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Organizational Shelving Choices for Every Style and Taste

When it comes to achieving the appropriate organizational shelving in your home, there are quite a few options available. Some people place higher value on the aesthetics of the shelving. On the other hand some are purely interested in the functionality of the organizational shelving.

Some folks prefer to use wood shelves to stay organized in the home. Others prefer to use metal or glass shelving for a more contemporary appearance. There are also those out there that prefer the stability of freestanding shelves. Even others would rather use a wall-mounted set of organizational shelves to save floor space and give a chic vibe to the room.

Well the good news is that there is a plethora of organizational shelving options available. No matter what your persuasion is! However you want to increase the storage space in your home, there are multiple ways to go about it!

First off, my favorite wood organizational shelving – the Attic Truss Shelves! These shelves are designed to fit in between the support trusses in your attic. They are perfect for organizing bins and other large storage items. The solid wood construction of the shelves make them long-lasting and durable, perfect for long-term storage in the attic.

Organizational Shelving

The next product fits both the metal and freestanding categories. The Five Shelf Treadplate Steel Shelving is extremely durable and offers five levels of storage. The tread plate construction ensures that the items you are storing will stay firmly in place.

Organizational Shelving

Lastly, for those looking for a chic way to add organizational shelving to your home there are plenty of floating metal and glass shelves. The Wall Mounted Glass Shelf is perfect for providing great organizational and display space to your home. The glass shelf is accented by chrome pieces, giving it an amazing contemporary appearance.

Organizational Shelving

Laundry Room Shelving for the Compact Apartment

So recently I have been looking for a new place to live. My wife and I are in search of a larger apartment, and one of the most important things for us in our housing quest is washer-dryer hookups. Not surprisingly, most big-city apartments do not include hookups inside the actual unit. However there are enough places that do, so we have been able to be a little bit choosy about where we move. Keeping that in mind, this week’s post delves into the exciting world of laundry room shelving.

Okay, so it is not the most thrilling of topics. But this is Shelves Blog, what did you expect? The point of this blog is to inform about organization, not to babysit and entertain you during your workday. Anyways, here are a couple laundry room shelving suggestions.

If you are tight on space (like we are), then I would recommend trying to find storage space in places you never even thought to look! The Laundry Butler is the perfect way to add some storage to your laundry room, in a very unique location. This shelf slides right in between your washer and dryer, providing a shelf for detergent and other laundry accessories.

Laundry Room Shelving

A great all in one laundry room shelving option is the Laundry Shelf System. This set of shelves and racks provides storage for all of your detergent, dryer sheets and other laundry accessories. This is a great option for those that are looking to add storage space and don’t want to lose any floor space.

Laundry Room Shelving

With these two laundry room shelving tips, you should have no problem finding all of the storage you need – even in the smallest of laundry rooms! These are two inexpensive and high-effective ways to add organization and storage to your home or apartment.

Bamboo Storage Shelves: Add an Element of the Exotic

I recently received a fan-mail submission / request that wanted me to cover more exotic shelves. Well, I consider myself to be more of a traditional storage type of guy. I am someone that really values function over form. However, I realize that the times are changing and I need to get with those times. So here are some of the coolest (and most functional) bamboo storage shelves I could find.

The Lohas Collection offers a variety of shelving that is perfect for the bathroom or laundry room. Bamboo has a great exotic appearance that attracts the eye and adds a touch of décor to the room. As well as being easy on the eye bamboo storage shelves are extremely durable.

There are all sorts of bamboo storage shelves available in the Lohas Collection. For example, there is the Wall Mounted Storage Shelf, which is a great place to store some additional towels, keeping them out of the line of site. When you do look up, it is all good! Because the exotic bamboo wood shelves add décor to the bathroom.

Bamboo Storage Shelves

Another example of the bamboo storage shelves from the Lohas Collection is their series of Tier Storage Shelves. These are really great in the laundry room, providing a place to store loose clothing, detergent and dryer sheets. Not only do they provide excellent storage and a long-lasting quality, they also add a ton of cool décor! Who would have thought that the laundry room would be a place for decorative shelves? I had no idea!

Bamboo Storage Shelves

So hopefully this review into the world of exotic shelves will be enough to satiate the demands of the audiences. Those that prefer form over function should love to look at these attractive bamboo storage shelves as they get out of the shower or prepare a load of darks in the laundry room!

