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Cat-Friendly Shelving


Cats have infiltrated the internet, wormed their way into our homes, and stolen our heats with their cute antics and loving personalities. What’s not to love about cats? Absolutely nothing! Our pets aren’t just like our family, they ARE our family. We wrap Christmas presents for them, give up a spot in bed, and in some cases even sit on the floor while the cat curls up on the chair!

Cats are such as part of our lives we sometimes forget they don’t like social gatherings and excitement as much as we do, and with Christmas fast approaching it’s time to think about making the holidays less stressful on the smallest member of our family. If you’ve been binge watching the latest My Cat from Hell episodes on Animal Plant, you may foresee where this is going…”Catification”!

Give your cat or kitten a place of their own in your home so they can be a part of the festivities while getting away from unruly dogs, grabby children, and adults who forget to watch where they step. First we must determine if your cat is a bush dweller or tree dweller, meaning, does your cat prefer to hide out in low places or in high places? Finding your cat’s comfort zone is the first step in making them feel comfortable during the busiest time of year.

cat-cabinetIf your cat loves to hang out on the floor – perfect! Give your cat a couple hiding places where they can watch the room and the occupants while staying out of the way. If you have a cubby bookshelf, you can turn one of the storage cubes into a nesting box filled with your cat’s favorite toys and treats. You can also purchase a litter box cabinet, and instead of hiding the litter box, fill the cupboard with a small scratching post, a few toys, and other comforts to give your cat a cozy hiding place.

Tree dwellers are even easier to accommodate around the home. Tree dweller cats love to watch the activity without getting involved themselves, so give them a spot up high where they can keep an eye on their silly humans while staying away from the chaos. Wall mounted shelves give your cat an easy way to stay up high. Simply arrange shelves in such a way so your kitten can jump from one to the other while climbing in height. You can even arrange shelves around the room so they can always find an exit without touching the floor – and getting run over by distracted humans!

cat-shelf2Please note: using shelf brackets and wooden shelves can provide more support than floating wall shelves. As you are shopping for cat-friendly shelving, remember to choose shelves that will support your cat’s weight, plus a few pounds.

You can make the wall mounted shelves more enticing to your cat by installing different textures to the top surface of wooden cat-friendly shelves. Simply staple a locker rug onto the top for a soft sleeping surface, glue a scratching pad on for a play surface, or cut-down a carpet square to cushion your cat while they laze around the house. Your cat is sure to fall in love with their new play area and they will love being a part of the holiday craziness while keeping out a watching eye.

Do you have more “catification” ideas? List them below!

How to Repair Holes in Drywall


Are your walls damaged from hanging up pictures, shelves, and other items on the wall? Don’t worry, you’ll get your security deposit back! Repairing small holes in the wall is almost as easy as it was to create them in the first place. Simply repair the small holes or dents in your wall and your landlord will never be the wiser.

Getting started. Gather the following supplies,

  1. Scraping tool
  2. Spackle
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Paint

How to repair small holes in your drywall.

  1. Scrape away any loose debris to create a smooth area using a scraping tool.
  2. Using the same scraping material, apply lightweight Spackle over the hole and smooth down the area. Allow to dry according to instructions.
  3. More Spackle! If the hole is not fully filled, repeat step 2.
  4. Sand the surface smooth when the hole is completely filled with Spackle.
  5. Paint the area using matching paint to hide the repair to the drywall.

There you have it! In five steps or less you have a fully repaired wall that will look just like new.

Wall Mounted Display Shelves Vs. Your Cat

Don’t get me wrong – I am definitely a huge lover of felines. Their cute little faces, eccentric quirks and playful attitude make them a joy to be around. However there is one thing about cats that drives me crazy. And that is when they get up on a shelf and start rubbing their facing against things. I cannot even begin to estimate how many nice vases, picture frames and artwork have been lost to an out-of-control cat. There is one way to keep kitties away from your valuables, and that is to use wall mounted display shelves.

Wall Mounted Display Shelves

Somebody stop that kitty!

Why wall mounted display shelves?

You see, most shelves serve almost like a ladder for your cat, allowing him or her to find a way to the summit, where they can rub their faces on all of your stuff. If there is even the slightest chance of a cat climbing up on your shelving unit, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will find a way. Cats are amazing creatures in this way – nothing gets between them and their face-rubbing.

So like I said, a great way to prevent your cat from destroying all of your precious belongings is to place them on wall mounted display shelves. These shelves are better than your typical shelving units for a variety of reasons.

First of all, they “float” on the wall, leaving no route for your cat to climb up. Unless your cat has some sort of Spiderman power, he will be completely unable to reach the pinnacle.

A second feature of wall mounted display shelves is that you can place them at any height along the wall! I know some cats that are amazing jumpers, but if you install the display shelf above a certain height, there is no way a cat is getting up there.

So if you have issues with your cat destroying all of your valuables, replacing your stand-alone shelving units with a series of wall mounted display shelves like this wall mounted glass shelf!

Closet Shelving as a Birthday Present!?!

Under just about any circumstance, giving someone a shelving unit as a gift can typically be a dicey decision. While many do like to get practical gifts, most of us are just looking to get some cool new toys for the home. Closet shelving as a gift is usually met with general disappointment.

Even I, as a person that is considered to be a dedicated connoisseur of the art of home storage, rarely if ever would place a wall-mounted floating shelf anywhere near the top of my Wish List. However, I have decided that there is one particular home-storage and organization related item that makes for an excellent gift.

