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Closet Shelving as a Birthday Present!?!

Under just about any circumstance, giving someone a shelving unit as a gift can typically be a dicey decision. While many do like to get practical gifts, most of us are just looking to get some cool new toys for the home. Closet shelving as a gift is usually met with general disappointment.

Even I, as a person that is considered to be a dedicated connoisseur of the art of home storage, rarely if ever would place a wall-mounted floating shelf anywhere near the top of my Wish List. However, I have decided that there is one particular home-storage and organization related item that makes for an excellent gift.

Maybe you are like me and have a large walk-in closet but are unable to find an efficient, cost-effective way to make the most of the space. Well, adding a closet shelving system can make an incredible difference. Though closet storage systems do not make the most exciting present, they are the perfect choice for providing your home with a sense of greater organization.

Closet Shelving

While the walk-in closet in my bedroom is very spacious, it is lacking in useful shelving for storing all of our clothing. As of right now, our closet looks like a disaster area, with clothes stacked on top of each other, shoes all over the floor and accessories scattered around – basically a huge mess. Adding a modular closet shelving system is the perfect solution for getting the closet organized. What is great about this modular system is I can pick and choose the pieces I want, ensuring I don’t waste money on storage pieces I have no need for.

For our closet, the perfect accessories were:

1.)    The Standard System, which included

  1. Three 12″ x 24″ shelves
  2. Three 12″ x 72″ shelves
  3. Five Wardrobe Bars
  4. 9 Bar Spacers
  5. 4 Angle Brackets

2.)    A wall-mounted shelf tower, perfect for putting our folded clothes

Wall Mounted Shelf

3.)    An under-mount tie and belt rack for organizing all of our accessories

Under-Mount Tie and Belt Rack

4.)    A deep wire basket for catch-all storage

Deep Wire Basket

5.)   And lastly, a few additional shelves for the shelf tower


Wall Shelves Set the Stage for Spring Cleaning

As the weather warms up, it is time to start thinking about wall shelves again, and their incredible ability to increase organization without decreasing floor space.

Perhaps it is not my favorite springtime activity, but spring cleaning is a necessary task around my home come March and April. The clean up job is not nearly as much work now that I live in sunny Southern California, but just a few years ago I was living in the frigid Northeast.

For those that do not know, it gets cold up there. I mean really, really cold. And it is cold for a long time – like four or five months straight of sub 40 degree temperatures with a few snowstorms and wintery mix thrown in for good measure.

Some people are natural-born Eskimos, but unfortunately this California boy was not. So I would pretty much hibernate in my apartment and let it turn into a scene from hoarders by the time the ground started thawing out.

Anyways, this year I was in the middle of my big clean up job when I realized that my dining room walls were completely devoid of decoration, and that my cabinets had started to become overfilled with various dining room items.

The best way to add some décor to the dining room (or any room of the home, really) is to add a decorative wall shelf to the area. There are a variety of attractive wall shelves, from scrolling metal wall shelves to more simple wood shelves.

Wall Shelves

What is great about these wall shelves is that they are incredibly easy to install and once they are up on the wall, they stay there! For the most part I just moved some of my trinkets around, such as my decorative sugar bowl and my cute porcelain salt and pepper shakers.

Wall Shelves

These wall shelves float, but they are not a witch!


This was a great move because it cleared up the counter space in my kitchen and dining room, leaving me with much more area to concoct my delicious spring and summer delicacies

Wine Storage Rack Options for the Spring

This week, Shelves Blog dives into the storage options of one of my favorite things in the world – wine. While some of us out there are lucky enough to have a full wet or dry bar in their homes which provide excellent storage for bottles and other bar equipment, the vast majority of us have to make do with what space we currently have. The wide world of wine racks is vast and varied, there are so many different styles of wine storage racks out there that it can be overwhelming for the casual storage shopper.

Luckily I have a couple of great products that are the ideal choice for storing your entire wine collection. Whether that is a giant collection of aged spirits and vintage wines, or just a couple of bottles (it seems like those bottles never last more than a week anyways!) – Shelves Blog surely has a suggestion for you. Check out all four of my favorite wine racks after the jump:

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