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Winter Season Storage Ideas Include Bin Rack

One way to cut down on the clutter in your home is to utilize winter season storage. Typically there are things you need in the summer and things you need in the winter, so why have all of these items lying around your house causing a mess? Instead, keep them stored away so you can add organization to the home, plus you will know exactly where to find your stowed away stuff.

There are a few ways to go about achieving the perfect winter season storage set up. You can jump through a bunch of hoops, building your own storage system from metal, wood or even plastic. If you build it yourself, I guess the biggest benefit is the knowledge that you have created a high quality product for off season storage. Of course, if you are not a great handyman, perhaps you won’t be quite so sure?

Plus, that all takes a ton of time. And who has time to build an entire winter season storage rack. Especially when you consider that there are perfectly good pre-built storage options available out there. These pre-built storage racks provide ample space for all of your out-of-season items, such as those flip flops, pool toys, warm weather clothing and more!

The best option that I have come across for winter season storage is the 12-Tote Model Storage System. What makes this a great off season storage option is that it provides ample space for storage while still having a compact footprint. That way you can really increase the amount of storage in your home without eating up a bunch of floor space.

Winter Season Storage

Of course, you don’t need to use this amazing bin storage rack for off season storage alone. This bin rack makes it easy to access everything that is stored within, so even if you need to keep everyday items in there, you will still be able to get to them with ease!

Storage Space Organization Ideas To Maximize Efficiency

If you have been keeping up with my posts on Shelves Blog lately, you would be aware of the fact I am in the process of moving to a new apartment. In fact, I have finished moving and now am in the process of getting organized in the new home. Although my wife and I moved into a two bedroom over our previous one bedroom, we did not gain a whole lot of square footage. However we were given a storage cube in the basement of the building. Here are a few storage space organization ideas I came up with while trying to figure out how to best utilize this bonus storage area.

Not all apartments provide the luxury of having a mini “storage locker” on the premises. While the 4 foot wide by four foot deep by 6 feet tall cube is not exactly enormous, it does provide some great storage opportunities. Storage space organization can be a bit of a dicey proposition, because if you are not careful the storage items end up costing you more space than the save.

The first idea for storage space organization is utilizing storage totes, such as the 20 Gallon Latch Tote from Sterilite. This is especially helpful if you want to store a whole lot of smaller items. Instead of piling them in bags or something else, these stackable totes are a great way to keep them safe and organized. The totes are made from plastic, which provides better protection from dust and moisture than, say a cardboard box.

Storage Space Organization

If you are looking to store items that you need to be able to access, a small shelf such as the Pine Stacking Shelf is a perfect storage space organization tool. This shelf is made from sturdy solid wood and offers a variety of storage surfaces for your garage needs. I use it to store our toolbox and other heavy chemicals we do not want to keep in the home.

Storage Space Organization

Even though these are very simple touches for an additional storage area, they really can make a big different. It is very important to keep storage space organization in mind. That way your storage cube does not become a big pile of “stuff” that you just keep adding to.

Garage Shelving for Your Heavy and Messy Items

When it comes to storing the dirty and grimy things in your home, you definitely do not want to keep that inside. Getting items such as dirty shoes, garden supplies, tools or cleaning supplies organized can be a difficult task. This is where garage shelving is a great choice for your home.

Garage shelving offers a sturdy and spacious area to store those items and more without making your home a mess. I have seen people try to shove all of their messy possessions into the home to save money and space in the garage. Nine times out of 10 the result is a very messy home and really, not all that much space saved.

So instead of foolishly trying to save space in your garage for both of your cars, invest in some garage shelving. Yes you will probably have to park one of your cars on the side of the road, or maybe even in the driveway (or you could jump on the trend of homes eliminating their second car). But the amount of organization you gain is well worth that sacrifice.

There are a wide variety of garage shelving options that are available for your home. Personally, I prefer shelving that has a nice sturdy metal frame and durable solid wood planks that serve as the shelves. The perfect example of this kind of garage shelving is the Five Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack.

Garage Shelving

This rack is amazing because it can hold up to 700 pound on each shelf. For those that don’t know, 700 pounds per shelf is a lot of weight. If you add it up, that is 700 times five. That equals 3500. That means this sturdy garage shelving is able to hold up to one and three quarters tons! You could practically store a car on these shelves  – maybe that car that has been bumped from the garage due to amazing garage shelving!

