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Glass Cable Shelves For Storage Or Display

For space saving storage with a streamlined look nothing beats a wall mounted glass shelf. With a compact design these shelves can be used throughout the home for everything from storage to display space. A glass shelf has a floating look that visually takes up less space, so it works well in a contemporary or smaller space such as a bathroom.
Corner space is one way to make the most of unused space in any room. The Corner Clip Shelf – Glass- 12″ x 12″ or the Corner Clip Shelf – Glass – 10″ x 10″offers a unique display space for a small sculpture or vase. Use them together stacked in a corner for added visual interest in the living room. These shelves would also make a nice addition to the dining room.

Corner Clip Shelf

Corner Clip Shelf

A wall shelf can be a useful addition to the bathroom, providing storage and display space. Perfect for a compact bathroom that doesn’t have any free floor space to add a cabinet, a wall shelf placed by the sink is just the right place to keep toiletries. The Glass Shelf w/ Cable Mounting Clips, 10″W x 36″Lhas a large shelf surface area so it offers plenty of storage space. The wire mounting gives this shelf a modern, heavy duty touch.

Rectangular Cable Shelf by Expo Design Inc

Rectangular Cable Shelf by Expo Design Inc

The Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kitis the best of both worlds, providing a large open shelf space with a convenient design. The half circle shape is great for confined spaces in areas where a shelf with corners might get run into.

Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kit

Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kit

There is always more storage space to find in rooms big and small. From bathroom storage to living room display space, you’ll be surprised just how many rooms in your home would benefit from a stylish glass wall shelf!

Review: Rectangular Glass Shelf Kit – Wall Mounted

Decorating with a wall mounted glass wall shelf if a great way to create storage or display space without compromising on style. The glass design creates an uncluttered, floating look. This makes it a great addition to a smaller space like a bathroom where you need streamlined storage. Though featuring a modern design, it’s easy to pair sleek glass with more traditional décor.

Rectangular Glass Shelf Kit

Rectangular Glass Shelf Kit

Looking for extra storage space for toiletries or bath towels? Try a shelf like the Rectangular Glass Shelf Kit – Wall Mounted that gives you easy access to everyday essentials. By placing it up high on the wall inside the shower opposite the shower head you can store shampoo or towels in a very convenient place where everything can stay dry. Simply roll up some fresh towels and stack them on top so they’re ready to grab after your next shower!

Creating interesting and easy to use storage in the kitchen can be a challenge. Cabinets can limit wall space and free areas often require shallow shelving that doesn’t get in the way. A narrow glass shelf can be placed beneath a cabinet or on an empty wall to store cooking tools or spices. Use it to display your collection of coffee mugs in an easy to reach place.

Buy multiple rectangular glass shelf kits and stack them one on top of another to create all the custom storage you need. Try arranging them at different levels in a staggered pattern to create a focal point. Using wall shelves to display framed photos or a collection of vases is a versatile option. Since you don’t need to a hook in the wall it’s easy to change the arrangement. Create a custom arrangement large enough to fill a living room wall or compact enough to provide storage in an entryway. Find them at Stacks and Stacks!

Secret Discovery Lends Itself to Glass Corner Shelf Design

As man progresses through time and space, sometimes it takes a look back into the past to discover the most efficient designs. The glass corner shelf in this post utilizes such discoveries in an inspiring innovation. Now, as long as we’re discussing things that are special, things that are rare, I think we need to discuss the special and rare find that was found last year off the coast of the Paopicca Islands in Beruta. Here, under 22,000 feet of water, discoverers discovered a strange stone tablet, which at first glance looked to date back to the Platomopeptaimain Era.

Glass Corner Shelf

Not so fast.

Upon further study at Canceworth university in Motan, scientists and researchers found that this tablet was in fact not of this earth. The stone-like composition’s only distant cousin would be moon rock, and even then, distant cousins. No, this tablet was not of this earth, and it changed modern science and religion forever. As you no doubt know, the design of this strange stone tablet is instantly recognizable the world over, and now it has been immortalized in this outstanding cable-supported corner shelf made from glass.

This is the glass corner shelf I'm talkin' about!

This glass corner shelf has technology that is out of this world!

I think it’s safe to say they hit a home run. By taking that crazy space design and transferring it to a shelf, they’ve created magic. Clear glass corner shelves give run-of-the-mill humans many beautiful storage options, in any room they see fit. Perfect for storing toiletries in the bathroom, displaying collectibles in the living room, and providing a place for plants and other items throughout their homes! And unlike the rock tablet, the Cable Corner Shelf mounts with only 1 screw and holds up to 50 lbs!

Each glass shelf is 3/8″ thick with a polished edge, another innovation — making the shelf far more interesting than the tablet. It also features stainless steel cable and aluminum fittings, and includes mounting bracket. Take that, space rock. You can add style and function to your home with this beautiful glass corner shelf. What can you do with space tablet? Not much. And so on.

Is It A Wall Shelf or a Suspension Bridge?

Whatta Wall Shelf!

At this point in modern engineering, we’ve all seen them. And by them I mean suspension bridges. Bridges where the main weight-bearing elements are hung beneath suspension cables. It’s a tried and true triumph of physics and design, and the basic principle behind the mighty suspension bridge has now been miniaturized into a convenient wall shelf for displaying items. In my humble opinion, there is no greater place to re-purpose this innovation than for at-home shelving purposes. Safe, secure, stylish — I have to say I am pleasantly surprised to see that while the basic and timeless hallmarks of the wall shelf remain intact, a bold new level of visual interest has been achieved. A well-done accomplishment for sure. Very well done.

There they are, packaged and ready to go. This cutting-edge technology has now been made available to the general public, available from Stacks and Stacks. These suspension bridge-like wall shelf brackets are at once modern and timeless, and are able to accommodate any shelf from 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick shelf. (Glass works best. Tempered glass is an even better option.) Needless to say, the cables are tough, durable, and ready to work. How tough? Stainless steel with aluminum fittings tough. The brackets can support up 100 pounds if installed correctly into a wall stud, depending on the style of shelf you use.

But Mr. Shelvesblog, I don’t have a wall shelf!

If, for some reason, you don’t have the prerequisite glass shelves handy, please don’t fret. Available now: modern glass shelves that come complete with their very own brackets. Everything you need, all in one place. This is a highly recommended product for anyone with something heavy to display.