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Garage Shelving Storage Helps in Winter Weather

So the other day I heard that Atlanta got totally wrecked by a few inches of snow. Traffic was jammed all over the city, people were stranded in their cars and children were stranded at schools. Sounds like a pretty huge mess over what amounts to a light dusting when compared to what the Midwest and Northeast get every year. Perhaps if everyone was more prepared and had some garage shelving storage to store their road salt and tire chains, this whole crisis could have been averted!

Okay, I am intelligent enough to understand this mess was the result of a whole bunch of factors – the lack of regional coordination on the part of the Atlanta-area mayors and governments, a heavily car-dependant culture in which just about everyone was driving, and a sprawling city which people needed to travel long distances to get home. But that will not stop me from giving you some excellent recommendations on the kind of garage shelving storage you need for the winter!

Those that are dealing with the snow on a year-in, year-out basis probably already have these sorts of things in their garage. But those of you that do not, it is better to be prepared for nothing than unprepared for everything. If you have none of the cold-weather items that you need for that rare occurrence, it is definitely going to make your life miserable. If you are prepared, a light dusting will not turn into snowmagedon in a matter of minutes.

So the first step is finding out exactly what you need to have stored. Once you have that all figured out, you can start to shop for the shelving. I like to use heavy-duty shelves in my garage, that way if I need to keep some heavyweight items in storage I have no problem. The most heavy-duty shelving you can find has a metal frame with metal shelves. What also works is a metal frame with solid wood shelves.

One highly reviewed item that makes for excellent garage shelving storage is the 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack. This shelf offers excellent storage options and is extremely durable.

Garage Shelving Storage

Outdoor Storage Shelving Makes Saying Goodbye to Gardening Easier

As hard as it is to believe, summer is coming to a close. Even though it really feels like the last few months have been just a week or two, the season is coming to a close. Kid’s are getting ready for school, the weather is cooling down a bit (if you are lucky!), and it’s time to pack in all of your summer gardening accessories. Having the appropriate outdoor storage shelving can go a long way to making the summer-to-autumn transition a lot smoother.

Putting away your gardening supplies can be a bit of a depressing task. This goes double for those that live in areas with inclement winter weather. It is almost like you are packing away all of the sunshine from June, July and August and bundling up for the upcoming freeze. This would be extra-depressing if you have to deal with insufficient outdoor storage. The best way to avoid this added stress is to use outdoor storage shelving.

The Tool Rack with Wheels makes for excellent storage when the gardening season has come to a close. This rack offers storage for a wide variety of tools. There are spaces for shovels, rakes, a leaf blower and more! Not only does it offer storage for all of the larger tools, there is also space to store over 15 small garden tools.

Outdoor Storage Shelving

Though this storage rack is not quite “shelves” in the traditional sense, it certainly makes packing up your garden tools a lot easier. This is a shelves blog, so I would definitely be out of line if I did not show off some amazing outdoor storage shelving.

For a more catch-all approach to storing your gardening equipment, I would lean towards a unit such as the 3 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Welded Rack. The shelves can hold up to 1200 pounds, which is a crazy amount of storage.  This makes it perfect for storing everything from leftover fertilizer to heavy-duty items like dry concrete, earthen pottery and decorative pavers!

Outdoor Storage Shelving

Hopefully with the right storage items you can clean up your summer gardening fun quickly and easily like I did. The outdoor storage shelving I invested in made a huge difference in keeping this time of the year more headache-free!


Decorative Bedroom Shelves Add Function and Fashion

What is the best way to get a messy bedroom organized? The bedroom is one place that many people value fashion over function. The worst case bedroom-scenario involves mountains of clothing so high that you cannot find your shoes. However, the second-worst case scenario is a sterile yet organized bedroom that could double as a hospital room. The best way to give your room a dash of décor while providing an additional touch of storage is to add decorative bedroom shelves.

Decorative bedroom shelves come in all shapes and sizes- and are able to hold and organize a variety of items. Not only that, I have seen gorgeous bedroom shelves made from oak, steel, bamboo and even heavy-duty plastic! Basically what I am saying is that there are no fashion-oriented excuses for a lack of bedroom shelving. There is a match for every style and situation.

