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A Folding Bookcase For a Wandering Wordsmith

When looking for a Christmas gift for my best friend this season, I found myself searching for a unique but functional present. We have been very good friends for quite a few years now after meeting together in college while we studied writing. Unfortunately I am not able to see my friend all that often anymore as he is constantly traveling due to his employment situation. It is hard to get a feel for what someone is into and wants as a gift when you only see them once a year or so.

About two years ago he was hired on as a contract screenwriter and now he is constantly moving from city to city, spending about six months in each location before moving on to the next project and city. You may or may not know that contract screenwriters do not make a ton of money, and have to live in fairly tight quarters, often in very expensive cities in which the films are produced.

With that living situation in mind and the knowledge that my friend is one of the most avid comic book collectors I have ever met, I knew what the perfect gift would be for my friend. Whenever he moves, all of the comic books, graphic novels and collectibles come with him, which can be quite a hassle when you are trying to move as quickly as possible.

The perfect gift for my friend and his comic collection is a folding bookcase. What makes this unique type of bookcase perfect for my friend is that is provides enough storage for all of his books when he is settled in the apartment, but when it is time to move the bookcase folds down compact for easy packing. Three tiers provide plenty of storage for the comic book collection, and a solid wood construction means that it has a long-lasting quality.

Folding Bookcase

Whether it is for a gift of just for you, a folding shelf is a great choice for the home. In fact, I liked the shelf I got my friend so much, I bought one for my own home!

The Practical Charm of a Magazine Table

Anyone who enjoys kicking back and reading the paper knows the living room coffee table can get cluttered with magazines and papers. Keeping the living room clutter free is a must for creating a relaxing space. That doesn’t mean all those magazines have to end up the trash. Add or swap out an end table with a magazine table. Designed to provide much needed storage for periodicals, a magazine table is the perfect way to keep those magazines within reach of your favorite chair, while also keeping the living room organized.

Heirloom Cherry Magazine Table by Powell

Heirloom Cherry Magazine Table by Powell

For a classic look with both an easy to access, built in magazine rack and interior concealed storage, the Magazine Table – Heirloom Cherryis a great choice. Traditional details, like carving and a warm wood finish make this table the ideal addition to classic living room décor. A pull out shelf also provides even more tabletop space, just the right place to put a snack or cup of coffee.

Unique C Table

Unique C Table

Want the convenience of a magazine table without the traditional look? The Unique C Table has a unique design that puts a modern spin on the classic magazine table. Set on casters this table can easily be moved around the room, so it can be placed by an armchair one day and the couch the next. The open design of the magazine rack below makes it easy to grab a magazine, while an arching arm above holds a glass table top perfect for placing a cup of tea or a lamp. This magazine table would even make a stylish addition to the bedroom as a nightstand.

Built in storage makes these tables a great way to make the living room a more orderly and restful space. No matter the décor, there is a magazine table that will look great in your home.

Stainless Steel Newspaper Holder Creates a Modern Look

Even the largest bathrooms can end up looking cluttered and messy. The best way to and end each day is in a soothing space. Creating a clean looking bathroom can be as easy the accessories you choose to fill it with. The right organizational tools and style can make bathrooms big and small look sleek.

stainless steel newspaper holder

stainless steel newspaper holder

Modern accessories, like a frameless mirror or floating shower caddy, are an easy way to create a streamlined bathroom look. Keep magazines neatly stored in the stainless steel newspaper holder to cut down on bathroom clutter. With a single sheet of stainless steel along the front to conceal magazines this holder creates an uncluttered look.

Wall mounted designs are an ways way to gain storage without taking up counter space. Try a wall mounted hairdryer or toothbrush holder for a clean and convenient look. The less storage you have directly on your counters, the easier they are to clean. Wall mounted liquid and bar soap dispensers are another was to save space, both by the sink and in the shower.

The shower can end up filled with almost empty shampoos. Keeping bottles and sponges contained within one shower caddy is the best way to keep the shower looking tidy. Find a caddy with enough room for your toiletries that has a simple design to keep the shower neat. Having one designated area for everything is an easy way to gauge just how many bottles you need in the shower and what can go.

Concealed storage is the easiest way to keep the bathroom looking clutter free. An over the toilet etagere is the ideal storage solution for bathrooms of any size. Choose a cabinet without glass doors to store medicine or toiletries. Use a larger cabinet for easy access to bathroom linens.

Keeping the bathroom serene is one easy way to make your home a restful place.

Organize Your Shelves With Clear Acrylic Magazine Holder

Sometimes the best and most efficient ways to get organized in and around the house are in fact the simplest. I have found a great way to organize the multitudes of magazines that have managed to accumulate around my house in the last few months. It seems that when folks do not know what to get for me as a gift, they get me a magazine subscription. Now I am a proud subscriber of Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, The Economist and People Espanol. I want to be able to show my friends that I appreciate and use their gifts, but I do not want a huge stack of magazines cluttering my coffee table.

clear acrylic magazine holder

clear acrylic magazine holder

What I have found to have the perfect balance of display and storage is a clear acrylic magazine holder. This neat little magazine cube offers excellent storage and displays my many magazines all the while keeping them neat and organized in one place. The dimensions of this magazine holder measure 12″H x 9″W and has a depth of nearly 5 inches, which provides plenty of space to store lots of different magazines. What I like to do is arrange my magazines in chronological order and then set them onto shelves in my closet. The newest edition of each magazine goes into my magazine holder, so I have the latest information at my fingertips.
These magazine holders can be stacked upon each other, making a mini-bookshelf of sorts. That really comes in handy because I am starting to really run out of shelf space in my home! I guess it is time to start looking for new shelves!

