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Garage Storage Shelves Aid in Spring Cleaning

For those that didn’t notice, the spring season came and went! It always seems like spring is such a short season, especially for those that live in less-temperate locals. Here is a question for all of you loyal Shelves Blog readers: How many of you did your spring-cleaning this year? And if you were one of the few that cleaned up, did you use garage storage shelves to get the job done?

A common shortcut for spring-cleaners is to move all of the clutter from inside the house and simply dump it in the garage. While that makes for a much-tidier living room and bedrooms, it doesn’t do much for the overall cleanliness of the home.

For those that feel tempted to just leave the mess in the garage, there is hope. Instead of leaving that area a cluttered mess, use garage storage shelves to organize the area. There are a wide variety of shelves that are perfect to use in the garage.

Most people think garage storage shelves and think of the standard metal framed furniture. Perhaps instead of metal shelves there are wood planks that serve as the shelves. Of course, these days there are so many more options available for organizing the garage. The days of stacking up two by fours on a sawhorse are long gone.

Messy garage? There are garage storage shelves for that!

The variety of garage storage shelves on the market these days is astounding. Personally, my garage is quite small so many garage shelf systems simply do not fit. Instead of wasting all of my garage space on shelves, I looked to the sky for inspiration.

That was when I realized I was in my garage and could not see the sky. But I was still very inspired by the view up there. What I noticed when gazing up at the ceiling was that there is a ton of unused rafter space up there. What a perfect place to put items into long-term storage!

Garage Storage Shelves

The problem was getting the items up there. It was a problem that was quickly solved by the Heavy Lift Storage Hoist. This set of garage storage shelves provides a place to store items out of sight and in a way that takes up no floor space.  The shelf can hold up to 250 pounds of items!

Entryway Shelf: It Helps You Avoid Anxieties

Imagine this scenario: You have an important interview in 30 minutes and you are rushing out the door to get there on time. Your suit looks perfect, you have your resume and cover letters are ready to go, your hair is just right. Basically, you are good to go! But then as you reach into your pocket for your keys… Where are my keys! This is a situation in which an entryway shelf would really come in handy.

One of my biggest pet peeves is not being able to find something in the place it should be. Typically, this is the case with my wallet or my keys. Cell phones are not so bad because you can call them and locate them that way (unless you have it on silent).

Of course when you finally find what you are looking for, it turns out they were just sitting in the pockets of the pants you wore yesterday. Or they are sitting on the counter in the bathroom. Or for some ungodly reason you put them in the freezer.

An Entryway Shelf Would Have Avoided All of This

Well when you have an entryway shelf in your home, this sort of disaster can be easily avoided. Instead of spending hours a week searching for your everyday items, just place them on a shelf. If you put the shelf right next to your doorway, there is little chance you will forget to unload your pockets. Once you have done this for a few weeks it will become second nature. You will be amazed at how much time you save when you do not have to begin every morning tearing your house apart looking for car keys.

Wall mounted entry shelves are the perfect option for the entryway. Another great choice is to get a small entryway table that provides some eye-level storage. I think it is important the shelf be around eye or chest level, that way you see the organization area and instantly know that you need to empty your pockets.

Entryway Shelf

With an entryway shelf in the home, you will never have to worry about being late for important events again. Now if you could only find that shirt you were looking for…

Kitchen Storage Shelves for the Tight Apartment

One of the difficult things about living in a small apartment is that often there is a lack of storage space. It seems like every room is just a few cubic feet short of the storage that is necessary for everyday life. No room is immune from this apartment storage space scourge. One room that is particularly bad is the kitchen. Luckily there are kitchen storage shelves that allow you to increase storage space.

In my apartment’s kitchen, all we have in the way of kitchen storage shelves is a single pantry and two cabinets. For two people, that is a severely limited space to store your fruits, vegetables, canned goods and other provisions.

Not to mention that typically the biggest and bulkiest items to store in the kitchen, your serve ware, cookware and flatware! It can be quite a dilemma figuring out where to store all of that stuff in your small apartment kitchen.

One item I would recommend to increase your kitchen storage is a Three Tier Mesh Shelf. These are perfect for kitchen storage shelves because they have plenty of space for storage. Another great benefit of these metal mesh kitchen storage shelves is that they are open, so crumbs and other items fall to the floor instead of messing up the shelves.

Kitchen Storage Shelves

Kitchen Storage Shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes!

I use a few of these wire shelves in the kitchen to increase my storage space. It helps to place them in discreet spaces around the kitchen, like in the corner. That way I add some storage space to the room without taking up too much usable floor space.

Another great place to use wire shelves is under the sink. The shelves I linked to above are too tall to work for under-sink organization, but there are shorter models available, such as the Stacking Shelf seen above. A one-tier or two-tier kitchen shelf maximizes the space of your under sink area, which is perfect for storing cleaning supplies and other kitchen items you want to keep separate from foodstuffs.

Rolling Shelves To Keep Cool in the Summer

In my neck of the woods, it sure is starting to heat up! My region has seen its first 100 degree day of the year today, and it’s a scorcher. Where I live doesn’t typically get all that hot in the summer, so I don’t want to invest in a full-size air conditioner or even a window unit A/C. I do want to stock up on fans for the occasional hot day, and there is no better way to position your fans than with rolling shelves!

Now, rolling shelves may not be something that you are very familiar with, but it is a must-have for any home. What is great about this specific type of household shelves is that they can be moved all over the home. So if you need shelves in the living room, they are there. If you need shelves in the garage, rolling shelves are there!

The specific rolling shelves I chose to use in my home are the Tuffy Three Tier Cart. This cart is made from a durable plastic. What is great about the plastic construction is that it is water-resistant and scratch proof – two features that are a huge bonus when you have small children.

Rolling Shelves

These rolling shelves are perfect for storing and toting all sorts of everyday items. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can even match them to your décor.

Rolling Shelves Aren’t Just For Storage

That reminds me, I should get back to my original point. Rolling shelves are the perfect choice for positioning your fan exactly where you want them.  No matter what room you need to move to, you can bring your fan along with you when you use rolling shelves such as the Tuffy Cart.

You can use multiple carts and strategically position them around the house to increase the circulation in your home. This is perfect for homes that don’t get a gentle breeze or have poor circulation to begin with.