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Create a contemporary home office with a printer cabinet

“Clutter-free” is my mantra as of late. I have been on a mission to give everything in my home a specific home of its own — or toss it! My office presents a tough challenge, though. There’s cords, papers, electronics… just so much stuff that I can’t seem to part with either because of work, hobbies or everyday chores.

I have a sleek, modern desk that my laptop and some simple organizers sit atop. That solved most of my problems. The only thing that remains is that big, bulky printer. As a writer and designer, I print at home all the time so getting rid of the home printer is not a choice.

One simple search on Pinterest shows lots of DIY ideas and I was tempted to try out a few, but lo-and-behold the solution was right under my nose the entire time. For under $300 I picked up this awesome Printer Storage Cabinet. For the features, this thing is worth the price tag. My life is so much easier now! And I still enjoy a sleek, clean aesthetic in my home work space.

Printer Storage Cabinet

The specs:

  • Comes in three lovely finishes to complement any space.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty solid and laminate wood.
  • Commercial-grade non-scratch wood for long-lasting style.
  • Durable metal hardware and hinges offer added strength.
  • Instructions are included for quick assembly on arrival.
  • Manufacturer’s five year limited warranty.
  • Feed cords and cables to the outlet through the back hole.
  • Two swing-out doors keep stored items hidden from view.
  • Pull-out shelf provides storage for a standard sized printer.
  • A small to mid sized computer can be stored on the shelf.
  • Top pull-out provides space to store a monitor or file sorter.
  • Measures: 32 inches wide by 29 inches high by 20 inches deep.


Folding Shelves for Record Storage

I am a total music geek; I cannot get enough new bands or artists and am constantly purchasing new music to discover. My favorite format for listening to music is hands-down a vinyl record played on an old-school record player. The sounds are so warm yet crisp, making you feel as if you are in the recording room with the band as they are playing.

Unfortunately, I am not made of money (and what money I do have goes to records!) so I live in a pretty cramped one bedroom apartment. The biggest downside for records (and partially the reason for their fade from prominence for a few years) is that they are big, bulky, hard to store and you cannot listen to them in the car or on the go. This issue is magnified by my small home, to the point which I had cardboard box upon cardboard box full of records and stack up on each other.

One of the best ways to create an organized space for storing your records is using a folding shelf. What is great about this type of shelf is that not only does it provide exceptional and secure storage for your vinyl; it also can be folded down for easy transport. This makes it perfect for the transient record-collectors among us.

I would recommend using a soft wood shelf to store your records over a sturdier metal shelf, for a variety of reasons. First off, one thing every record collector has to understand is the damaging effects extreme temperatures can have on vinyl – metal has this annoying tendency to absorb the extreme heat or cold, transferring that to your records and potentially damaging them. The other reason is that metal can be very sharp or have very hard angles, which can damage the gatefold of your records.

By using a wood shelf to store my records I have been able to secure a lot more space in my living room and get my records organized so it is easy to find them right away.

A Folding Bookcase For a Wandering Wordsmith

When looking for a Christmas gift for my best friend this season, I found myself searching for a unique but functional present. We have been very good friends for quite a few years now after meeting together in college while we studied writing. Unfortunately I am not able to see my friend all that often anymore as he is constantly traveling due to his employment situation. It is hard to get a feel for what someone is into and wants as a gift when you only see them once a year or so.

About two years ago he was hired on as a contract screenwriter and now he is constantly moving from city to city, spending about six months in each location before moving on to the next project and city. You may or may not know that contract screenwriters do not make a ton of money, and have to live in fairly tight quarters, often in very expensive cities in which the films are produced.

With that living situation in mind and the knowledge that my friend is one of the most avid comic book collectors I have ever met, I knew what the perfect gift would be for my friend. Whenever he moves, all of the comic books, graphic novels and collectibles come with him, which can be quite a hassle when you are trying to move as quickly as possible.

The perfect gift for my friend and his comic collection is a folding bookcase. What makes this unique type of bookcase perfect for my friend is that is provides enough storage for all of his books when he is settled in the apartment, but when it is time to move the bookcase folds down compact for easy packing. Three tiers provide plenty of storage for the comic book collection, and a solid wood construction means that it has a long-lasting quality.

Folding Bookcase

Whether it is for a gift of just for you, a folding shelf is a great choice for the home. In fact, I liked the shelf I got my friend so much, I bought one for my own home!

Home Office for Working Remotely

More and more, Americans are finding ways to make working from home a feasible solution. There are various reasons why working remotely can be beneficial to both the employee as well as the employer, including a need for less office space, less time wasted during the day with a commute, money saved on gas because there is no commute, and much more.

One big obstacle in getting your home ready to be worked from is setting it up to mimic your in-office conditions. Working at a desk that is separated from the everyday distractions of the home is very important and increases productivity as it feels similar to being in the office. Some are lucky enough to have a separate room that can double as an office, while others will just have to find a secluded corner of the living room.

If your job includes a lot of paperwork, then it is vital to have the right shelves and files to keep your desk area organized. These office organization furniture pieces are taken for granted by those that work in the office – those that are setting up an at-home office will quickly realize just how much furniture is provided on-site.

One must-have item for the home office is a filing cart. Personally I prefer the filing carts that are set on wheels or casters because they make it easy to move them around the room. Without a proper filing cart, you may find your desk begin to pile up with paperwork. This gives the office a cluttered appearance, which is only compounded by the fact that it is in your home – making your own living room look cluttered.

A range of bookcases in any shape and size!

