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Use Pull Out Cabinet Shelves to Maximize Storage


With modern kitchen gadgets, appliances, and other cooking essentials, space comes at a premium in any household kitchen. Even if you have a huge and fully renovated kitchen, are you using your deep cabinets to their full potential? Or do you lose items in the back of your cupboard for so long you forget you have them in the first place?

Maximize the storage potential in your lower kitchen cabinets with the use of sliding cabinet shelves and drawers. This allows you to pull the entire contents of your kitchen cupboard out so you access the items stored inside, and it slides smoothly back in place to keep the stored items effectively organized yet stowed away.


The easy-glider pull-out drawers come with ball-bearing full-extension slides and mounting hardware so you can install them to the bottom of the cabinet. Widths are available from 8 to 34 inches to fit perfectly in any cabinet space, and the raised sides help keep stored supplies in place. The soft-close hardware ensures the wooden drawer slides smoothly back into the cabinet without making a noise. These drawers come with a protective clear finish, but you can stain or paint them in order to match your current kitchen cabinets.


As an alternative to wooden shelves, you can add wire shelves to the inside of your cabinet to provide a more functional layout. Two-tier designs are available in order to take advantage of the vertical space in your cupboard as well as the depth. Some of the two tier designs are easily adjustable in order to customize the storage system in the kitchen cabinet. For example, u-shaped designed baskets avoid built-in pipes in order to work underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Adding more cabinets to your kitchen is not always an option, but by maximizing the storage space you already have you can keep all of your supplies effectively stored.