I don’t have a lot of space in my bedroom. Therefore, my shelving needs skew towards the compact and space-efficient side of things. One of the toughest organizational tasks is finding a place to store my laundry after it has been cleaned. Half the time I do my laundry and fold up the clothes, I end up with a storage space shortage. That means I leave my freshly washed and folded clothing out on a cabinet or on top of the dresser. My clothing ends up getting dusty, dirty or full of cat hair (my cat loves to sleep on my clothes).

Decorative bedroom shelves free up some space in the bedroom.

Decorative Bedroom Shelves

Instead of wasting my own time and my valuable supply of quarters, I decided to add some decorative bedroom shelves. The 3 Drawer Metal and Wicker Chest offered the perfect storage solution for the bedroom. With just a single piece of furniture I was able to increase the clothing storage space in my bedroom. Now, I don’t have to worry about hairy or dusty slacks when I am running late for work!

Folding Garage Shelves: The Perfect Gardening Accessory

Now that the weather is starting to cooperate a little bit more, I have been able to resume my gardening hobby, planting new flowers and ground-cover around the house. For the last few months it has just been way too cold to go out and do any gardening, plus the frigid overnight temperatures would definitely have knocked those plants out cold (pun intended).

One thing that I like to get out of the way before the gardening season commences is to pull out my old folding metal shelves so I have a convenient place to store my fertilizer, gardening tools, pots and any other equipment I need for the season. For a long time I would just use my existing garage shelves to store these things, but ran into trouble in the winter. Because I am unable to garden during the cold winter months, I would have to put all of my equipment and gardening supplies on the shelves long-term. The issue with this is that I need those shelves to be open so I can store my everyday winter items like firewood.

After my first winter of searching for storage space because everything was full of gardening supplies, I took a different approach. Once winter set in, I put all of the gardening equipment away deep in the attic, where it wouldn’t take up valuable space. In the spring, summer and autumn when I am still able to garden, I bring out the aforementioned folding shelves, which for the last few months have been sitting in a corner, flattened out and taking up very little space.

When I was searching for the perfect folding shelf, I came across some great shelves before settling on what was the perfect choice for my situation, the General Purpose Origami Folding Shelves. Some of the great features of this shelf that helped sway me were the durable metal construction, open wire shelving that is easy to clean up, and it is set on casters so it is easy to move out of the garage even when full of supplies.

General Purpose Folding Shelves

Here are a few other shelves that might be more ideal for your gardening / shelving situation:

5 Shelf Cedar Shelf

Made from Cedar Wood, this 5 shelf red cedar unit is perfect for outdoor use, as the construction materials are very resistant to the harsh elements of the outdoors.

5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack

For those that are storing very heavy-duty equipment, something like the 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Storage Rack is a great option. This shelving unit is great because it can hold up to 750 pounds, more than most garage shelving units.

Wood or Metal Outdoor Shelves?

One thing I look forward to about the end of the winter and the re-emergence of the sun is that I am able to resume a favorite pastime, gardening. I love to be in the outdoors where the air is crisp and refreshing and I can hear the lovely sounds of nature. Unfortunately winter leaves me unable to do much gardening, leaving me with plenty of time to strategize for this growing season.

When it comes to gardening, I have found that one really handy thing is having some shelves in close proximity so it is easy to store your tools, fertilizer and other garden gear.  It eliminates the need to lug heavy items back and forth to the garage or shed. Where I live, the weather can often be pretty damp and unpredictable, so the shelves that I have in my yard need to be durable enough to last through multiple rain showers if I am not there to cover them with a tarp.

When I was buying shelves for my garden, I had two options: Wood outdoor shelves or metal storage shelves? There are pros and cons for both materials, and I went through both and analyzed them to come up with the best shelves for my situation. Metal shelves are prone to rusting if they are exposed to too much moisture or if the seal on them is broken, while wood shelves are able to carry less total weight and often warp or rot when exposed to moisture.

