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Garage Shelving Storage Helps in Winter Weather

So the other day I heard that Atlanta got totally wrecked by a few inches of snow. Traffic was jammed all over the city, people were stranded in their cars and children were stranded at schools. Sounds like a pretty huge mess over what amounts to a light dusting when compared to what the Midwest and Northeast get every year. Perhaps if everyone was more prepared and had some garage shelving storage to store their road salt and tire chains, this whole crisis could have been averted!

Okay, I am intelligent enough to understand this mess was the result of a whole bunch of factors – the lack of regional coordination on the part of the Atlanta-area mayors and governments, a heavily car-dependant culture in which just about everyone was driving, and a sprawling city which people needed to travel long distances to get home. But that will not stop me from giving you some excellent recommendations on the kind of garage shelving storage you need for the winter!

Those that are dealing with the snow on a year-in, year-out basis probably already have these sorts of things in their garage. But those of you that do not, it is better to be prepared for nothing than unprepared for everything. If you have none of the cold-weather items that you need for that rare occurrence, it is definitely going to make your life miserable. If you are prepared, a light dusting will not turn into snowmagedon in a matter of minutes.

So the first step is finding out exactly what you need to have stored. Once you have that all figured out, you can start to shop for the shelving. I like to use heavy-duty shelves in my garage, that way if I need to keep some heavyweight items in storage I have no problem. The most heavy-duty shelving you can find has a metal frame with metal shelves. What also works is a metal frame with solid wood shelves.

One highly reviewed item that makes for excellent garage shelving storage is the 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack. This shelf offers excellent storage options and is extremely durable.

Garage Shelving Storage

Wood Storage Shelves for My Bizarre New Friend

Last week I began a tale about my new friend, a man who was in desperate need for wood storage shelves. Well today the amazing saga continues as I reveal what exactly he had in that bag, why he was so painstakingly eating his burger, and what exactly he needed craft storage for.

As I sat there and waited for my number to be called, I took a furtive glance at his hands. It was not that this guy was some sort of OCD – in fact his hands were filthy. And it was not with dirt or oil, something a construction worker or perhaps an auto mechanic would have after a long day at work. No, what was covering his hands was this strange substance with red, green and purple tinges.

I had never seen anything like that in my life before. I worked up the courage to inquire about his strange colored hands. Right as I opened my mouth to ask him, my number was called. I suppose it will have to wait a few seconds. I grabbed my BLT and fries and walked over to the concession stand and squirted some ketchup into those little chef’s-hat cups fast food places always have.

As I returned to my seat, I noticed he was gone! But his bag of mystery was still there at the seat. I looked around the patio for him, and could not find him. That is when I noticed the bathroom handle was all shades of the rainbow. He must be in the restroom. I took this opportunity to steal a look into his big old bulky bag and see just what was in there. As I pulled aside the top, I saw what looked like 5-6 mason jars full of green, red and purple substances, which kind of looked like fine-grain dust. That is when I heard the creak of the bathroom door opening, and I returned to my seat.

As he grabbed his bag to head off into the afternoon, I just had to find out what this guy was all about. Excuse me sir – I asked – may I ask what it is you have all over your hands?

Oh this stuff? This is simply the byproduct of my art. You see, I take the bus all over town and find the most desolate corners, and fill them up with color and brilliance.

I nodded towards his bag – is that where you keep your “materials”?

Yes and I am in a terrible quandary my friend! I need somewhere to store these jars while I go out and search for more materials.  I will be gone for weeks and need a sturdy and spacious place to keep them.

Well my friend – I said. You are sure luckily because I specialize in writing a blog about things like wood storage shelves. Which make perfect craft storage for your mason jars!

He was very excited, and asked me where he can find the best wood storage shelves. I told him to take a look at Stacks and Stacks, because it provides great wood storage shelves and so much more!

Wood Storage Shelves

Craft Storage Shelves for a Special New Friend

I have a friend that ran into a unique storage situation that required a special set of craft storage shelves. This friend of mine I met on the bus a few months ago, in a chance encounter in which I learned about his storage quandary.

I was riding back from downtown on a Wednesday afternoon after appearing at the county courthouse for jury duty. The ride was uneventful; I stared out the window for most of the trip noticed one peculiar fellow sitting at the front in the center-facing seats. He had a large satchel that seemed to be bursting at the seams.

I thought nothing of this man, other than his peculiar facial hair and that oversized sack. He got off one stop ahead of me and as he rose from the seat the bag make a grinding glass-on-glass noise, and clanked a bit as he walked down the steps out of the bus.

Strange fellow, I thought to myself. A minute later and three blocks to the north I too was exposed to the uncomfortably warm February afternoon. I decided to grab a bite to eat at the burger stand a block down the road because it offered some shade and I was really thirsty (and caffeine deprived).

When I got there, guess who was busy munching away on something that was almost completely wrapped. He took great pains to ensure that he never actually touched his food. Very strange, but maybe he was a germ-freak or something.

There was only one other shady spot left on the patio, so I took the spot. It happened to be two spots away from my peculiar new friend. And it was at that point that he described to me, in painstaking detail, his need for special craft storage shelves and just what it was that was causing his bag to pull at the seams.

Next week I’ll continue this very interesting and one-of-a-kind craft storage shelves situation. So you are just going to have to wait a couple weeks to find out what he’s got in that bag. You’ll never guess, I promise. Here’s a little hint, the craft storage shelves he needs ended up being the Maine Garden Potting Table, but it has nothing to do with his green thumb (well, kind of it does).

Craft Storage Shelves

Portable Closet Storage for the Polar Vortex

Wow it has been incredibly cold these last few weeks! With temperatures in the single digits all over the country (if you are lucky!), people have been finding new and inventive ways to keep warm. Of course, the oldest and most time honored method of staying warm in frigid temperatures is layering. This requires a lot of storage space in the home so you can store those layers efficiently and neatly. With portable closet storage, you will not have any issues finding a place to keep all of your winter wear.

One issue with layering is that it takes a whole bunch of storage space in order to keep all of that winter wear organized. That is why you will probably have a difficult time keeping all of your cold weather gear in your built-in closets. Instead, use portable closet storage to increase your bedroom or closet’s total clothing storage space.

What is great about portable closet storage is that while it provides a great deal of storage space when you need it, it folds down compactly when you do not. This is vital in the summer months when you don’t need so much storage space, but you need to have floor space to walk around (and perhaps room to air dry your laundry in the warm summer months).

A great portable closet storage option is the Honey Can Do Storage Closet. This closet is a very subtle addition to the bedroom with its clean lines and white color. The closet is really durable and long-lasting, so you can use it every year. You’re going to need portable closet storage a lot more in the future with all this climate change, so make sure you get it right the first time!

Portable Closet Storage

Full disclosure: I wrote this blog post about the polar vortex that is sweeping the nation for the comfortable confines of an office with all of the windows open and a breezy 70 degree Southern California day just outside the door. Some people have all the luck, eh?