Corner Display Shelf for Indoor Green Space

One of the things I dislike most about living in a small apartment is the lack of green space. While there are a quite a few apartments with outdoor space in my city, for some reason we have always ended up with places that are severely lacking in open outdoor areas. Having plants all around is a great way to lift your spirits and add a touch of décor to your home. Luckily there are some ways to make space for greenery in your small apartment – the best of which is using a corner display shelf!

Because most apartments that do not have outdoor space are usually pretty small, you need to be thrifty with the size of the shelf. Using a large, bulky shelf can take up valuable floor space. If you decide to go with a wall-mounted shelf, you do not lose floor space but it can be too conspicuous in the home. That is why it is a great choice to go with a corner display shelf.

A corner display shelf provides plenty of space for a hanging vine, a tomato plant, a colorful display of flowers, or even an herb garden! Despite providing plenty of room for a little greenery in your apartment, a corner display shelf takes up absolutely no floor space and has a very inconspicuous appearance. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and being able to pick some fresh vegetables for a homemade salad!Corner Display Shelf

One great corner display shelf for your indoor green space is the Corner Shelf by Creative Connectors. This simple floating corner shelf provides a great space for any type of plant, and is very easy to install. Be sure to mount the corner shelf to the studs in your home, especially if you are using a large potted plant. While this corner display shelf is very sturdy, it needs support to prevent your indoor garden from crashing to the floor!

Mantel Shelf to Dress Up a Modern Fireplace

A lot of homes these days include an electronic fireplace built into the wall of the living room. This is a great way to add a touch of “hominess” to your living room. The great thing about the electronic fireplace is that is a no-mess piece of décor that also provides functionality. However, it seems like many modern fireplaces do not come with a mantel shelf.

Don’t worry, you can still add a mantel shelf!

A mantel shelf is a classic piece of décor for the home. Not only do these fireplace shelves provide excellent display space for artwork, photos, portraits and other items – they also add a touch of visual interest to the room. Plus, where would you hang your Christmas stockings during the holiday season? It is a little bit disheartening that so many of these modern fireplaces are being installed into homes without a mantel shelf.

Well lift your heart up because there are options for homes that do not come with a built-in mantel over the fireplace! Yes that is correct, there are mantel shelves you can purchase and install by yourself. And believe it or not, installation and assembly are not all that difficult! In fact, I had some time this weekend for a handyman project, and decided to install a mantel shelf above my electronic fireplace.

There are a wide variety of mantels available that fit anyone’s style and needs. There are mantels that have a “floating” appearance; there are mantels that have support stands that reach to the floor. There are mantels that come in a distressed or antique finish, and there are mantels that come unfinished so you can match the color to your living room décor. With this many mantel shelf choices, there is surely a style for every situation.

Mantel Shelf

The mantel shelf I chose for my home is the Shenandoah Finished Mantel Shelf. This shelf was extremely easy to mount to my wall, and provides great storage. Not only can this floating mantel shelf be used near a fireplace, it also makes a great storage option for the kitchen or dining room!

Shelf Organizers Increase Your Efficiency!

For most every storage dilemma, a shelf is the answer. No matter what issue you are having with your storage, using the appropriate shelf will almost always result in a resolution. However, there are some times in which a simple shelf is just not enough to fix your organizational issues. In these cases, it is very important to utilize the appropriate shelf organizers to solve the problem.

The great thing about shelf organizers is that they are available in a wide variety of styles and functions. There are shelf organizers for mesh shelves, there are shelf organizers for your wood shelves. There are organizers for the closet and organizers for the garage. Because there are so many organizers, it can be both easy and difficult to find the appropriate option for your situation.

Shelf Organizers for Your Life

Another great choice for your organization needs is a Jumbo Stacking Basket. These baskets make for great shelf organizers as they provide great storage and a modular quality that saves space and your sanity. The baskets are made from polypropylene, a sturdy yet lightweight plastic material that seems like it was specifically invented for easing your storage anxieties.

Shelf Organizers

If you are trying to store clothing on a shelf, you can get frustrated quickly as clothing is not the best stacking materials. As soon as you get the pile stacked high enough, it immediately tumbles down to the ground. Use shelf dividers to keep those stacks piling higher and higher! They are perfect for establishing a wall on each side of the clothing piles, which keep them from tumbling down to the ground.

So with these couple of shelf organizers, there is definitely a wide variety of resources available for keeping your shelves as efficient as possible. With these dividers and baskets you will be able to store so many more items on your shelves than you ever thought was possible.