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Home Office Shelves for Remote Commuting

One trend that has started to see a lot of momentum is working from home. There are many advantages that come with working remotely. These advantages can be seen for both the employer and employee. One thing that is important for those that work remotely is organization. Home office shelves and other organizational items are definitely a must-have for anyone that plans to work from their home.

People choose to work from home for a variety of reasons. Some do it to avoid a heinous commute, other to avoid a costly and inconvenient relocation. Others still find their job is easier to complete from home. Employers save on office space, utility costs and see other benefits from remote workers.

However, the ability to work from home comes crashing down if you do not have the proper organizational accessories in your home. Desktop organizers such as mail bins and stationary holders are important for keeping the desk organized. Home office shelves and file cabinets are essential for keeping paperwork in order.

Furniture is usually picked according to utility when being used in the office. Aesthetics are secondary to functionality. For the home-office though, I find that aesthetics are something that needs to be kept in mind. In fact, it may even be equally important.

Home Office Shelves

For my home office shelves, I chose the Tribeca Loft File and Bookcase. This bookcase and file combo provides excellent storage and organization in the home. One thing that really set it apart for me was that it has open and concealed storage. The messier organization projects can be placed in the cabinets, while others can be on the open shelves.

Home office shelves are not all you need for the perfect remote workstation

It is also important to select a desk that will fit your utilities. As a blogger, I don’t find myself with a ton of extra paperwork, so the home office shelves suffice for storage. I do need lots of desktop space to plan out my posts, so having a simple but spacious desk is very important.

Other professionals may find their field requires a lot more paperwork, and therefore, a lot more storage. If this is the case, then a desk with cabinets or shelves may be more appropriate for your needs.

I would recommend working from home for anyone who believes it may be possible for their position. Not only does it save time, it can save you a great deal on commuting costs!

Garage Shelves To Organize the Home Brewery

Garage shelves are very important items to have in the home. These shelves provide storage for larger or messy items, allowing you to keep them out of the house. This is beneficial because you clear up space in the interior of your home, making it easier to store everyday items you need to have close by at all times.

Recently I was over at my friend’s house, where he has set up a home-brewing station in his garage. Needless to say, my friend is certainly a great candidate to upgrade his garage shelves. Home brewing has really started to take off in terms of hobbies.

For those that do not know, home brewing requires a great deal of equipment. Some of it is bulky, while other equipment pieces are quite messy and not something you would want indoors. Home brewers take notice! You may be in need of an upgrade to your garage shelves, and you might have no idea you do!

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Folding Shelves Come to Save Your Moving Day

As we make our way through April and towards May, we are quickly approaching the end of the school year for high school and college students. With the end of the school year comes a whole lot of moving. High school seniors are getting ready to move to college. College underclassmen are moving back home for the summer or into new dorms / apartments. College seniors moving out and on to the real world for the first time. All of that moving is a huge task, so I would recommend you make it easy on yourself in the future and use folding shelves to furnish your next abode.

When most people hear the term “folding furniture” they picture something that is disposable, cheap – basically the kind of furniture that really makes you feel like you are living a transient lifestyle. However, you’ll be astonished to see the amount of high-quality furniture now has the “fold-down” feature built-in.

I’ll tell you I was mighty impressed by all the different types of folding shelves.

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