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Fixin’ It Up with Wall Shelves

Last month I was able to achieve one of my biggest goals in life – I finally joined the ranks of so many proud Americans and became a homeowner. It took a long time to save enough money to be able to responsibly afford a nice home here in Southern California (definitely did not want to end up like so many of my fellow citizens and go underwater on my mortgage), but now that I finally was able to pull the trigger on my home I could not be more excited.

One reason I had grown tired of bouncing from apartment to apartment was simply that – I was tired of gathering all of my stuff up and piling it into a moving van year after year. The life of an apartment dweller can be pretty exhausting, especially dealing with rent increases. Another reason I am really glad to not have to answer to a management company, which almost always has ulterior motives and is just looking to get as much money out of me as possible. Similar to being your own boss, I can finally say that I am my own landlord.

But despite these nice conveniences of being a homeowner, the biggest reason I wanted to buy my own home is that I am a bit of a fixer-upper nut. I love being out in the yard or on the roof fixing up my home or giving it an added modification. With an apartment, if you so much as paint some trim or baseboards, you undoubtedly are headed down the road towards a vanished security deposit.

One of the first improvements I made to my home was increasing the storage and display space around the home. As a first-time home buyer I went the fixer-upper route and saved myself some money. Unfortunately this means the house is also as bare bones as it gets. Adding wall shelves to my home was the first step I took to add storage and display space to the walls. With a variety of materials and sizes available, I really went to town throughout the house.

My next few posts will deal specifically with the new improvements I made on my fixer-upper home and maybe you can learn a thing or two from my experience!

Corner Wall Shelves for Every Occasion

Today we have a guest blog from one of my good friends, who I have known since middle school and has a home-storage dilemma on his hands:

Unfortunately for me and my ever-fading sanity, I have been living in a tiny studio apartment for the last 3 years. I would love to make an upgrade to a one-bedroom but unfortunately that is a little bit out of my price range for the time being. What makes living in a cramped studio apartment so frustrating for me is that I barely have enough space for all of my belongings, which I have been lugging around with me for the last five years or so.

Because the apartment I live in is just so small and I am so lacking in appropriate closet space, in order to keep my things from piling up on the floors around me, I have to use wall shelves for storage.  The problem with this solution is that now that I have been using this method for a couple of months, I have run out of space along my walls for more shelves. There are shelves on literally lining the entire perimeter of my studio apartment. I spent the last weekend finding some solutions for how to add even more storage and display space to the apartment.

I am sure you are thinking the answer is obvious – “Just get a shelving unit, man!” But what you may not realize is that there is just no more floor space left in my 300 square foot for a bulky shelving unit.

After hours of scouring home-improvement sites and clutter-reducing blogs, I finally came across the perfect solution to adding more storage to my tiny studio apartment without: adding wall mounted corner shelves to the room! These shelves are perfect because they utilize the only space along my walls that has not yet been filled with wall storage shelves. Now I am able to store all of my belongings along wall shelves.

Corner Wall Shelf

The solution to all of your home-storage problems??

Cleaning up Kiddies with Toy Storage

As a parent, one of the most frustrating aspects of child-rearing is getting them to realize the importance of organization. It is good to develop cleaning and organization habits early on so they do not grow up to become “pig-pens” – this is where toy storage is important.

It can be really exasperating to explain to the little ones about the importance of putting all of their toys away after they are done – but not two hours later as you go downstairs to grab a midnight bologna and cream cheese sandwich you take a tumble in a cartoon-esque manner because someone left their Hot Wheels city fully assembled.

How’s a Parent To Teach Toy Storage?

One of the best ways to teach storage and organization to little ones is to provide them with the correct toy storage options. There are a wide variety of kid’s storage options, from the more practical to the themed and fun storage bins. From toy bins up to decorative toy chests, there are many different options for getting your kids to put their toys away.

Toy Storage

One of the most space-efficient choices for toy storage are uniuqe storage options. These unique products provide a fun and innovative way for your child to learn the importance of cleaning up after themselves.  Some hanging organizers have two mounting points, proving a hammock-like place to keep your kids stuffed animals, actions figures and more. Other hanging storage items dangle down and feature a variety of clips to hang the toys from.

With all of these storage options, you would think it would be a simple task to get your children to clean up with themselves. You can make it fun, you can make it easy but most of the time it just takes perseverance that I know you have deep inside of you! Best of luck getting those kids in order!

Glass Cable Shelves For Storage Or Display

For space saving storage with a streamlined look nothing beats a wall mounted glass shelf. With a compact design these shelves can be used throughout the home for everything from storage to display space. A glass shelf has a floating look that visually takes up less space, so it works well in a contemporary or smaller space such as a bathroom.
Corner space is one way to make the most of unused space in any room. The Corner Clip Shelf – Glass- 12″ x 12″ or the Corner Clip Shelf – Glass – 10″ x 10″offers a unique display space for a small sculpture or vase. Use them together stacked in a corner for added visual interest in the living room. These shelves would also make a nice addition to the dining room.

