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Folding Garage Shelves: The Perfect Gardening Accessory

Now that the weather is starting to cooperate a little bit more, I have been able to resume my gardening hobby, planting new flowers and ground-cover around the house. For the last few months it has just been way too cold to go out and do any gardening, plus the frigid overnight temperatures would definitely have knocked those plants out cold (pun intended).

One thing that I like to get out of the way before the gardening season commences is to pull out my old folding metal shelves so I have a convenient place to store my fertilizer, gardening tools, pots and any other equipment I need for the season. For a long time I would just use my existing garage shelves to store these things, but ran into trouble in the winter. Because I am unable to garden during the cold winter months, I would have to put all of my equipment and gardening supplies on the shelves long-term. The issue with this is that I need those shelves to be open so I can store my everyday winter items like firewood.

After my first winter of searching for storage space because everything was full of gardening supplies, I took a different approach. Once winter set in, I put all of the gardening equipment away deep in the attic, where it wouldn’t take up valuable space. In the spring, summer and autumn when I am still able to garden, I bring out the aforementioned folding shelves, which for the last few months have been sitting in a corner, flattened out and taking up very little space.

When I was searching for the perfect folding shelf, I came across some great shelves before settling on what was the perfect choice for my situation, the General Purpose Origami Folding Shelves. Some of the great features of this shelf that helped sway me were the durable metal construction, open wire shelving that is easy to clean up, and it is set on casters so it is easy to move out of the garage even when full of supplies.

General Purpose Folding Shelves

Here are a few other shelves that might be more ideal for your gardening / shelving situation:

5 Shelf Cedar Shelf

Made from Cedar Wood, this 5 shelf red cedar unit is perfect for outdoor use, as the construction materials are very resistant to the harsh elements of the outdoors.

5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack

For those that are storing very heavy-duty equipment, something like the 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack is a great option. This shelving unit is great because it can hold up to 750 pounds, more than most garage shelving units.

Folding Shelves for Record Storage

I am a total music geek; I cannot get enough new bands or artists and am constantly purchasing new music to discover. My favorite format for listening to music is hands-down a vinyl record played on an old-school record player. The sounds are so warm yet crisp, making you feel as if you are in the recording room with the band as they are playing.

Unfortunately, I am not made of money (and what money I do have goes to records!) so I live in a pretty cramped one bedroom apartment. The biggest downside for records (and partially the reason for their fade from prominence for a few years) is that they are big, bulky, hard to store and you cannot listen to them in the car or on the go. This issue is magnified by my small home, to the point which I had cardboard box upon cardboard box full of records and stack up on each other.

One of the best ways to create an organized space for storing your records is using a folding shelf. What is great about this type of shelf is that not only does it provide exceptional and secure storage for your vinyl; it also can be folded down for easy transport. This makes it perfect for the transient record-collectors among us.

I would recommend using a soft wood shelf to store your records over a sturdier metal shelf, for a variety of reasons. First off, one thing every record collector has to understand is the damaging effects extreme temperatures can have on vinyl – metal has this annoying tendency to absorb the extreme heat or cold, transferring that to your records and potentially damaging them. The other reason is that metal can be very sharp or have very hard angles, which can damage the gatefold of your records.

By using a wood shelf to store my records I have been able to secure a lot more space in my living room and get my records organized so it is easy to find them right away.

Don’t Shelf Your Lady’s Present This Valentine’s Day

Hey guys, are you scrambling around looking for the perfect gift for your lady this Valentine’s Day? Have you exhausted your supply of flowers, chocolate, fancy dinners, diamonds and champagne?

Who am I kidding you can never give enough of those things.

But are you looking for a unique and different thing to do for your sweetheart that will impress her and make her fall in love with you all over again? Falling in love with you all over again might be a bit of a stretch but I have a great idea that is sure to warm her heart and ingratiate her to you for many more Valentine’s days.

You know the walk in closet? The one you rarely step into unless you have a job interview or are going to the opera or something? Not sure if you noticed but that place is a trainwreck! Lots of walk-ins provide plenty of space for storage but never the right kind of storage, i.e. shelves, bins, rods, etc.

Well you are the man of the house, and despite not being aware of just how messy the closet has become, you can take a stand and get this thing turned around. There are just a few simple steps that you can do this Valentine’s Day that will change the way she gets ready in the morning forever!

Okay I lied, there is only one step. Head on down to Stacks and Stacks and check out the Deluxe Wooden Closet System. This shelf system not only looks great in the closet with its natural appearance, it adds excellent organization and is easy to install too!

Closet Shelf System

With this versatile set of wood shelving, you will be able to provide your honey with a place to store her pants, skirts, blouses, shoes, socks and even her, ahem, intimates.

