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Wall shelves create the best bathroom storage

Matching bathroom storage creates ageless style.

Small bathrooms rely heavily on wall shelves.
These matching shelves were recently added to our site and I’m really excited about them. Here are the details:

  • The Metal Bathroom Shelves are a wall mounted unit that adds loads of space. Two shelves hold toiletries, lotions and more while the bottom rod is perfect for hand towels. The strong steel construction is super durable while the soft brown finish is a great accent to any décor. The unit comes packed with all the hardware you need to assemble and install. The sleek, modern wave design is unlike any bathroom storage I have seen before. It’s simple and minimalist while still offering charm and character.
  • Complete the look with the matching Three Tier Over the Toilet Shelving. This three shelved unit provides tons of storage for all of your bathroom goods. The same wave design and brown color are a great compliment. This piece fits over the back of any standard sized toilet, creating storage in previously unusable space – a great addition to smaller powder rooms. Instructions and hardware are included, too, for quick and easy installation and assembly.

Create usable storage with stylish pieces.

Find these products and more at StacksandStacks.com.

Fixin’ It Up with Wall Shelves

Last month I was able to achieve one of my biggest goals in life – I finally joined the ranks of so many proud Americans and became a homeowner. It took a long time to save enough money to be able to responsibly afford a nice home here in Southern California (definitely did not want to end up like so many of my fellow citizens and go underwater on my mortgage), but now that I finally was able to pull the trigger on my home I could not be more excited.

One reason I had grown tired of bouncing from apartment to apartment was simply that – I was tired of gathering all of my stuff up and piling it into a moving van year after year. The life of an apartment dweller can be pretty exhausting, especially dealing with rent increases. Another reason I am really glad to not have to answer to a management company, which almost always has ulterior motives and is just looking to get as much money out of me as possible. Similar to being your own boss, I can finally say that I am my own landlord.

But despite these nice conveniences of being a homeowner, the biggest reason I wanted to buy my own home is that I am a bit of a fixer-upper nut. I love being out in the yard or on the roof fixing up my home or giving it an added modification. With an apartment, if you so much as paint some trim or baseboards, you undoubtedly are headed down the road towards a vanished security deposit.

One of the first improvements I made to my home was increasing the storage and display space around the home. As a first-time home buyer I went the fixer-upper route and saved myself some money. Unfortunately this means the house is also as bare bones as it gets. Adding wall shelves to my home was the first step I took to add storage and display space to the walls. With a variety of materials and sizes available, I really went to town throughout the house.

My next few posts will deal specifically with the new improvements I made on my fixer-upper home and maybe you can learn a thing or two from my experience!

Organizing the Bathroom with Wall Shelves

My newly-organized bathroom.

As a college student and as a post-graduate that lived with a multitude of roommates, it took a lot of work to make the small space usable and comfortable for all of us. Organizing the  smaller-than usual bathrooms that we shared was quiet a trying task, especially considering how many of us there were. Add in the fact that I was living with some of the messiest people I know, and that is a recipe for a disaster-area-esque bathroom.

The first apartment I shared with roommates was a two bedroom that was shared by four college students. As you can imagine the 1000 square foot apartment was barely large enough to contain us, let alone all of our junk. The hardest hit room was definitely the bathroom, which looked like a scene out of a third-world country.

So when our lease was finally up and it came time to find a new apartment, I dropped those roommates like they were hot and found some new roomies that were hopefully a little bit cleaner (by the way, my ex-roommates were great guys, just terribly messy). I wanted to be able to bring a date back to the apartment without having to explain that a bear had made its way into our apartment, and that is why there is garbage and clothing strewn about the entire place (it is a pretty tough line to sell, let me tell you that).

Another step I took to ensure that the new apartment looked great was to install bathroom wall shelves, keeping each roommate’s towels and toiletries and other bathroom items organized and easily separated. Of course other steps throughout the house had to be taken as well, but I felt like finally getting the bathroom organized was the first step in having a clean home.

After just six months of living in a non-garbage-dump apartment, and I actually was able to get dates (and more importantly, keep them). Turns out the girl that I ended up marrying was one of the first people that I took into my new apartment, it is a good thing that I had learned to keep it clean!

Milan Mantle Shelf – Great Storage Versatility

Wall mounted shelves are an easy way to create a decorative display space in any room of the home. Taking up so little space, these shelves can provide storage as well. Rooms without a lot of free floor space can be difficult to decorate, a wall shelf in the entryway paired with a wall rack can be used to display photos and smaller items. Look for one with a molding design like the Milan mantle shelf to create a traditional look.

the milan mantle shelf

the milan mantle shelf

Another small room that can be hard to add storage to is the bathroom. A wall mounted shelf offers convenient storage for all the toiletries you use everyday. Try a deeper, glass shelf that can stand up to bathroom humidity. You could even keep one by the tub for bath salts and wash clothes. Several shelves can be used over the toilet as an alternative to an over the toilet etagere.