Storage Shelf On Wheels – A Teacher’s Helper

My best friend is a teacher at an elementary school, and being an instructor she comes across lots of new, innovative storage options and every kind of storage shelf you could think of. She just loves showing me all of her new favorite organizational tools, in the hopes that I will blog about it here on Shelves Blog (and make sure it mentions her, of course). Being a kindergarten teacher, my friend has lots of books and toys to clean up at the end of the school day.

Storage Shelf

small rolling book truck cart

Well the latest item that she has been raving about for the last couple of weeks is this small rolling book truck cart. This incredibly simple but extremely useful bookcase features three shelves and four wheels for easy mobility. It is perfect for quickly organizing a room in seconds flat! It is made from steel, so it has excellent durability. (This, to anyone who has ever taught little ones would know, is very important!)

When clean up time rolls around (like it tends to do every day) it is a simple task to roll this storage shelf from one end of the room to another and pick up all the tiny little messes the children leave. Hardcover picture books go on one shelf, Legos and other toys on the second shelf, and games on the third shelf! The handles on the top of this rolling truck make it easy for anyone to push, from a full grown adult to the tiniest of elementary schoolchildren. When clean up time is finally over, my friend can just push this rolling bookcase into a corner, lock two of the casters and be on her way.

Help Your Shelf With A Metal Magazine File

Shelves are great; every home and office needs them, and without the wonderful properties of shelves, I would not be here writing on this blog for you today. But alas, shelves cannot carry the entire burden when it comes to neat, organized and efficient home storage. Sometimes all a shelf really needs to meet its maximum potential is an assistant to pull some storage weight.

Metal Magazine Files

Metal Magazine Files

One great way to quickly and easily organize the shelves in your home or office is by using magazine files to sort paperwork in a neat and vertical fashion. The metal magazine file is the perfect example of using additional accessories to really put the finishing touch on your shelf organization.
This modern metal shelf organizer has an attractive, eye-catching contemporary design. The shelf features a pattern of circular punch outs in its sturdy metal frame, which add visual interest while promoting the ability to find what you are looking for. I like to put my old copies of The Economist inside the files (I purchased quite a few of these files, they are so useful!) so I have a veritable library of world events, all within reach on my shelves.
Of course, this magazine file is not only useful when paired with a shelf. This storage organizer can also be used on a desktop. It makes an excellent “inbox / outbox” and allows for a more organized, clutter free desk space.

One more trick for the true “handy-persons” out there on the interwebs: Try hanging these files directly onto the wall.
1.)    Evenly place two screws into the wall, separated by a few inches. Be sure to leave enough clearance for the metal panels
2.)    Place each screw within the circular cut outs, and slide the file down onto the screws. The metal panels should fit snugly between the screw head and the wall.
3.)    Tighten the screws into place; if desired, place two screws at the base of the file
4.)    There you have it, a wall mounted magazine file!

Read All About It: Print isn’t Dead yet, and until it is, you’ll need Magazine Shelves.

As I’m writing this article on a computer, writing this article for a BLOG, it’s a little hypocritical of me to say that print is here to stay. Alright, you got me. Print IS dead. But while we wait for the older generation of humans to die — the generation that refuses to go online, refuses become tech-savvy, and refuses to set the VCR clock — we can continue to print magazines and newspapers. We can be merciful. (As an aside, isn’t it great that some of these old-timers never bothered to learn how to set a VCR clock? Now they don’t have to! The VCR is gone! Although trying to explain to them that BluRay is the perfect format to view Barney Miller is no consolation.) In offices, school guidance centers, retirement homes, corner markets, and maybe even your home, there is still a lingering need for a magazine shelf. I wondered if I would even FIND magazine shelves for sale in this day and age. Maybe on eBay I thought. In the antique section. But no! It turns out that a website still offers them, and terrific ones to boot! The website? Stacks and Stacks!

Look at this amazing Solid Wood Literature Rack. Available in your choice of Medium Oak, Light Oak, or Dark Mahogany finish, it’s a Magazine Rack that can be purchased to complement your decor! That’s a nice convenience to the seeker of Literature Racks. Solid Oak, the rack is constructed of Solid Oak, and why not. If you’re going to read and discard periodicals made from the pulp of deforested trees, why not place them on a rack made of Solid Oak? The Rack is almost a defacto advertisement for magazines and newspapers, just by existing! It’s wide, durable, and deep enough to hold more than a few pieces of your favorite literature. Stop by Stacks and Stacks and order up this wonderful addition to the office, or home, or wherever you need it.

The Solid Wood Literature Rack.