Wood or Metal Outdoor Shelves?

One thing I look forward to about the end of the winter and the re-emergence of the sun is that I am able to resume a favorite pastime, gardening. I love to be in the outdoors where the air is crisp and refreshing and I can hear the lovely sounds of nature. Unfortunately winter leaves me unable to do much gardening, leaving me with plenty of time to strategize for this growing season.

When it comes to gardening, I have found that one really handy thing is having some shelves in close proximity so it is easy to store your tools, fertilizer and other garden gear.  It eliminates the need to lug heavy items back and forth to the garage or shed. Where I live, the weather can often be pretty damp and unpredictable, so the shelves that I have in my yard need to be durable enough to last through multiple rain showers if I am not there to cover them with a tarp.

When I was buying shelves for my garden, I had two options: Wood outdoor shelves or metal storage shelves? There are pros and cons for both materials, and I went through both and analyzed them to come up with the best shelves for my situation. Metal shelves are prone to rusting if they are exposed to too much moisture or if the seal on them is broken, while wood shelves are able to carry less total weight and often warp or rot when exposed to moisture.

The choice I made was very unique and perfect for my situation. I found a pair of metal racks that could stand up on their own and buried each one about a foot deep in the ground for stability. The racks had horizontal bars that ran from one side to the other, which was perfect for placing large 2” thick planks across, made from mesquite, which is a very water-resistant type of wood. The major load-bearing pieces were made from the most durable material, metal – and wood planks as shelves allowed me to save a great deal of money.

This shelf is the perfect place to rest my things at the end of a long day of gardening. The durability of the shelf has shown to be impeccable and I have been very happy with the results of my wood and metal shelf.

Attic Truss Storage for the New Year

Attic Truss Shelves

Earlier this week we looked into one way to get the garage organized for the New Year because one of the most common resolutions is to “finally get organized”. This time we will look into another way to get your life in order in a unique location using a one-of-a-kind shelving unit set.

One place that is often under-utilized in homes is the attic space. Many homes, new and old, include an over-head space that usually is just home to all the ducts and insulation that keeps your home livable. Most people do not realize that this area also makes an excellent place for additional storage in the home.

Growing up, my dad was able to make that area a great storage area for all of our older stuff that we just could not bear to part with. It also ended up being a great place for post-holiday storage. Of course, my dad was a regular Bob Villa, constantly upgrading and improving our old house. He built a series of platforms and shelves throughout the rafters which created the perfect storage space.

Of course, not everyone is as handy around the house or as ingenious with planks of wood as my dad is.  For those of us that do not know our way around the jigsaw, there is an excellent option for activating your rafter space for additional storage.

Available from Attic Maxx is a set of Attic Truss Shelves, which are specifically designed to fit within the rafters to create a stable and spacious storage space. These shelves are made from wood and the brackets are made from a rust-resistant metal and both are chosen for their ability to stand up to the hot and cold extremes of the attic.

Speaking of temperature extremes, they are something you need to be cautious about when using rafter storage. Often your attic space has the exact temperature of the outdoors, and other times it can actually amplify the heat or cold due to the insulation and lack of sunshine. You must be sure to not store items that can be damaged in either condition. So you should probably leave those vinyl records and oil paintings out of the attic.

Garage Shelves Gain Storage for the New Year!

“This is the year I finally get my life in order and organize my disaster of a house” – This is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and as another year has come and gone, so have the chances of most people making good on that promise / wish / pipe dream.

The problem with using “getting organized” as a New Year’s resolution is that most people that make it have no idea how to go about getting organized. It is one thing to make a commitment to organization and keep things organized going forward, but there are always a few obstacles that get in the way of truly becoming organized.

The biggest obstacle is changing your habits immediately so the mess in your home does not grow larger. Instead of just chucking that empty cardboard box into the basement, find a place for it – or better yet – just break the box down and recycle it (you’re not going to return that blender anyways). Or, instead of just filing away that never-to-be-read mail into the mail drawer, do not delay the inevitable and trash that junk! A great way to get a jump start on clearing your paper-clutter is to invest in a solid paper shredder. This is also a good idea because you can never be too careful with your personal information.

Garage Storage Shelves

Another issue that people trying to get organized run into is the backlog of disarray throughout the home, garage or shed. This glut of junk is compounded by the holiday season, when we are often receiving a whole new load of stuff to store. I would recommend purchasing a variety of storage shelves to use throughout the home. Shelves are great because they allow you to get the piles of junk up off the floor into more easy-to-find locations. Plus if they are stacked on a shelf, they are not stacked on each other, making it difficult to find items.