Another helpful item for the home office is a sturdy and spacious book case. This is more important for those that require reference books and other larger items for their job. A bookcase can be a great way to add a touch of décor to the room while providing convenient storage.

As working from home becomes more and more common-place, many people who never dreamed their field offered that opportunity are discovering otherwise. By using quality office furniture in the home you can create an organized and functional home office.

Double Duty Shelves – A Dorm Room Must Have

Sure you’ve got plenty of books to store, but when it comes to decorating a dorm or apartment having furniture that can do double duty is a must! Bookshelves are a versatile storage choice that make it easy to find furniture that has two functions in one.

Madison 6 Section Storage Rack - Rolling

Madison 6 Section Storage Rack – Rolling

Shelving that is easy to move, like the Madison 6 Section Storage Rack – Rolling makes it easy to rearrange furniture. That means this shelf can be placed at the foot of the bed one day and used as a room divider the next.

Make your nightstand into a bookshelf as well and you’ll always have required reading close at hand. The Modlife Lucerne Modular Shelf has a compact design that allows this shelf to grow with your book collection, but is also compact enough to use as a nightstand.

Add visual interest to any room with the 4-Tier A-Frame Shelf. This shelf is the perfect place to store books or display photos. The open design gives this bookshelf an airy feel, perfect for a smaller room where you don’t want to have heavy pieces of furniture to take over the room. This short bookshelf can also be used for media storage, simply place a flat screen TV on the top shelf!

Need a place to toss your keys by the front door? Add the X-Text Bookcase to the entryway and use the top as an entry table while the shelves below can be used to store books. With a modern, streamlined look this shelf is another light and airy option ideal for a compact space.

Bookshelves aren’t just for books. A shelf with built in baskets like the 4 Basket Storage Shelf provides concealed storage that comes in handy everywhere from the living room to the bathroom.

Any one of these shelves would be a great choice for adding storage to any space. Visit our back to school shopping guide for more dorm room essentials.

DVD Storage Solutions

My husband I are big movie buffs.  We don’t agree on everything but like a lot of the same things.  We both love the classics, especially the Marx Brothers, Bogie and Bacall, and anything with Katherine Hepburn.  We also love classic thrillers, zombie flicks and occasional foreign cinema.  When it comes to modern dramas and comedies there’s a bit more of a difference between our tastes.  But that’s okay because those little differences are what keep things interesting, right?  Anyway needless to save we have a pretty expansive collection of DVD’s.  Admittedly, it took until very recently for me to get rid of all my VHS tapes.  But with our last tax return, we went online and bought all of the remaining VHS movies in our collection on DVD.  Now we have more movies than we’ve ever owned, but they take up less space.

Acrylic DVD Holder - 14 Capacity

Acrylic DVD Holder – 14 Capacity

Storage and organization is a big part of my life because I feel much more relaxed in my home if it’s tidy and well organized.  Because movies had a tendency to dominate our home, it was important for me to give them their own special storage solution.  And when it comes to storage furniture, I tend to gravitate toward modular solutions because they allow me to customize and rearrange things as needed.   There are two excellent styles of DVD holders for people who have large collections, as well as small ones.  The more basic and utilitarian one is the acrylic 14 DVD holder.  These are great for people who want a simple and streamlined way of storing their DVD’s rather than a piece of furniture to dominate the room.  You can put them on the floor, on a shelf, you can stack them – they’re very versatile.

Stackable 28-DVD Storage Rack - Bamboo

Stackable 28-DVD Storage Rack – Bamboo

We wanted something with a little more style, so we went with the stackable 28-DVD storage rack – bamboo.  Well, we went with six of them.  I like these modular DVD boxes because they stack nicely and the handles make it easy to move and rearrange them.  Plus, they’re made from an eco-friendly material that’s natural and not manufactured so there’s quality there.

Finding Your Ideal Multi Media Storage Solution

When it comes to multimedia storage, there are basically three ways to go.  There are open media shelves (like bookcases), media cabinets with doors and modular solutions like a DVD and Video storage box-bamboo.  If you are like me (a movie buff and audiophile) then you have a huge task when it comes to figuring out a storage solution for your DVD’s and CD’s.  If you are not like me, chances are you still need something to hold them.  Even TV stands with built in media storage tend to not have enough storage space for the average collector.  And then, what about the CD’s?  I recommend just going with something that will store both.  This eliminates the necessity for two different racks, thus simplifying your home and making it fell less cluttery.

Apothecary Media Cabinet - Holds 456 CD Cases

Apothecary Media Cabinet – Holds 456 CD Cases

If you want to go with a shelf that stores your media collection, then I would recommend getting one that has an attractive finish and looks like a bookcase.  It will blend in with your other furniture pieces and look cohesive in the living room, rather than standing our like an eyesore.  And if space is limited, then get something like a bookcase media tower which is tall and narrow, using vertical space against the wall.  This particular one holds 754 cases; even if that is more than you have, you can utilize the remaining space on the shelves for decorative items.  I like to break up the rows of music and DVD cases with little knick knacks.  The bookcase media tower – tall single has a similar effect and almost as much storage capacity, but its shorter profile offers a ledge to display photos, candles and other home accents.
For media cabinets which offer concealed storage, there are a couple of different looks.  The cabinet style with doors like the locking multimedia storage cabinet and apothecary style like the media cabinet – 456 walnut.  Apothecaries are neat because they have drawers rather than shelves and they have an “old world” look.  But no matter what your style is, make sure your multimedia solution is perfectly suited to your needs!