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Wall Display Shelf for Back To School Artwork

Ah, the school year is finally getting started. For parents that have had kids in the house all summer long, the year cannot get started quickly enough. No more having to entertain bored children for 8 hours a day – if you are lucky. These days, most homes are dual-income households, so that means no stay-at-home parent. Which means costly child care during the summer. SO now that you can save some money with the kids back at school, perhaps you should invest that money into a wall display shelf.

Why would you need to purchase a wall display shelf? Well, for those that do not know, elementary school age kids have a lot of art projects. And even though they may look like an elephant could have come up with the same results, kids are proud of their work. And they want to show it off. So allow them to show off their little works of art with the wall display shelf.

Keep in mind that these will probably be strictly temporary wall shelves, so no need to go onto a great search for the perfect piece. In fact, the simpler the wall shelf the better! One great wall shelf for displaying your child’s artwork is the Modern Display Ledge by Woodform.

Wall Display Shelf

What is great about this shelf is that it is made from lightweight-but-study Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), plus it comes in nine different finishes, from white to Walnut! That makes it incredibly simple to match the wall mounted display shelf to your interior décor.

Another thing that I really like about this wall display shelf is the small ledge around the edges. This prevents your child’s artwork from teetering off of the edge and smashing into a million pieces. And, if you find that the shelf provides an attractive touch to your home, there is no reason that you cannot leave it up on the wall for when your grown-up child is attending Art Institute!

Bathroom Storage Shelves make Home Improvement Oh-So-Easy

Now that the summer is starting to come to a close and the weather is not so darn hot, I have been looking for a home improvement project for my home. Luckily it took my no more than a single trip to the bathroom to realize what project I should undertake. My bathroom was a mess – so I was off into the great world of bathroom storage shelves, searching for a way to turn my cluttered lavatory into an organizational masterpiece.

I discovered that having a messy bathroom is totally unnecessary! I always assumed it was expensive and difficult to add bathroom shelving and cabinets, but turns out it is a breeze. Even though my bathroom is quite small and lacking in storage amenities, all it took was a few clicks on the internet, and some screw-tightening once the items arrived. With just a few bathroom storage shelves installed, my bathroom turned from cluttered to under-control!

In fact, it was incredibly easy to get every piece of bathroom storage in one place because Sourcing Solution’s Ellsworth Collection included a floor cabinet, wall cabinet and an over the toilet. All of the furniture matched, giving my bathroom a surprisingly cohesive and casual appearance.

The best feature of our bathroom was a unique porcelain medicine cabinet, so I decided to leave that piece of bathroom storage as-is. However, it is quite old and does not have the appropriate storage space for modern bathroom items. So instead of replacing the medicine cabinet, I added a two-door wall cabinet to the room. This provided excellent storage space for my first aid items, additional oral hygiene supplies, and even a few hand-towels!

Bathroom Storage Shelves

Next, I wanted to add a floor cabinet to the room.  My bathroom doesn’t have a ton of floor space, so I wanted a set of bathroom storage shelves that had a small footprint. Luckily, the Ellsworth Collection had exactly what I was looking for with the Large Floor Cabinet. With three open shelves and two lower concealed storage shelves, there was plenty of room for my bathroom accessories.

As I have mentioned ad infinitum, I am lacking in bathroom floor space. That is why an over the toilet étagère is such a great option for my bathroom. This set of bathroom storage shelves fit right over my toilet, providing storage where I never would have imagined.

Of course, there is one downside to this being such an easy home improvement project – Now I have to find a new one!

Outdoor Storage Shelving Makes Saying Goodbye to Gardening Easier

As hard as it is to believe, summer is coming to a close. Even though it really feels like the last few months have been just a week or two, the season is coming to a close. Kid’s are getting ready for school, the weather is cooling down a bit (if you are lucky!), and it’s time to pack in all of your summer gardening accessories. Having the appropriate outdoor storage shelving can go a long way to making the summer-to-autumn transition a lot smoother.

Putting away your gardening supplies can be a bit of a depressing task. This goes double for those that live in areas with inclement winter weather. It is almost like you are packing away all of the sunshine from June, July and August and bundling up for the upcoming freeze. This would be extra-depressing if you have to deal with insufficient outdoor storage. The best way to avoid this added stress is to use outdoor storage shelving.