Adding style and easy to access storage in the kitchen can be a challenge. With little free wall space a narrow wall shelf can be used to store things like salt and pepper that you want on hand while you’re cooking. Mix in some decorative touches to bring some personal style to your kitchen.

Larger rooms can also benefit from additional display space. Use shelves with a built in ridge for displaying plates or frames in the dining room as an alternative to large china cabinets. Create a unique look in the living room by using several wall shelves to create an easy to change wall display. Rather than hanging frames, simply place them on the shelves. When you want to change the look, frames can easily be rearranged.

A wall mounted shelf is a quick and easy way to create a versatile display area that looks great with any decor!

Stainless Steel Newspaper Holder Creates a Modern Look

Even the largest bathrooms can end up looking cluttered and messy. The best way to and end each day is in a soothing space. Creating a clean looking bathroom can be as easy the accessories you choose to fill it with. The right organizational tools and style can make bathrooms big and small look sleek.

stainless steel newspaper holder

stainless steel newspaper holder

Modern accessories, like a frameless mirror or floating shower caddy, are an easy way to create a streamlined bathroom look. Keep magazines neatly stored in the stainless steel newspaper holder to cut down on bathroom clutter. With a single sheet of stainless steel along the front to conceal magazines this holder creates an uncluttered look.

Wall mounted designs are an ways way to gain storage without taking up counter space. Try a wall mounted hairdryer or toothbrush holder for a clean and convenient look. The less storage you have directly on your counters, the easier they are to clean. Wall mounted liquid and bar soap dispensers are another was to save space, both by the sink and in the shower.

The shower can end up filled with almost empty shampoos. Keeping bottles and sponges contained within one shower caddy is the best way to keep the shower looking tidy. Find a caddy with enough room for your toiletries that has a simple design to keep the shower neat. Having one designated area for everything is an easy way to gauge just how many bottles you need in the shower and what can go.

Concealed storage is the easiest way to keep the bathroom looking clutter free. An over the toilet etagere is the ideal storage solution for bathrooms of any size. Choose a cabinet without glass doors to store medicine or toiletries. Use a larger cabinet for easy access to bathroom linens.

Keeping the bathroom serene is one easy way to make your home a restful place.

Streamline Your Space With A Semi-Circle Glass Wall Shelf

Using pieces that have modern style and storage is an easy way to streamline any space. Many traditional display options tend to feature molding and a more elaborate, traditional design. Opting for a sleeker design is a good way to create an updated look for displaying any collection.

For a modern design look for pieces made of glass or metal with a shiny finish. Clean lines allow what is being displayed to take center stage, so the piece can act as a frame. Glass is also a good way to allow pieces to be seen from almost every angle.

semi-circle glass wall shelf

semi-circle glass wall shelf

Create a unique look anywhere in your home with the semi-circle glass wall shelf. With little showing hardware, this shelf has a floating effect that gives it an extra modern touch. Easy install and durable design allows this piece to be moved throughout the home so you can use it anywhere. Create visual interest by using a few of these shelves in a stacked or layered pattern on one wall.

Turn the traditional display hutch on it’s head by choosing a modern piece that presents any collection in style. Consider a modern shelf as another way to store a collection that doesn’t need to be protected from dust. A bookcase with shelves or cubbies that vary in size allow them to have individual slots so it looks like custom shelving. A TV stand with built in shelving is a great way to incorporate favorite photographs or other items into your living room.

Choosing a contemporary display option allows your favorite pieces to be the focus, while the case blends stylishly into the background and in with your decor. For a bolder look, modern wood shelving is another great option that can create a unique look with unexpected shapes. With so many options, it’s easy to find a piece perfect for any home or any space!

Make Room With The Forma 4 Shelf Tension Caddy

Like most women, I go absolutely nuts over bathing products!  There is nothing quite as luxurious and relaxing as bathing yourself with quality, good smelling products that are good for your skin.  I must have at least four different body washes, a couple kinds of shampoos and conditioners, plus loofas, sponges, pumice stones and whatnot.  In my particular bathroom, storage for these products has always been an issue.  I like to keep all of them in the shower, because I never know which one I’m going to want to use until I do.  I was not able to get a shower caddy that hangs over the shower head, because the pipe for the shower head comes out of the wall at a strange angle and the caddies would just end up on the ground.  And, my shower is just a stall without the tub, so it is not like I have ledges on which to place my bath products.

Forma 4 shelf tension caddy

Forma 4 shelf tension caddy

Enter the fabulous Forma 4 shelf tension caddy that I found online.  This shower caddy must have been designed with me in mind!  First of all, it fits nicely in the corner of my shower stall so as to not take up to much space.  And because it mounts with a tension pole, the corner caddy was fast and easy to install with no tools.  I’m not exactly a handy-woman, so that was convenient.
I have my shower caddy set up so that each basket has a purpose.  The tall bottles of shampoo and conditioner go in the big bottom basket, body washes in the next one up, etc.  But here’s the icing on the cake – each shower basket is adjustable on the pole, so I could make everything fit perfectly!  I should also mention the awesome benefits of having hooks and bars to hang my razor, loofas and face towel.  I would recommend this shower caddy to anyone, even if they don’t collect large amounts of bath products!

