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Shelf Dividers Increase Storage for a Cramped Closet

My new apartment is pretty low on storage space – this was a bit of an issue when it was just me and my wife. But just a few weeks ago we introduced the newest member of our family – and she brought a whole lot of things that need to be stored with her! No we didn’t get a new roommate, we welcomed our first daughter into the world. But man, she has a lot of onesies, pajamas, hats and socks! In order to make the most of the shelving space we had, I looked into some shelf dividers. These dividers were able to organize and maximize the efficiency of my shelves.

Shelf dividers are a great addition to any closet or open storage shelf. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of costs and features. I did not need anything all that fancy, and I was looking to spend as little money as possible.

Luckily there are some excellent options for organizing your shelving with dividers. From wood shelf dividers to metal shelf dividers, there is a accessory for any situation. The shelf divider I ended up going with is the simple yet effective Cedar Closet Shelf Dividers for Wood Shelving.

Shelf Dividers

This shelf divider set includes two dividers, making it easy to increase the efficiency of your shelf. These dividers make it easier to create small stacks of items such as clothing without worrying about them collapsing to the ground because there was not enough support.

Another great feature of these shelf dividers is that they are made from cedar wood. Not only is this a very durable construction material, it also gives off a fresh scent. This fresh scent is definitely a great feature, making my closet smell like a natural forest instead of smelling like stinky socks and dirty underwear.

Overall these shelf dividers were huge game changers for our home, increasing the efficiency of our storage options.

Bedroom Storage Shelves for a Baby Nursery

So I am gearing up for the birth of my first child. I don’t have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to bringing her into the world (my poor wife’s hand was forced by biology). However I definitely have to be the one that figures out where to store all of the additional “stuff” that you accumulate with the birth of your first child. I had no idea there was this much stuff. So I needed to find some appropriate bedroom storage shelves for the baby’s nursery.

Luckily this baby is taking forever to come, because I have really been dropping the ball on getting the nursery organized. Even though we have all of the other essential items you need for a child, most of the small accessories and clothing are still lying in heaps around the room. However, all I need to do is invest in some good sturdy bedroom storage shelves and the mounds of clothes will slowly disappear.

Instead of getting the bedroom storage shelves in a piece meal fashion, I went with an all in one set. The Deluxe Wooden Closet System is perfect for adding organization and storage to any bedroom. With this set I get all of the storage and organization I need for the baby’s room. It provides a great place to hang little pants and sweaters, plus a bunch of places to store all of the other essentials you need for a nursery.

Bedroom Storage Shelves

This great set of bedroom storage shelves can be purchased piece by piece, that way you do not have to spend more money than you need to. Or, if you have a lot of money to spend a lot of storage to gain, you can purchase the entire set of bedroom storage shelves all at once.

These stylish wood shelves are really going to save the day when it comes to organizing my little girl’s room. Let’s hope she holds up her end of the bargain and doesn’t take too long to arrive!