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Outdoor Plant Shelf to Organize the Outdoors

With the weather getting warmer, I have started to delve into my favorite hobby. Gardening brings peace to the mind and body, allowing me to soak up the sun while I bring life to little green plants. One of the best ways to add décor to your outdoor area while adding storage and display space is an outdoor plant shelf.

There are a variety of reasons that an outdoor plant shelf is the perfect spring accessory for your outdoor area. First of all, they look great, adding a touch of décor to the patio or yard. Rich finishes, solid wood construction and innovative designs make these shelves a great addition to any outdoor garden.

Outdoor Plant Shelf

A potting bench is a great example of an outdoor plant shelf!

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Kitchen Shelves Can Lead You to Healthy Eating

As mentioned in the previous post, this week we will be exploring the various ways kitchen shelves can be a productive “first step” before you begin cooking more at home and preparing your own meals. Cooking food at home is a great way to save money and be sure you know exactly what you are putting into your body.

For a few decades pre-prepared meals and other convenience-geared food items were all the rage. People were getting used to more fast-paced lives and demanding quicker and quicker options for dining. Unfortunately this lead to complacency on nutrition and we see ourselves in the health / obesity crisis we face today.

So what do kitchen shelves have to do with this?

The other day I was reading Comida Libre, my favorite blog for healthy lifestyle and eating idea. It gave the inspiration to cook up a healthy meal with local ingredients. It was vegan to boot, something that I have never even considered!

The problem with this meal is that it requires a lot of counter space for chopping and other food preparation. Right now my counters are full of items like my spice rack, chopping board and coffee pot. With all that stuff on my counters, kitchen shelves would really go a long way to get the space cleared.

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Using Shelves to Increase Kitchen Storage

The last four years or so have been pretty tough economical times for Americans.  However, one positive that can be taken away from this difficult time is many people have learned to simplify their lives and live within their means. Even as we slowly but surely pull out of the recession and folks find themselves with a little bit of extra spending money compared to the last few years, sustaining these new-found principles is a very healthy thing.

One of the easiest ways to simplify your life is to have a renewed focus on preparing meals at home. There are several great reasons to make a point of eating at home instead of out at a restaurant:

  1. It saves money. The dollar menu at your fast-food joint may seem like it is a good deal on paper, but comparing it the amount of money you spend per-person, per-meal when you cook at home shows just how wasteful it can be
  2. It is often very difficult to register just what kind of nutritional value meals at restaurants contain. While many large chains are now required to label meals with their caloric count, one-off restaurants and fancier restaurants do not. When you cook at home you know exactly what is going into your meal, and how much of it.

The problem many people face when it comes to cooking food in the kitchen is that there simply is not enough space to cook a proper meal. Often this comes down to a lack of counter space – I know I struggle with it often in my one-bedroom apartment.

One great way to clear up counter space (and pantry space) is to install a slide-out storage tower in the kitchen. This unique shelf is able to fit into areas of the kitchen you never imagined could be used for storage! With a pull-out design you can store spices, canned food and other items that normally would take up valuable counter space in the kitchen.

Slide Out Kitchen Shelf

This week and next I will explore a variety of ways that shelves (yes, shelves and yes, there are a variety of ways) can increase the storage space in your kitchen, making it easier to cook meals for yourself.

Quick Ways to Add Storage to Cramped Homes

There are those of us that are lucky enough to have plenty of space to store all of their household items, whether it is because they live in a detached single family home, a spacious multilevel townhouse, or a simple apartment with ample closet space. Then there are those of us that are not so lucky, living in cramped studio apartments, sharing what should be a single family home with roommates or even another family, or those that have taken in elderly family members. There are plenty of us throughout the country that simply do not have enough space for all of our needs. What is the solution to such a dilemma? Why, the simple answer is: Shelves.

Shelves come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to hold a wide variety of items. One great way to clear up space in the bathroom is to install (I use the term loosely because there is little installation actually happening) an over-the-toilet-étagère. This unique special-purpose shelf is designed to fit perfectly over your toilet seat, providing storage for shampoo, toiletries, towels and any other bathroom items you need to have close-by.

Another great place to maximize your storage capacity in the home is with media storage. From CD cabinets to shelves that are designed to store your favorite DVDs and Blu-Rays, there is a wide variety of options for clearing up the clutter in your living room or media center. The living room is often the first part of your home that guests see upon arriving, so having a messy and cluttered room can lead others to believe you have a poorly-organized home.

The final place that is difficult to organize but is an important part of our daily lives is the kitchen. Often there is simply not enough room to store all of your food and cooking items in the small set of shelving or drawers provided with most homes. A great way to increase your storage capacity in the kitchen is to add pantry shelving to the room. You can place the shelves in a closet or just leave them out in the kitchen – either way you will be clearing up a ton of clutter in the kitchen, making it easier to prepare meals and clean up after.