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Use Pull Out Cabinet Shelves to Maximize Storage


With modern kitchen gadgets, appliances, and other cooking essentials, space comes at a premium in any household kitchen. Even if you have a huge and fully renovated kitchen, are you using your deep cabinets to their full potential? Or do you lose items in the back of your cupboard for so long you forget you have them in the first place?

Maximize the storage potential in your lower kitchen cabinets with the use of sliding cabinet shelves and drawers. This allows you to pull the entire contents of your kitchen cupboard out so you access the items stored inside, and it slides smoothly back in place to keep the stored items effectively organized yet stowed away.


The easy-glider pull-out drawers come with ball-bearing full-extension slides and mounting hardware so you can install them to the bottom of the cabinet. Widths are available from 8 to 34 inches to fit perfectly in any cabinet space, and the raised sides help keep stored supplies in place. The soft-close hardware ensures the wooden drawer slides smoothly back into the cabinet without making a noise. These drawers come with a protective clear finish, but you can stain or paint them in order to match your current kitchen cabinets.


As an alternative to wooden shelves, you can add wire shelves to the inside of your cabinet to provide a more functional layout. Two-tier designs are available in order to take advantage of the vertical space in your cupboard as well as the depth. Some of the two tier designs are easily adjustable in order to customize the storage system in the kitchen cabinet. For example, u-shaped designed baskets avoid built-in pipes in order to work underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Adding more cabinets to your kitchen is not always an option, but by maximizing the storage space you already have you can keep all of your supplies effectively stored.

4 Easy Steps to Prepare for Tax Season


Tax season is upon us, and most of us have been digging through piles of paperwork to find everything needed to file the annual tax return. Whether you’ve already filed or waiting to the last minute, it’s never too later to think of next year.

We’ll leave filing taxes to the professionals, but when it comes to organizing your various documents you’ve come to the right place. Keeping an extensive filing system is necessary when it comes to sorting your bills, keeping track of important policy information, and keeping extensive insurance records.

The first step to getting organized is gathering all the necessary supplies.

For this project you will need:

1. A large file cabinet
2. Hanging file folders
3. Manila file folders
3. Labels
4. Pen or marker

Step 1. Label your hanging file folders for main categories such as automobile, healthcare, and banking information. An example of top level categories is listed below to get you started.

Top Level Categories: 

1. Auto
2. Banking
3. Bills or Loans
4. Healthcare
5. Housing
6. Insurance
7. Legal
8. Retirement
9. Valuables

Step 2. Label the manila file folders for subsequent categories. For example: if you have accounts to 3 different banks you will want a separate file folder for each bank

Step 3. Spread your sub-category file folders on the floor or dining room table and slowly start filing the relevant paperwork into the proper file folder. This may take some time depending on the stack of papers that need to be organized.

Step 4. Once you have all your paperwork neatly sorted into the correct folder, place your file folders into the top category hanging files and store within you new filing cabinet.

To discourage hoarding documents for too long, files should be pruned once per year.

How long to keep records:

Tax records: 7 years
Credit card receipts: 4 years
House documents: forever

Important Documents:

Please remember that some documents should be stored in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box for safekeeping. Examples of these documents are below.

  • Legal documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Automobiles titles
  • Property deeds
  • Financial investments
  • Copies of drivers licence

Sorting massive amounts of paperwork is a daunting prospect, but with a solid plan, the correct supplies, and some good tunes, you can create a well-organized filing system in an afternoon. You’ll thank us in the event of an IRS audit!

Create the Closet of your Dreams


We are all well aware of the standard closet set-up. A single closet rod running the length of your closet, and a single wire shelf above – if you’re lucky. Boxes, shoes, and other items tend to get stacked on the shelf and underneath the hung clothes, and your closet door is always closed to prevent items from spilling out and revealing your clutter.

The closet is one of the last places you think about re-decorating, after all who is going to see your closet? We always think about how to re-organize the household closet to better suit our everyday lives, but the project gets daunting when you pull items out of the closet and they are scattered around the bedroom.

In the words of corny infomercials, “there must be a better way!”