What Does a Wall Shelf Have To Do With The Flying Nun?

When I saw the name for the first time, I had to do a double take.  “The Flying Nun Wall Shelf?” I said to myself, “What an obscure reference.”  And then I got and laughed to myself in delight.  Before stumbling upon this great floating wood wall shelf, I was in the marked for something but not sure what. I have an assortment of collectible books, figurines, vases, statues and framed photos that I wanted to stand out in a really eye-catching way on my long living room wall.  I knew I was looking for some clever way to display these things on the shelves, but figured I would just settle for some regular floating shelf.  But I realized that there are so many unique things about this particular wall shelf.

flying nun wall shelf

flying nun wall shelf

It’s named for the character’s headpiece because it has the two ends that stick up.  So, when mounted to the wall with the “wings” up, they work as bookends.  Or to just keep things from falling over the side.  And when the wings point down, they add a traditional look and support to the walls shelf.  I even mounted a few of the shelves vertically because it looks neat.  One of them holds this tall, slim art glass vase and that looks amazing.  The other one holds this beautiful old Balinese puppet-sculpture-thing perfectly.
The shelves come in several finishes like Chocolate and Honey, but I went with the black ones for a simple, timeless look.  Some of them face up, some face down, and some hang uniquely on their sides.  So, now I have an entire wall of interestingly placed floating shelves in random configurations and it looks like it is straight out of an interior design catalog!

Create Bathroom Storage With A Bathroom Etagere

Ah, the simple joys of living in a pre-World War Two building. The building I reside in has a gorgeous design, amazing hardwood floors throughout each apartment, ornate interior design on the ceilings and wall, plus terrible plumbing and non-existent storage throughout the apartment. Yes, though many of us love the architectural styles of older buildings, there are a few characteristics I surely wish I could travel back in time to fix.

steel 3 shelf bathroom etagere with glass shelves

steel 3 shelf bathroom etagere with glass shelves

My bathroom consists of a single toilet, a stand-alone shower and… well, that’s about it. Oh, my apologies, there is a medicine cabinet too.
But, where does a man like myself store all the extra toilet paper, all the hand soap, all the hand towels, or even some art to liven up the room? I was surely at a loss, and for a short time I just kept all my bathroom supplies in the tiny hall closet (A big problem if you unexpectedly run out of toilet paper).
Luckily for me, my neighbor suggested I take a look at StacksandStacks.com because they have lots of over the toilet étagères and other alternative bathroom storage options.  I was not completely sure what an étagère is, but I trusted her information anyways.
I logged on and discovered what would be the end of my bathroom storage conundrum. The sturdy steel 3 shelf bathroom étagère with glass shelves was the perfect space saving shelving unit for my cramped bathroom.
As I easily installed this over-the-toilet shelf system, I was impressed with the wall fasteners and their ease of installation. Living in Los Angeles, you always have to be weary of items that cannot be fastened down. That alertness goes double for the bathroom; there is nothing worse than tumbling glass shelves falling while you are on the john. It is a fate worse than death.
The stunning glass shelves added a contemporary style to my bathroom, which to say the least, was lacking any style.
So now I enjoy my classic abode, and have all the storage I could ever dream of. Thanks, neighbor!

Double Shelf Lazy Susan: An Extra Set Of Hands

double shelf lazy susan

double shelf lazy susan

My wife is a passionate epicurean, and will spend hours upon hours in the kitchen, coming up with amazing delicacies that tantalize the taste buds and stimulate the senses.  Unfortunately, as a busy attorney, she never has the time to cook on the weekdays. (Most of her recipes require hours of work, I’m telling you she is amazing.) So that leaves Sundays  as the one day of the week that she has the time to prepare such sophisticated and time consuming meals for our enjoyment (the timing of which had become an issue, I’ll explain in a bit). Unfortunately my wife is also very short, and our cupboards very tall, so she is constantly calling me into the kitchen to help her find the vanilla, or find the oregano, etcetera, etcetera.
Now, this spice exploration is not a problem most days, but (like I mentioned before), Sundays in the fall are the days that I have specifically designated to be glued to the sofa. You see, I am an avid fantasy football professional, and Sundays in the fall are game days! I simply cannot be bothered with all this searching for spices, because I might miss the key play that changes the progression of my fantasy career for years to come (Yes, I have to be there to watch it).
I needed to find a partner my wife could trust to supply her with the spices she so seriously seeks. Enter the double shelf lazy susan, the saving grace to my fantasy career.  This nifty space saver has two levels for the ultimate in spice storage, and spins so my wife does not need me to come in and find her ingredients. Made from acrylic, this turntable is way sturdier than what you typically expect from a lazy Susan; it is not flimsy in the least bit! I found this incredible tool over at StacksandStacks.com.