great place to store extra linens, notebooks and writing utensils, fall / spring clothing (depending on the season), dry foods and snacks – really any smalls items. This helps clear out what little drawer and shelf space is in the dorm and keeps the place tidier.