The choice I made was very unique and perfect for my situation. I found a pair of metal racks that could stand up on their own and buried each one about a foot deep in the ground for stability. The racks had horizontal bars that ran from one side to the other, which was perfect for placing large 2” thick planks across, made from mesquite, which is a very water-resistant type of wood. The major load-bearing pieces were made from the most durable material, metal – and wood planks as shelves allowed me to save a great deal of money.

This shelf is the perfect place to rest my things at the end of a long day of gardening. The durability of the shelf has shown to be impeccable and I have been very happy with the results of my wood and metal shelf.

Fixin’ It Up with Wall Shelves

Last month I was able to achieve one of my biggest goals in life – I finally joined the ranks of so many proud Americans and became a homeowner. It took a long time to save enough money to be able to responsibly afford a nice home here in Southern California (definitely did not want to end up like so many of my fellow citizens and go underwater on my mortgage), but now that I finally was able to pull the trigger on my home I could not be more excited.

One reason I had grown tired of bouncing from apartment to apartment was simply that – I was tired of gathering all of my stuff up and piling it into a moving van year after year. The life of an apartment dweller can be pretty exhausting, especially dealing with rent increases. Another reason I am really glad to not have to answer to a management company, which almost always has ulterior motives and is just looking to get as much money out of me as possible. Similar to being your own boss, I can finally say that I am my own landlord.

But despite these nice conveniences of being a homeowner, the biggest reason I wanted to buy my own home is that I am a bit of a fixer-upper nut. I love being out in the yard or on the roof fixing up my home or giving it an added modification. With an apartment, if you so much as paint some trim or baseboards, you undoubtedly are headed down the road towards a vanished security deposit.

One of the first improvements I made to my home was increasing the storage and display space around the home. As a first-time home buyer I went the fixer-upper route and saved myself some money. Unfortunately this means the house is also as bare bones as it gets. Adding wall shelves to my home was the first step I took to add storage and display space to the walls. With a variety of materials and sizes available, I really went to town throughout the house.

My next few posts will deal specifically with the new improvements I made on my fixer-upper home and maybe you can learn a thing or two from my experience!

Where to Store All Of That Stuff?!?

During the excitement and the rush of activity that marks every holiday season, it is very easy to forget one simple fact of life: You are going to have more STUFF after the holidays than you did before. And unless you are lucky and a home-expansion was your gift this year, it is going to be a tough predicament to store all of those holiday decorations, presents and more. One way to maximize your holiday storage accessories is overhead storage shelves. What is great about this style of shelving is that it takes up absolutely no floor space and can be installed anywhere, whether it is the attic, closet, basement or in the garage!

Heavy Lift Storage Hoist

This storage shelf has a capacity of 250 pounds, and uses a unique hoist system to make it easy to lift that weight.

Telescoping Ceiling Storage

Just in case you have more this season than you ever expected, this ceiling shelf can be adjusted to accommodate more items.

MonsterRAX Overhead Garage Storage Rack

For the most heavy-duty of storage, this MonsterRAX system has an extreme storage area of 64 cubic feet!

Did you get a brand new bicycle this year? Make sure it stays in prime condition by giving it a safe storage place!

Garage Gator Motorized Storage System

Or make it easy on yourself with this automatically lifting platform shelf!

Overhead storage shelves are the perfect way to ease the heavy-duty post-holiday clean-up.  Every single one of these large overhead units has free shipping until Dec. 30, 2012 and many are discounted, up to $40 off!

Shop these items and more:

Corner Wall Shelves for Every Occasion

Today we have a guest blog from one of my good friends, who I have known since middle school and has a home-storage dilemma on his hands:

Unfortunately for me and my ever-fading sanity, I have been living in a tiny studio apartment for the last 3 years. I would love to make an upgrade to a one-bedroom but unfortunately that is a little bit out of my price range for the time being. What makes living in a cramped studio apartment so frustrating for me is that I barely have enough space for all of my belongings, which I have been lugging around with me for the last five years or so.

