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Folding TV Trays For Turkey Day Touchdowns

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is all of the football that there is to watch. There are almost always classic match-ups, with the Lions and Cowboys traditionally being featured. These two historic teams have a lot of heated rivalries, so it always makes for an entertaining day. However, when the game gets exciting during mealtime, it is great to be able to move to the couch and use folding TV trays to eat with!

Folding TV trays are not just a great choice for the holidays; they are a great accessory for any meal. Whether it is March Madness, the NHL Stanley Cup or even the Pro-Bowl, these trays come in handy and make it easy to eat on the sofa and in front of the TV. The Bay Shore 5 Piece Rectangular Tray Table Set is a great choice.

Folding TV Trays

I mean, folding TV trays are pretty much one of the most American things in the world. So why not utilize them on what is probably the second-most American holiday (behind the Fourth of July of course). That way you can feel really great about how patriotic you are while you watch enormous men beat the pulp out of each other while you simultaneously consume way too much stuffing.

And folding TV trays are great because they also give you the ability to stow them away in a closet. There is nothing worse than having TV trays that cannot be folded sitting all over your home, making you look like a cluttered slob. These amazing folding TV trays can be discreetly placed behind a door, in a small linen closet or even under the sink!

So this year, don’t miss a single exciting play from America’s Favorite Team, or the Detroit Lie-Downs! These trays will revolutionize the way you enjoy your turkey feasts. Just be sure not to get too excited and spill the cranberry sauce!


Kitchen Shelving Prepares You For A Holiday Feast

With the holidays fast approaching, the time is nigh to evaluate your kitchen shelving situation. This is especially important for those that are hosting the holiday meals this year. But if you are just going to be a guest, you are not quite off of the hook. A good guest always brings something to share with the party, and if you do not have the appropriate kitchen shelving space, making these treats is going to be quite an arduous task.

So the first rule of thumb when selecting kitchen shelving is to find something that is versatile. Most kitchens do not have a ton of extra space, so getting something that has a 2-in-1 feature (or even better, a 3-in-1 feature) is extremely desirable. So that means something that provides storage areas as well as organizational tools, and of course a food preparation surface at the top.

So what kind of kitchen shelving should I get?

What kind of kitchen shelving fits this definition, nearly to a “T”? Well of course this kitchen shelving is known as a kitchen cart! Most of these carts, such as the Dolly Madison Prep n Serve Kitchen Cart, are made from solid wood, giving excellent strength and durability. The top of the kitchen cart features a butcher block that makes it ideal for chopping and dicing.

kitchen Shelving

Another great feature of kitchen carts such as the Dolly Madison is the fact that they are set on casters. Casters are also known as wheels, and they make it super easy to move the cart around the kitchen. This comes in handy when you have made a very heavy dish that needs to be moved to the kitchen table. Instead of risking a 20 foot walk through the hallway, just wheel the cart to the table and make it a 1-foot journey.

With a small footprint this kitchen cart doesn’t take up very much floor space, which is highly desirable for most kitchen shelving. So be ready for your next big holiday meal with this kitchen shelving cart!

Guest Shelving – Not Just a Temporary Need

I have a friend that is staying with me for a few weeks while he finds an apartment. He just got a new job and is new to the area, so I figured I’d be a good pal and help him out. However, my wife and I had just moved to a brand new apartment ourselves, and found that we were severely lacking in storage space. I searched for guest shelving, and what came up is a unique idea for increasing the storage space in a smaller home.

What while this product may not solve our guest shelving dilemma, but it certainly puts a dent in our need! This Spa Bath tower can be used in a bathroom (such as we did) or can even go into the bedroom. It sort of looks like a furniture piece for the bathroom, but with a hamper component it is basically being begged to be in the bedroom.

Guest Shelving

The hamper is perfect because it provides a place for your guest to keep his or her clothing when it gets dirty. The upper shelves are perfect for storing perfume, cologne, a watch, jewelry, and any other accessories your visitor may need in their guest shelving.

The lower hamper has a front opening door that makes it easy to access your dirty clothing. It is a good idea for a house guest to have their own laundry hamper, so as to encourage them to do their own laundry. Nothing is worse than doing your friends laundry because they don’t have the proper guest shelving!

Of course, this tower is really quite versatile and is by no means strictly intended as guest shelving. The handsome dark finish, solid wood construction and variety of shelving make it a perfect long-term fixture in your bathroom or in the bedroom.

Winter Garden Shelving Suggestions from a Californian

Lately I have been getting a lot of requests to write a blog entry about garden shelving for the winter. You see living in sunny Southern California, where the winter is just as perfect a growing season as the summer and spring, I forget that some people do not have this luxury. All across the United States, folks are putting away their gardening supplies in preparation for a long and arduous winter season. Here is the best winter garden shelving suggestions my naïve Californian mind could come up with.

The most important aspect of winter garden shelving is how well it protects your garden supplies from the elements. That means weather-proofing is incredibly important. There is nothing worse than getting a ton of snow all over your supplies, or them getting drenched and eventually rusting through.

With that in mind, I would recommend forgoing the traditional wood shelving in favor of winter garden shelving that is a little bit more weather-proof. This also means skipping metal shelving, which eventually just rusts away and falls apart. Instead, look for something that is made from synthetic materials. What is great about synthetic shelving is that it is as comfortable in the winter as it is in the summer. You can avoid rusting, warping, rotting and other pitfalls that come with using natural materials in your shelving.

With winter garden shelving, quality is much more important than quantity. If you are doing things right, you plan out your growing seasons and have as little disposable materials (such as fertilizer, seeds, etc) left over at the end. That means you just need to store the tools you will need every year.

Or you could just go big or go home and get an entire shed and forget about any pretense of preparation. There is not a single winter garden shelving option out there that could possibly trump something like the Backyard Garden Storage Building. This thing is pretty much built with the singular mission of keeping your garden supplies safe and organized.

Winter Garden Shelving

Holiday Display Shelf to Avoid Seasonal Disapproval

There really is nothing like the holidays. Seeing all of that family, sometimes for the first time in a year can be a really rewarding and comforting experience. It can also be incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking. This goes double if you are the one hosting the holiday festivities. You just know that the second she walks through the front door, Mom is going to cluck her tongue in disapproval at your poor holiday presentation. However, with the help of a holiday display shelf, you can transform that cluck of disapproval to a chuckle of delight! Believe it or not, this décor piece is really not all that difficult to achieve.

Just a few easy steps for a holiday display shelf

The first thing you need to complete your holiday display shelf is, of course, a shelf. Now, there are many schools of thought on what makes the perfect holiday display shelf. I am of the opinion that a floating shelf provides the best effect. With those ugly braces and stands, your shelf looks as if it is seamlessly attached to the wall. That leaves you with less time camouflaging and more time to decorate! I would recommend the Modern Display Ledge Wall Shelf.

Holiday Display Shelf

Once you have your shelf installed, the next step is adding some personalized décor. This will greatly depend on what holiday it is you are celebrating. For my Christian friends, a nativity scene is a great choice for your holiday display shelf. For those that celebrate Hanukah, this holiday display shelf is the perfect place for a menorah.  For those celebrating Eid al-Adha, perhaps looking into some crescent moon shaped décor to display (not really a big holiday for decorating).

I know this wasn’t the most in depth tutorial I have ever presented, but I suppose the point is to show how easy it is get your home looking great for the holidays. If you can’t figure it out from here, maybe you really do deserve that cluck of disapproval from mother!