Corner Clip Shelf

Corner Clip Shelf

A wall shelf can be a useful addition to the bathroom, providing storage and display space. Perfect for a compact bathroom that doesn’t have any free floor space to add a cabinet, a wall shelf placed by the sink is just the right place to keep toiletries. The Glass Shelf w/ Cable Mounting Clips, 10″W x 36″Lhas a large shelf surface area so it offers plenty of storage space. The wire mounting gives this shelf a modern, heavy duty touch.

Rectangular Cable Shelf by Expo Design Inc

Rectangular Cable Shelf by Expo Design Inc

The Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kitis the best of both worlds, providing a large open shelf space with a convenient design. The half circle shape is great for confined spaces in areas where a shelf with corners might get run into.

Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kit

Semi-Circle Glass Shelf Kit

There is always more storage space to find in rooms big and small. From bathroom storage to living room display space, you’ll be surprised just how many rooms in your home would benefit from a stylish glass wall shelf!

Architectural Elements Corner Shelf

What kind of storage creates an attractive look, doesn’t take up floor space and makes the most of hard to use space? A wall mounted shelf! The rare piece that can be used in any room of the house, a wall mounted shelf is versatile enough accommodate collections large and small, providing storage anywhere you need it. A shelf is an easy way to make a big impact in any space.

Architectural Elements corner shelf

Architectural Elements corner shelf

When dealing with a large collection you can use several together to create a custom look. Cover a wall or fill a space with shelves and use them to display a large collection or framed images. By propping frames on a shelf rather than putting them up on a wall you can change the look whenever you feel like it. This is a great way to keep the look of a bedroom or living room fresh. Permanent shelving is a great way to create an easy to change display.

The Architectural Elements corner shelf is a great alternative to a nightstand in a small bedroom. Use it to store a small lamp and give the room the illusion of being larger. This same shelf is also a great addition to a small bathroom, where you can use it to display candles and soaps or store beauty products. Stack several in a corner to gain even more storage.

The kitchen is another space that can never have enough storage, use a wall shelf to store spices or cooking utensils, while also displaying a charming touch like a piece of pottery or decorative vase. The open shelf makes items you use everyday easy to grab.

Throughout the home, open wall shelving is a creative display option. When it comes to a special collection don’t limit yourself to traditional shelving.

Make Room With The Forma 4 Shelf Tension Caddy

Like most women, I go absolutely nuts over bathing products!  There is nothing quite as luxurious and relaxing as bathing yourself with quality, good smelling products that are good for your skin.  I must have at least four different body washes, a couple kinds of shampoos and conditioners, plus loofas, sponges, pumice stones and whatnot.  In my particular bathroom, storage for these products has always been an issue.  I like to keep all of them in the shower, because I never know which one I’m going to want to use until I do.  I was not able to get a shower caddy that hangs over the shower head, because the pipe for the shower head comes out of the wall at a strange angle and the caddies would just end up on the ground.  And, my shower is just a stall without the tub, so it is not like I have ledges on which to place my bath products.

Forma 4 shelf tension caddy

Forma 4 shelf tension caddy

Enter the fabulous Forma 4 shelf tension caddy that I found online.  This shower caddy must have been designed with me in mind!  First of all, it fits nicely in the corner of my shower stall so as to not take up to much space.  And because it mounts with a tension pole, the corner caddy was fast and easy to install with no tools.  I’m not exactly a handy-woman, so that was convenient.
I have my shower caddy set up so that each basket has a purpose.  The tall bottles of shampoo and conditioner go in the big bottom basket, body washes in the next one up, etc.  But here’s the icing on the cake – each shower basket is adjustable on the pole, so I could make everything fit perfectly!  I should also mention the awesome benefits of having hooks and bars to hang my razor, loofas and face towel.  I would recommend this shower caddy to anyone, even if they don’t collect large amounts of bath products!

Wall Mount Corner Shelves are the Answer

wall mount corner shelves

wall mount corner shelves

The end of the year is the best time to sit back and ruminate on past achievements, as well as make plans and resolutions for the coming year. This time I vowed to organize and beautify my home. Recently a friend of mine, a distinguished family therapist and a Feng Shui enthusiast, explained to me the correlation between one’s living space and one’s state of mind. As it turns out, your home is not only a reflection of your inner self, but also a big influence on such. It got me thinking that all the little things I’ve been neglecting throughout the years form a really big picture. For example, I have lots of stylish photo frames, elegant vases and other lovely home accents, which until recently were unnecessarily tucked away in my garage; meanwhile my home looked like an austere, transient space, which inevitably transferred onto my outlook on self and life in general. I started my design quest by bringing all the pretty things out of hiding. Vases found their home on top of the bookcase; picture frames settled on the dresser and the console table. I still had a few wonderful candleholders, a couple of exquisite sea shells from my last trip to the islands, and some marvelous figurines – all of which had no place to go. Much of my wall space was already occupied by newly hung prints and paintings, so I needed a clever and compact shelving solution. I found just what I was looking for in the wall mount corner shelves. I need three wooden shelves in Walnut to match my living room furniture; they’ll serve as perfect displays for a Nautilus shell, a pair of jade candlesticks and a miniature Toltec warrior statue. Two glass shelves will accommodate a few votives, a reed diffuser and a perfume collection in my bathroom. Seeing all those treasures finally out and in the open is sure to fill my heart with warmth and give me a true sense of home. I still have a long way to go in creating a picture-perfect haven, but I’m off to a good start.