Because the apartment I live in is just so small and I am so lacking in appropriate closet space, in order to keep my things from piling up on the floors around me, I have to use wall shelves for storage.  The problem with this solution is that now that I have been using this method for a couple of months, I have run out of space along my walls for more shelves. There are shelves on literally lining the entire perimeter of my studio apartment. I spent the last weekend finding some solutions for how to add even more storage and display space to the apartment.

I am sure you are thinking the answer is obvious – “Just get a shelving unit, man!” But what you may not realize is that there is just no more floor space left in my 300 square foot for a bulky shelving unit.

After hours of scouring home-improvement sites and clutter-reducing blogs, I finally came across the perfect solution to adding more storage to my tiny studio apartment without: adding wall mounted corner shelves to the room! These shelves are perfect because they utilize the only space along my walls that has not yet been filled with wall storage shelves. Now I am able to store all of my belongings along wall shelves.

Corner Wall Shelf

The solution to all of your home-storage problems??

Organizing the Bathroom with Wall Shelves

My newly-organized bathroom.

As a college student and as a post-graduate that lived with a multitude of roommates, it took a lot of work to make the small space usable and comfortable for all of us. Organizing the  smaller-than usual bathrooms that we shared was quiet a trying task, especially considering how many of us there were. Add in the fact that I was living with some of the messiest people I know, and that is a recipe for a disaster-area-esque bathroom.

The first apartment I shared with roommates was a two bedroom that was shared by four college students. As you can imagine the 1000 square foot apartment was barely large enough to contain us, let alone all of our junk. The hardest hit room was definitely the bathroom, which looked like a scene out of a third-world country.

So when our lease was finally up and it came time to find a new apartment, I dropped those roommates like they were hot and found some new roomies that were hopefully a little bit cleaner (by the way, my ex-roommates were great guys, just terribly messy). I wanted to be able to bring a date back to the apartment without having to explain that a bear had made its way into our apartment, and that is why there is garbage and clothing strewn about the entire place (it is a pretty tough line to sell, let me tell you that).

Another step I took to ensure that the new apartment looked great was to install bathroom wall shelves, keeping each roommate’s towels and toiletries and other bathroom items organized and easily separated. Of course other steps throughout the house had to be taken as well, but I felt like finally getting the bathroom organized was the first step in having a clean home.

After just six months of living in a non-garbage-dump apartment, and I actually was able to get dates (and more importantly, keep them). Turns out the girl that I ended up marrying was one of the first people that I took into my new apartment, it is a good thing that I had learned to keep it clean!

Tool Storage for the Cold Season

Finding a place to store your garden and outdoor equipment during the fall and winter months can be quite a hassle, especially for those that are not blessed with a large shed or garage. I personally am lucky (or cursed, I guess it depends on your outlook) enough to live in a one-bedroom apartment with absolutely no outdoor space, so this is not an issue I have to worry about.

However, I do know of quite a few people that do run into this dilemma including my brother-in-law who owns a small house with a decent amount of yard space. His front and back yard require quite a bit of maintenance during the summer, spring and early autumn seasons, so he has a bunch tools like a weed-whacker, shovels and hoes, wheel-barrow and so much more. The problem is during the winter months, he has to find a place to store them while his yard is buried under half a foot of snow.

The problem with storing all of these tools is that the yard is too small to accommodate a full-size shed with shelves. What I recommended to my brother-in-law was to try and install small yard-tool rack to some solid wood surface of his home. Luckily, the side of his house is made from weather resistant solid wood, perfect for installing the rack. He also built a small awning above the rack for weather protection, keeping his tools dry.

What is great about the yard tool rack is that it is able to store just about any type of garden tool, whether it is a shovel, rake or a weed-whacker. Even without the luxury of additional yard storage space, my brother-in-law found a way to keep his tools in great shape throughout the off-season.

My brother-in-law’s expertly installed wall rack.

For those that are lucky enough to have a small shed or a garage that is large enough to accommodate tools, I would recommend using durable garage storage shelves to store your tools. There are a wide variety of garage shelves, including all-metal shelves, metal frame with wood shelves, and even all-wood shelves.