It does not take a lot of money to turn your small closet into a well organized system that will leave your relatives seething with jealousy! Basic closet kits with closet rods and wire shelves start at $150 while more professional looking kits range around the $300 and $700 range. Think you don’t have nearly enough money to afford a new closet? Take an dime-challenge empty 2 liter bottle and fill the container with your spare dimes over the year. Once full, the bottle will contain around $500 to $700! With that amount of dough, and any other coins you’ve squirreled away, you can easily afford a gorgeous new bedroom closet.

freedomRail systems are incredibly popular as they provide high end quality at a fraction of the cost. These closet systems are constructed from long-lasting steel material and finished in your choice of color. The high-end configurations come with beautiful wooden shelves to provide a modern and contemporary look to your closet space.

Accessories such as pull-out wire baskets, sliding drawers, shoe racks, double closet rods, storage shelves, and other items are also available so you can keep everything perfectly organized in your closet alongside your garments.

The freedomRail closet systems are designed to mount directly to the wall and they will not pull away from sheetrock or drywall once installed. They are also completely customizable so you can re-configure them as your storage needs change over the years. This allows you to keep your closet up-to-date without needing to replace it.

Organize-It, along with many other retailers, offers pre-designed closet configurations so all you have to do is order the set and then follow the assembly instructions to transform your ordinary closet space into the closet of your dreams. The products are also sold on an individual basis so you can design your own custom closet with help from the Closet Design Tool from Organize-It. pantry

You are not just limited to bedroom closets. The Closet Design Tool allows you to customize your own pantry, kid’s closet, master closet, linen closet, and other closet spaces so you can create the perfect storage solution for any room in your home!  Don’t wait any longer to turn your household into a well organized paradise.

Create more space with bookcase room dividers

There are lots of great ways to get the most out of small spaces. One of my favorite decorating tips is using bookshelves to create room dividers and separate existing spaces into multiple areas. With the addition of a sturdy shelf, a living room can become a sitting room and a home office… or a foyer… or even a breakfast nook! I love this trick because you can renovate your home without the high cost of building or re-decorating. It’s a great way to make apartments, condos and flats a little more homey, too.

The right shelf

  • Open shelves: Open bookcases are a great way to to separate a room while maintaining a constant flow throughout the space. Utilize one or two bookshelves with open backs to separate living spaces. Once you add books and decor, the space fills out without a solid separation. This is great is you have a flat or one-room apartment because you can create specific spaces without making the area feel too small.
  • Multiple shelves: Think your space is too big for one shelf to do the trick? Utilize multiple shelves to get the look — and it doesn’t have to be the same shelf! Find a style that comes in multiple models or sizes and use them together. One tall shelf and one waist-high shelf creates a great divider in larger rooms.
  • Floor to ceiling: If you want to completely divide a space for privacy, use a floor-to-ceiling shelf. This option is best for small apartments. Create a closed off bedroom, or even create a faux “walk-in” closet behind the bed with one of these large shelves.


Get ready for winter with garage storage

Once the snow starts to hit the ground, it’s time to store all your junk in the garage so you can pull the car in. It can be easily to let stuff stack up and accumulate, but a quick autumn weekend can turn your cluttered garage into a streamlined system.

  • Heavy duty storage shelving: A quick way to add storage to your garage is shelving. Basic but heavy duty shelving makes it super easy to store and organize all of your stuff. These shelves are large enough to house all your auto and outdoor needs — plus fragile pieces like Christmas decorations in plastic bins. These shelves are strong enough to hold loads of weight and large enough to fit bins, boxes and other over-sized storage pieces.
  • Storage cabinets: If you’re looking for more protective storage for your yard tools, painting supplies or power tools, consider a storage cabinet. These large, spacious storage pieces have height-adjustable shelves, closing doors and can be typically be locked with the addition of a padlock. Storage cabinets are great for garages and workshops alike, and they come in multiple sizes so you can find the best model for your space.
  • Overhead garage storage: If you really want to store a lot — and most importantly — not have to look at it, overhead storage is for you. Storage lifts are a real handy and convenient way to get bulky storage bins out of eyes view. Most have motorized lifts so you don’t have to worry about getting out the ladder, too.