I am in love with Shelves. I am also in love with Edward. Who will win my heart?

I discovered recently that a close second to my enthusiasm for shelves and shelving is my passion for the Twilight series. And by Twilight series I mean characters. And by characters I mean Edward. There is something about him that parallels the dash, grace and sex appeal that I find in wall shelves. Something dependable, something attractive, something immortal. Wall shelves will never let you down, never stop looking their best, never go away. I realized that my feelings for the character of Edward had become so strong, I had placed my copies of the Twilight series in reverse order on the bookshelf, so I could read them backwards, ending with my fan-fiction prequel where Edward and I constructed shelves outside in the fresh mountain air, on a sawhorse, next to a rustic smokehouse, somewhere in Forks Oregon. I like to think of Edward often, so I purchased this Delightful 12 x 12 Floating Corner Shelf from Stacks And Stacks to help with the task!

This amazing shelf allows you to make the most of wasted corners! Ideal for showcasing hand-signed photos of Edward, giving you the mighty power to enhance any room with a look that is classic and enduring — and the shelf isn’t bad either! The Corner Shelf is a stylish and spacious addition to your decor, and you can feel free to use it throughout your home wherever a corner calls! It’s safe, no studs needed, all mounting hardware included. Edward, if you are really out there somewhere, I hope you read this blog, and know that if you ever need shelf suggestions, I’m the one for you. Not that bitch Bella.

The Delightful 12 x 12 Floating Corner Shelf. Recommended.

Float a Glass Corner Shelf. (You know you want to.)

Your glass corner shelf floating habit is safe with us.

Do you want to float a glass corner shelf?  Have you ever?  Do you want to experiment, but are afraid of what people will say when they find out?  Afraid of what your spouse or significant other might think?  Did you ever consider that the desire to float a shelf was NORMAL, and that many websites can facilitate this desire?  Sites like Stacks and Stacks, which has a vast selection of everything you need to get a floating glass corner shelf?  Consider this floating corner wall shelf.  It offers a decorative shelving solution for any room of the home! Perfect for bathrooms, the corner wall shelf is made of .31″ thick tempered glass, with modern metal shelf clips that give it even more style. Without heavy looking, unsightly mounting hardware, this glass shelf has the appearance that it is magically floating against the wall, a contemporary look that is trendy today!

You should mount this shelf in any corner, because this contemporary glass shelf makes the most efficient use of wall space. Weight capacity of each shelf is 33 pounds, perfect for displaying photos of you and your significant other before the days of the corner shelf.  So feel no shame.  Take a deep breath, get over to Stacks, and do what feels right.  Everyone is doing it these days because it adds a touch of modern style and everyday convenience.

Secret Discovery Lends Itself to Glass Corner Shelf Design

As man progresses through time and space, sometimes it takes a look back into the past to discover the most efficient designs. The glass corner shelf in this post utilizes such discoveries in an inspiring innovation. Now, as long as we’re discussing things that are special, things that are rare, I think we need to discuss the special and rare find that was found last year off the coast of the Paopicca Islands in Beruta. Here, under 22,000 feet of water, discoverers discovered a strange stone tablet, which at first glance looked to date back to the Platomopeptaimain Era.

Glass Corner Shelf

Not so fast.

Upon further study at Canceworth university in Motan, scientists and researchers found that this tablet was in fact not of this earth. The stone-like composition’s only distant cousin would be moon rock, and even then, distant cousins. No, this tablet was not of this earth, and it changed modern science and religion forever. As you no doubt know, the design of this strange stone tablet is instantly recognizable the world over, and now it has been immortalized in this outstanding cable-supported corner shelf made from glass.

This is the glass corner shelf I'm talkin' about!

This glass corner shelf has technology that is out of this world!

I think it’s safe to say they hit a home run. By taking that crazy space design and transferring it to a shelf, they’ve created magic. Clear glass corner shelves give run-of-the-mill humans many beautiful storage options, in any room they see fit. Perfect for storing toiletries in the bathroom, displaying collectibles in the living room, and providing a place for plants and other items throughout their homes! And unlike the rock tablet, the Cable Corner Shelf mounts with only 1 screw and holds up to 50 lbs!

Each glass shelf is 3/8″ thick with a polished edge, another innovation — making the shelf far more interesting than the tablet. It also features stainless steel cable and aluminum fittings, and includes mounting bracket. Take that, space rock. You can add style and function to your home with this beautiful glass corner shelf. What can you do with space tablet? Not much. And so on.