Box Storage Organizer For Sewing Storage

My friend Carly is a seamstress, and if anyone ever needed a comprehensive storage solution that goes above and beyond, it was she!  This gal studied fashion and has a really keen eye for pieces that can be re-purposed, which is her specialty.  She also creates her own patterns and makes clothes from scratch.  I have never seen anyone with the amount of fabric and garments she’s collected.  You would think that she should have her own boutique, but for now she doesn’t.

box storage organizer by albern enterprises

box storage organizer by albern enterprises

You would also think that she would have had figured out how to store everything early on, but she didn’t.  She just kept going to estate sales and the fabric district, finding great bargains and building her mountains of cloth.  At first, a spare closet was enough, but over the years it got overwhelming and all her fabric ended up in various places all over the house.  Then, when it came time to find something she needed, it was always an uphill battle.  It became especially frustrating for me, when I would ask her to make me something and she didn’t even know where to begin!
So I convinced her to solve her storage issues with a really great box storage organizer.  This bin organizer shelf has a lot of really cool features. First of all, the bins (which come in hard and soft sided) are sold separately, so she was able to choose the exact ones she wanted.  The fabric bins have label slots, so I believe she mostly went with those.  She was able to separate fabric by its kind and label each storage box appropriately.  Then she used the hard sided bins for scraps and accent pieces.
Carly is happier than ever with her Bin Warehouse.  I got to thinking about the ways in which I could organize my own craft room or garage with this storage unit.  I already have bins of items, but they’re stacked and it’s pretty impractical.  The shelving unit would save me having to unstuck boxes to get what I need when it’s in the bottom box.
What part of your home would you de-clutter with this fantastic bin storage unit?

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