A Holiday Storage Tip To Eliminate the Stress of Packing

When it comes to the holidays, everyone loves getting ready but hates cleaning up. Trimming the tree, adding lights indoors and outdoors – all of this is a great time. But when it comes to putting all of those decorations back into the tiny box they came in… Who can do that? It feels like it is impossible. Well use this holiday storage tip and make clean up way more efficient and much less stressful.

A favorite holiday storage tip of mine involves the age-old tradition in masochism that is putting away holiday lights. Christmas lights always come in such tiny packages, all perfectly packed together – it’s like a little snowflake. It’s actually a lot like a snowflake, because it is impossible to replicate that light-packing job. This was obviously done by some sort of automated machine, because no human hands could possibly be able to wind long electrical wires so meticulously and precisely.

Instead of losing a few months off of your life and trying to force the lights back into the box (we all know it just ends up ripping at the top corner anyways), just use something a little larger and easier. Okay, so you are going to sacrifice a bit of efficiency when you use a larger storage container for your holiday lights.

Holiday Storage Tip

The Holiday Light Box with Wing Top Lid and 4 Dividers is an ideal choice for storing your holiday lights. This light box is made from durable materials, so it is perfect for long-term storage use. A little holiday tip – get two of these light boxes because one is never enough.

They are not just great for storing your lights, even though that is what they are built for. You can use them for other hard-to-store holiday items. The dividers ensure that the decorations stay separated and don’t get all tangled up together.

Use this holiday storage tip wisely and be able to enjoy the winter even after the festivities have ended .

Outdoor Storage Shelf to Protect Your Outdoor Items

It is a little bit of a “too little too late” scenario, but if you have not gotten around to winterizing your outdoor spaces, it might be a good time to get that taken care of. All over the country we have been seeing freezing temperatures, and that is not good for your patio accessories to withstand. Luckily there is an outdoor storage shelf that can help keep your outdoor items safe from the ill effects of these frigid winter temperatures.

I have seen too many perfectly good furniture cushions freeze in the winter and thaw out in the spring, only to be completely useless. The water just sits there in the cushion and causes it to deteriorate. If you don’t notice that they have thawed in time often you will have a bunch of water sitting in the outdoor furniture cushions for days at a time, which causes rotting and decay.

So avoid this costly and annoying inconvenience by preparing ahead for the cold winter months. These months can wreak havoc on your furniture cushions. When you store them within an outdoor storage shelf, they can be used over and over for years without worry of deterioration or decay.

For my outdoor space, I chose the Montego Bay Four Door Multi Purpose Storage Cabinet, which has a durable Eucalyptus wood construction that is perfect for long-term outdoor use. This outdoor storage shelf is perfect for storing my patio furniture cushions as well as gardening materials and other outdoor recreation items. That includes pool toys, sports equipment and any other items I do not have room for in the garage.

Outdoor Storage Shelf

This cabinet includes slat style shelves, so if any water does get into the cabinet is able to flow through to the bottom. This allows you to avoid the annoyance of warped or rotting shelves from sitting water that can accumulate throughout winter.

So if you have not got to setting up your patio or yard for the winter, get to it! The winter is starting to come and go and I am sure you cannot afford to let another set of furniture cushions go by the wayside.

Winter Garden Shelving Suggestions from a Californian

Lately I have been getting a lot of requests to write a blog entry about garden shelving for the winter. You see living in sunny Southern California, where the winter is just as perfect a growing season as the summer and spring, I forget that some people do not have this luxury. All across the United States, folks are putting away their gardening supplies in preparation for a long and arduous winter season. Here is the best winter garden shelving suggestions my naïve Californian mind could come up with.

The most important aspect of winter garden shelving is how well it protects your garden supplies from the elements. That means weather-proofing is incredibly important. There is nothing worse than getting a ton of snow all over your supplies, or them getting drenched and eventually rusting through.

