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Kitchen Storage Shelving Acheived with a Kitchen Cart

This year we hosted the family holidays at our house for the first time ever. My wife had to work the day after Christmas so there was no way we could make it all the way up to Northern California and back to Los Angeles with enough time to really enjoy the holidays. So instead we had the family come on down and stay with us in our two bedroom apartment. While it was a great time, we were pretty cramped on space. This was especially apparent when we were preparing Christmas Eve dinner. We really could have used some additional kitchen storage shelving to store the extra food, and some more counter space to prepare our food.

Luckily there is an easy way to add both kitchen storage shelving and counter space to a cramped kitchen! All you need is a spacious and sturdy kitchen cart. There are a wide variety of kitchen carts available, from those that fold down to those that have elegant marble countertops, to simple wood carts that are perfect for storage.

No matter what kind of kitchen cart you are looking for, it is important to be sure they are set on casters or wheels. This makes it easy to move your kitchen storage shelving all over the kitchen, eliminating the need to walk all over the kitchen when you are preparing meals. If you have “too many cooks in the kitchen”, as they say, this can be a lifesaver (literally – my father in law is a maniac with the carving knife).

What worked best for my kitchen was the Baxton Studio Quebec Black Kitchen Cart with Granite Top. This kitchen cart provided excellent kitchen storage shelving to store some extra pots and pans, a catch-all drawer and the all-important wine storage racks. And like I said it is set on casters so it is easy to move around the kitchen. The granite top is stylish and also a functional touch.

Kitchen Storage Shelving

A Holiday Storage Tip To Eliminate the Stress of Packing

When it comes to the holidays, everyone loves getting ready but hates cleaning up. Trimming the tree, adding lights indoors and outdoors – all of this is a great time. But when it comes to putting all of those decorations back into the tiny box they came in… Who can do that? It feels like it is impossible. Well use this holiday storage tip and make clean up way more efficient and much less stressful.

A favorite holiday storage tip of mine involves the age-old tradition in masochism that is putting away holiday lights. Christmas lights always come in such tiny packages, all perfectly packed together – it’s like a little snowflake. It’s actually a lot like a snowflake, because it is impossible to replicate that light-packing job. This was obviously done by some sort of automated machine, because no human hands could possibly be able to wind long electrical wires so meticulously and precisely.

Instead of losing a few months off of your life and trying to force the lights back into the box (we all know it just ends up ripping at the top corner anyways), just use something a little larger and easier. Okay, so you are going to sacrifice a bit of efficiency when you use a larger storage container for your holiday lights.

Holiday Storage Tip

The Holiday Light Box with Wing Top Lid and 4 Dividers is an ideal choice for storing your holiday lights. This light box is made from durable materials, so it is perfect for long-term storage use. A little holiday tip – get two of these light boxes because one is never enough.

They are not just great for storing your lights, even though that is what they are built for. You can use them for other hard-to-store holiday items. The dividers ensure that the decorations stay separated and don’t get all tangled up together.

Use this holiday storage tip wisely and be able to enjoy the winter even after the festivities have ended .

Outdoor Storage Shelf to Protect Your Outdoor Items

It is a little bit of a “too little too late” scenario, but if you have not gotten around to winterizing your outdoor spaces, it might be a good time to get that taken care of. All over the country we have been seeing freezing temperatures, and that is not good for your patio accessories to withstand. Luckily there is an outdoor storage shelf that can help keep your outdoor items safe from the ill effects of these frigid winter temperatures.

I have seen too many perfectly good furniture cushions freeze in the winter and thaw out in the spring, only to be completely useless. The water just sits there in the cushion and causes it to deteriorate. If you don’t notice that they have thawed in time often you will have a bunch of water sitting in the outdoor furniture cushions for days at a time, which causes rotting and decay.

So avoid this costly and annoying inconvenience by preparing ahead for the cold winter months. These months can wreak havoc on your furniture cushions. When you store them within an outdoor storage shelf, they can be used over and over for years without worry of deterioration or decay.

For my outdoor space, I chose the Montego Bay Four Door Multi Purpose Storage Cabinet, which has a durable Eucalyptus wood construction that is perfect for long-term outdoor use. This outdoor storage shelf is perfect for storing my patio furniture cushions as well as gardening materials and other outdoor recreation items. That includes pool toys, sports equipment and any other items I do not have room for in the garage.

Outdoor Storage Shelf

This cabinet includes slat style shelves, so if any water does get into the cabinet is able to flow through to the bottom. This allows you to avoid the annoyance of warped or rotting shelves from sitting water that can accumulate throughout winter.

So if you have not got to setting up your patio or yard for the winter, get to it! The winter is starting to come and go and I am sure you cannot afford to let another set of furniture cushions go by the wayside.

Winter Clothing Storage Solution for the Bedroom

Here on Shelves Blog, we have discussed where to store winter clothing in the off-season so you don’t have a big mess in your closet, basement or attic during the spring and summer. However, what we have not discussed yet is where to store those things during the winter when you are actually going to use them. The right kind of winter clothing storage is important so you don’t have to spend tons of time digging through unmanageable crates and boxes looking for your clothing.

Winter clothing is typically heavier than your year-round clothing, which makes it harder to fit your entire wardrobe into your typical clothing storage furniture. In this way winter clothing storage presents a unique dilemma. You want to be able to store those coats, jackets, scarves and thermals efficiently, but also in a way that you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

However, you do not want to get something that is too bulky either. This is mainly because the furniture you choose will only serve as winter clothing storage for a portion of the year. There is nothing worse than having a big bulky piece of storage furniture that is only used for one quarter of the year. I suppose it would be great if you could find a way to use this winter clothing storage for something else during the summer. Perhaps bathing suit storage?

Winter Clothing Storage

One great choice for winter clothing storage is the 6 Basket Storage Shelf. What I like about this shelf is that it provides six different space for different types of winter clothing storage. The fabric boxes are easy to slide in and out of the cubby spaces, and they are spacious enough for a couple of coats and more.

Even better, this storage shelf looks great and can be used throughout the year. The compact footprint of the shelf allows it to fit in well no matter what room you use it in.