Cat-Friendly Shelving


Cats have infiltrated the internet, wormed their way into our homes, and stolen our heats with their cute antics and loving personalities. What’s not to love about cats? Absolutely nothing! Our pets aren’t just like our family, they ARE our family. We wrap Christmas presents for them, give up a spot in bed, and in some cases even sit on the floor while the cat curls up on the chair!

Cats are such as part of our lives we sometimes forget they don’t like social gatherings and excitement as much as we do, and with Christmas fast approaching it’s time to think about making the holidays less stressful on the smallest member of our family. If you’ve been binge watching the latest My Cat from Hell episodes on Animal Plant, you may foresee where this is going…”Catification”!

Give your cat or kitten a place of their own in your home so they can be a part of the festivities while getting away from unruly dogs, grabby children, and adults who forget to watch where they step. First we must determine if your cat is a bush dweller or tree dweller, meaning, does your cat prefer to hide out in low places or in high places? Finding your cat’s comfort zone is the first step in making them feel comfortable during the busiest time of year.

cat-cabinetIf your cat loves to hang out on the floor – perfect! Give your cat a couple hiding places where they can watch the room and the occupants while staying out of the way. If you have a cubby bookshelf, you can turn one of the storage cubes into a nesting box filled with your cat’s favorite toys and treats. You can also purchase a litter box cabinet, and instead of hiding the litter box, fill the cupboard with a small scratching post, a few toys, and other comforts to give your cat a cozy hiding place.

Tree dwellers are even easier to accommodate around the home. Tree dweller cats love to watch the activity without getting involved themselves, so give them a spot up high where they can keep an eye on their silly humans while staying away from the chaos. Wall mounted shelves give your cat an easy way to stay up high. Simply arrange shelves in such a way so your kitten can jump from one to the other while climbing in height. You can even arrange shelves around the room so they can always find an exit without touching the floor – and getting run over by distracted humans!

cat-shelf2Please note: using shelf brackets and wooden shelves can provide more support than floating wall shelves. As you are shopping for cat-friendly shelving, remember to choose shelves that will support your cat’s weight, plus a few pounds.

You can make the wall mounted shelves more enticing to your cat by installing different textures to the top surface of wooden cat-friendly shelves. Simply staple a locker rug onto the top for a soft sleeping surface, glue a scratching pad on for a play surface, or cut-down a carpet square to cushion your cat while they laze around the house. Your cat is sure to fall in love with their new play area and they will love being a part of the holiday craziness while keeping out a watching eye.

Do you have more “catification” ideas? List them below!