Storage Shelf Safety Tip for Earthquake Country

I do not think there is much of a debate that shelving is the best way to organize and store all of the items in your home. From bookcases in the living room to a console in the entryway to a buffet in the kitchen, shelves make up the majority of the furniture in our homes. However, I have started to grow uncomfortable with all of the vertical shelving in my home, and started to implement some storage shelf safety tactics in my home.

You see, I live in Southern California, which is well-known for its propensity for earthquakes. Every few years (and sometimes a couple of times a year), we will go for a little 15 second ride as the earth re-situates itself. Even though the vast majority of earthquakes are too small to do much damage (sometimes too small to even feel!), there is that potential for a bigger earthquake.

I have lived in Southern California my entire life, so I am well-prepared to take care of myself and my family in the case of an earthquake. However, one thing that does worry me is all of the shelf storage that I have throughout the home. We have quite a few valuable items that are stored on tall, vertical shelving. The kind of shelving that comes crashing down without the proper storage shelf safety measures.

The first and most important step to take when implementing storage shelf safety in your home is to get a Utility Strap by Ready America. This durable system is easy to install and ensures that your bookcase and other tall, narrow furniture is safely secured to the wall. In the case of the earthquake, this prevents them from toppling over. This has the potential to injure you or a loved one, and certainly will damage whatever is being stored on the shelf.

If you live on the West Coast or any other area that is susceptible to earthquakes, use this helpful storage shelf safety tip and keep your furniture, items and family safe!

Storage Shelf Safety

Wall Mounted Storage Shelves to Keep Kitty out of her Kibble

This weekend my wife and I went out of town for Labor Day. Traveling from Southern California up to Northern California is not a problem at all with a dog, but driving with a cat is difficult to say the least. So we were forced to leave our cat along for the long 3-day weekend. We poured her a big bowl of food to last her for those days and left for the holiday. When we came home we found she had gotten into her food by herself, knocking all sorts of items to the floor. After this incident we decided it was time to invest in some wall mounted storage shelves.

See, our precious kitty isn’t so much a “little kitty” anymore, and is more like an obese food seeking monster (don’t tell her I said that). So when she finished off her 3-day bowl of food in just a day or so, she naturally went on the hunt for more food. She found the food, but wasn’t really able to get into it. What she was able to do was knock over a bunch of things from our microwave cart.

So now instead of storing her food on the cart, we have started to store her food on wall mounted storage shelves. With this shelf style, we are able to store a great deal of items. The wall-mounted design of the shelves prevents the cat from reaching the top. As an added bonus, the wall mounted storage shelves take up no floor space. The Ultimate Cabinet makes the perfect wall storage system.

This is great news for our precious belongings and our kitchen, but bad news for the cat. Now with our food safely tucked away 6 feet above ground level, she has no hope of reaching her treasured spoils.Wall Mounted Storage Shelves

Space Saving Storage Shelves Are Perfect For Downsizing

Recently my wife and I have looked into moving into a smaller apartment to save some money. We would like to purchase our own home in the near future, so we want to save up. By getting a place that is much less expensive, we can save money every month to put towards a larger down payment. However, when we downsized our apartment we realized quickly that we had way too much stuff. This is where space saving storage shelves came through for us.

Even though we have only been in our apartment for a few years, it is incredible how much “stuff” we managed to collect. Records, books, paperwork, camping gear – you name is, we got it. When you move from a 1000 square foot apartment to a 700 square foot apartment, you definitely sacrifice the ability to efficiently store all of these items. Or do you? Perhaps with the right space saving storage shelves we can have our cake and eat it too.

With the proper shelf storage, you can dramatically increase the capacity of your closets and rooms. Instead of piling all of your loose items into boxes and stacking them up haphazardly, try something a little more organized. The Five Tier Shelving Tower is a perfect choice for adding storage to the home. This tower has wire shelving that is easy to clean and provides excellent storage capacity.

There are even options for those that prefer to pile loose items into bins. Using a Tote Storage Box Organizer is the best way to use tote bins. All too often you see folks stack these totes on top of each other, making it impossible to get to the bottom. With this organizer, you can reach each and every tote with ease.

Space Saving Storage Shelves

With just one or two space saving storage shelves, you can transform a small apartment into a storage wonderland!