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5 Hidden Storage Ideas


We have talked about displaying your books and valuables with pride, but what about the more expensive items you’d like to keep hidden out of sight? Whether you have family members who would love to riffle through your personal affects or valuables you wish to keep hidden away in case of a break-in, we have some ideas below on how to hide your valuables! The best way to lose the remote is by hiding it in plain sight, and the products below have taken that philosophy to the next level.

  1. Standard Safes

Invest in a standard fireproof locking safe to keep your irreplaceable documents safe from harm. Store your birth certificate, passport, social security card, and other vital documents safe from harm in the event of a fire, flood or other natural disaster. Replacing the above listed documents can be incredibly difficult if not downright impossible, so make sure they are protected from theft or damage.

  1. Picture Frames and Wall Mirrors

Jewelry boxes are gorgeous and displaying your jewelry on your nightstand offers a sophisticated style to your bedroom, but it is also an open invitation to would-be thieves. Store your precious jewelry and family heirlooms in plain sight without thieves being any the wiser with a concealed mirror or picture frame. These hidden storage shelves masquerade as normal household accessories until they open up to reveal a hidden compartment behind the façade.

  1. Wall Mounted Shelves

This hidden storage option allows you to hide accessories inside the shelf as well as on top of it so you can provide twice the storage space in one convenient location. This hidden safe will not open without the coordinating magnet so you can stow away personal affects without anyone being the wiser, and even if they did know about the hidden chamber within they cannot access it without the key.

  1. Locking Cabinets

Cupboards and cabinets are a bit more conspicuous, but they also eliminate the chance of you forgetting where you hid your valuables! Add a locking cabinet in your bathroom to keep prescription medications safe, a locking media cupboard to store your Blu-Ray collection out of sight, or even a locking garage cabinet to keep your power tools away from your neighbors. Add lockable cabinets to your home to ensure your everyday items are securely locked away from prying eyes or sticky fingers.


  1. Key Hiders

Last, but not least. Make sure you can actually access the house itself! Most of us have had to climb through a bathroom window or break into our own house before – all the while staring at the keys we left on the kitchen counter. Keep a house key stored in the garden inside a fake rock so you never have to damage your own home to enter. Magnetic key hiders are also on the market so you can hide a spare car key underneath your car so you don’t have to call AAA every time you lock yourself out of the car – which may be more often then we would like to admit.

So whether you are preventing a potential crisis or recovering from a recent one, make sure your valuables stay safely locked away with any one of the above methods, or maybe all of them, to give you peace of mind.