The Tool Rack with Wheels makes for excellent storage when the gardening season has come to a close. This rack offers storage for a wide variety of tools. There are spaces for shovels, rakes, a leaf blower and more! Not only does it offer storage for all of the larger tools, there is also space to store over 15 small garden tools.

Outdoor Storage Shelving

Though this storage rack is not quite “shelves” in the traditional sense, it certainly makes packing up your garden tools a lot easier. This is a shelves blog, so I would definitely be out of line if I did not show off some amazing outdoor storage shelving.

For a more catch-all approach to storing your gardening equipment, I would lean towards a unit such as the 3 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Welded Rack. The shelves can hold up to 1200 pounds, which is a crazy amount of storage.  This makes it perfect for storing everything from leftover fertilizer to heavy-duty items like dry concrete, earthen pottery and decorative pavers!

Outdoor Storage Shelving

Hopefully with the right storage items you can clean up your summer gardening fun quickly and easily like I did. The outdoor storage shelving I invested in made a huge difference in keeping this time of the year more headache-free!


Shelf Organization for the Cramped Dorm Room

It’s already mid-August, and you college students know it is time to start getting ready for dorm life! Whether you are a returning student or a first time fresh-person, you will need to stock up on storage and organization accessories, and stat! One of the best ways to be organized in the dorm is to have the proper shelf organization.

Dorms are not exactly well-known for their spacious accommodations. One of the keys to enjoying dorm life is to find the hidden storage opportunities around the room. A great way to increase your shelf organization space is an under-mounted shelf! These unique shelves basically are screwed onto the bottom side of a flat surface. This adds a convenient place to organize paperwork and other smaller items.

For those that are looking to organize books and paperwork in a more visible way, the Cardboard Magazine File is a must-have shelf organization piece. This durable but lightweight file is perfect for organizing magazines, books and papers in a vertical fashion. This file fits onto a shelf and is a great addition to a desk or closet shelf.

Shelf Organization

If you want to save shelf space for more important items, use the Modular Cube Storage system for catch-all storage. These cubes and drawers are perfect for everything from clothing to linens to foodstuffs! These versatile shelves are just the thing you need for the dorm, providing easy-to-access and convenient storage in any setting.

Shelf Organization

With these helpful suggestions for dorm shelf organization, you will have no problem keeping it together this year. Now you can save time searching for items and use that time to study even more! Nothing feels better than totally blowing the curve for everyone else because you had the most study time. Use these easy and helpful storage suggestions to get a leg ahead of everyone else!

Decorative Bedroom Shelves Add Function and Fashion

What is the best way to get a messy bedroom organized? The bedroom is one place that many people value fashion over function. The worst case bedroom-scenario involves mountains of clothing so high that you cannot find your shoes. However, the second-worst case scenario is a sterile yet organized bedroom that could double as a hospital room. The best way to give your room a dash of décor while providing an additional touch of storage is to add decorative bedroom shelves.

Decorative bedroom shelves come in all shapes and sizes- and are able to hold and organize a variety of items. Not only that, I have seen gorgeous bedroom shelves made from oak, steel, bamboo and even heavy-duty plastic! Basically what I am saying is that there are no fashion-oriented excuses for a lack of bedroom shelving. There is a match for every style and situation.

I don’t have a lot of space in my bedroom. Therefore, my shelving needs skew towards the compact and space-efficient side of things. One of the toughest organizational tasks is finding a place to store my laundry after it has been cleaned. Half the time I do my laundry and fold up the clothes, I end up with a storage space shortage. That means I leave my freshly washed and folded clothing out on a cabinet or on top of the dresser. My clothing ends up getting dusty, dirty or full of cat hair (my cat loves to sleep on my clothes).

Decorative bedroom shelves free up some space in the bedroom.

Decorative Bedroom Shelves

Instead of wasting my own time and my valuable supply of quarters, I decided to add some decorative bedroom shelves. The 3 Drawer Metal and Wicker Chest offered the perfect storage solution for the bedroom. With just a single piece of furniture I was able to increase the clothing storage space in my bedroom. Now, I don’t have to worry about hairy or dusty slacks when I am running late for work!