With that in mind, I would recommend forgoing the traditional wood shelving in favor of winter garden shelving that is a little bit more weather-proof. This also means skipping metal shelving, which eventually just rusts away and falls apart. Instead, look for something that is made from synthetic materials. What is great about synthetic shelving is that it is as comfortable in the winter as it is in the summer. You can avoid rusting, warping, rotting and other pitfalls that come with using natural materials in your shelving.

With winter garden shelving, quality is much more important than quantity. If you are doing things right, you plan out your growing seasons and have as little disposable materials (such as fertilizer, seeds, etc) left over at the end. That means you just need to store the tools you will need every year.

Or you could just go big or go home and get an entire shed and forget about any pretense of preparation. There is not a single winter garden shelving option out there that could possibly trump something like the Backyard Garden Storage Building. This thing is pretty much built with the singular mission of keeping your garden supplies safe and organized.

Winter Garden Shelving

Shelf Organization for the Cramped Dorm Room

It’s already mid-August, and you college students know it is time to start getting ready for dorm life! Whether you are a returning student or a first time fresh-person, you will need to stock up on storage and organization accessories, and stat! One of the best ways to be organized in the dorm is to have the proper shelf organization.

Dorms are not exactly well-known for their spacious accommodations. One of the keys to enjoying dorm life is to find the hidden storage opportunities around the room. A great way to increase your shelf organization space is an under-mounted shelf! These unique shelves basically are screwed onto the bottom side of a flat surface. This adds a convenient place to organize paperwork and other smaller items.

For those that are looking to organize books and paperwork in a more visible way, the Cardboard Magazine File is a must-have shelf organization piece. This durable but lightweight file is perfect for organizing magazines, books and papers in a vertical fashion. This file fits onto a shelf and is a great addition to a desk or closet shelf.

Shelf Organization

If you want to save shelf space for more important items, use the Modular Cube Storage system for catch-all storage. These cubes and drawers are perfect for everything from clothing to linens to foodstuffs! These versatile shelves are just the thing you need for the dorm, providing easy-to-access and convenient storage in any setting.

Shelf Organization

With these helpful suggestions for dorm shelf organization, you will have no problem keeping it together this year. Now you can save time searching for items and use that time to study even more! Nothing feels better than totally blowing the curve for everyone else because you had the most study time. Use these easy and helpful storage suggestions to get a leg ahead of everyone else!

Closet Shelving as a Birthday Present!?!

Under just about any circumstance, giving someone a shelving unit as a gift can typically be a dicey decision. While many do like to get practical gifts, most of us are just looking to get some cool new toys for the home. Closet shelving as a gift is usually met with general disappointment.

Even I, as a person that is considered to be a dedicated connoisseur of the art of home storage, rarely if ever would place a wall-mounted floating shelf anywhere near the top of my Wish List. However, I have decided that there is one particular home-storage and organization related item that makes for an excellent gift.

Maybe you are like me and have a large walk-in closet but are unable to find an efficient, cost-effective way to make the most of the space. Well, adding a closet shelving system can make an incredible difference. Though closet storage systems do not make the most exciting present, they are the perfect choice for providing your home with a sense of greater organization.

Closet Shelving

While the walk-in closet in my bedroom is very spacious, it is lacking in useful shelving for storing all of our clothing. As of right now, our closet looks like a disaster area, with clothes stacked on top of each other, shoes all over the floor and accessories scattered around – basically a huge mess. Adding a modular closet shelving system is the perfect solution for getting the closet organized. What is great about this modular system is I can pick and choose the pieces I want, ensuring I don’t waste money on storage pieces I have no need for.

For our closet, the perfect accessories were:

1.)    The Standard System, which included

  1. Three 12″ x 24″ shelves
  2. Three 12″ x 72″ shelves
  3. Five Wardrobe Bars
  4. 9 Bar Spacers
  5. 4 Angle Brackets

2.)    A wall-mounted shelf tower, perfect for putting our folded clothes

Wall Mounted Shelf

3.)    An under-mount tie and belt rack for organizing all of our accessories

Under-Mount Tie and Belt Rack

4.)    A deep wire basket for catch-all storage

Deep Wire Basket

5.)   And lastly, a few additional shelves for the shelf tower