Maybe you are like me and have a large walk-in closet but are unable to find an efficient, cost-effective way to make the most of the space. Well, adding a closet shelving system can make an incredible difference. Though closet storage systems do not make the most exciting present, they are the perfect choice for providing your home with a sense of greater organization.

Closet Shelving

While the walk-in closet in my bedroom is very spacious, it is lacking in useful shelving for storing all of our clothing. As of right now, our closet looks like a disaster area, with clothes stacked on top of each other, shoes all over the floor and accessories scattered around – basically a huge mess. Adding a modular closet shelving system is the perfect solution for getting the closet organized. What is great about this modular system is I can pick and choose the pieces I want, ensuring I don’t waste money on storage pieces I have no need for.

For our closet, the perfect accessories were:

1.)    The Standard System, which included

  1. Three 12″ x 24″ shelves
  2. Three 12″ x 72″ shelves
  3. Five Wardrobe Bars
  4. 9 Bar Spacers
  5. 4 Angle Brackets

2.)    A wall-mounted shelf tower, perfect for putting our folded clothes

Wall Mounted Shelf

3.)    An under-mount tie and belt rack for organizing all of our accessories

Under-Mount Tie and Belt Rack

4.)    A deep wire basket for catch-all storage

Deep Wire Basket

5.)   And lastly, a few additional shelves for the shelf tower


Fixin’ It Up with Wall Shelves

Last month I was able to achieve one of my biggest goals in life – I finally joined the ranks of so many proud Americans and became a homeowner. It took a long time to save enough money to be able to responsibly afford a nice home here in Southern California (definitely did not want to end up like so many of my fellow citizens and go underwater on my mortgage), but now that I finally was able to pull the trigger on my home I could not be more excited.

One reason I had grown tired of bouncing from apartment to apartment was simply that – I was tired of gathering all of my stuff up and piling it into a moving van year after year. The life of an apartment dweller can be pretty exhausting, especially dealing with rent increases. Another reason I am really glad to not have to answer to a management company, which almost always has ulterior motives and is just looking to get as much money out of me as possible. Similar to being your own boss, I can finally say that I am my own landlord.

But despite these nice conveniences of being a homeowner, the biggest reason I wanted to buy my own home is that I am a bit of a fixer-upper nut. I love being out in the yard or on the roof fixing up my home or giving it an added modification. With an apartment, if you so much as paint some trim or baseboards, you undoubtedly are headed down the road towards a vanished security deposit.

One of the first improvements I made to my home was increasing the storage and display space around the home. As a first-time home buyer I went the fixer-upper route and saved myself some money. Unfortunately this means the house is also as bare bones as it gets. Adding wall shelves to my home was the first step I took to add storage and display space to the walls. With a variety of materials and sizes available, I really went to town throughout the house.

My next few posts will deal specifically with the new improvements I made on my fixer-upper home and maybe you can learn a thing or two from my experience!

Wall Shelves as Gifts?!?

When it comes to thinking about gifts for the holidays, there are many things that instantly come to mind. Train sets, bicycles, puppies, even fruit cake might come to mind as a typical holiday gift. However there is one type of item that you’d never think would make an excellent gift. This item is great because it combines function with style, and can be used in any room.

What I am talking about are wood wall shelf units, designed to have unique shapes and angles and are as much décor pieces as they are shelving. There are a wide variety of these shelving units, from the more contemporary units to elegant and sophisticated traditional style shelf units.

The deluxe four-level wall shelf has a simple design with storage on a variety of levels. With levels at different heights, it draws the eye in to the items that are stored on the shelves, whether they are pictures, artwork, trophies, portraits or any other item!

Four Level Wall Shelf

For those with more simple tastes, the 12″ x 24″ Wall Display Shelf is a great choice. This wall mounted wood shelf also has four levels for storage, but also vertical bars that separate the shelves, adding a little bit of visual interest. This shelf is a safe choice because its transitional style looks good in both modern and traditional décor styles.

12" x 24" Wall Display Shelf

For those with more daring tastes, the Trio Shelf is a great gift. This wall shelf features a contemporary style that adds modern flare to the home, plus adds display space. Three “branches” provide the perfect place to keep items.

Trio Shelf

While it might not be the most eye-grabbing or sophisticated gift there is, giving someone a wall shelf is a great, usable gift. I would especially recommend them to friends that might be moving into a new space, or perhaps those that have children and are starting to take more family portraits or have their children’s artwork displayed.

Corner Wall Shelves for Every Occasion

Today we have a guest blog from one of my good friends, who I have known since middle school and has a home-storage dilemma on his hands:

Unfortunately for me and my ever-fading sanity, I have been living in a tiny studio apartment for the last 3 years. I would love to make an upgrade to a one-bedroom but unfortunately that is a little bit out of my price range for the time being. What makes living in a cramped studio apartment so frustrating for me is that I barely have enough space for all of my belongings, which I have been lugging around with me for the last five years or so.

Because the apartment I live in is just so small and I am so lacking in appropriate closet space, in order to keep my things from piling up on the floors around me, I have to use wall shelves for storage.  The problem with this solution is that now that I have been using this method for a couple of months, I have run out of space along my walls for more shelves. There are shelves on literally lining the entire perimeter of my studio apartment. I spent the last weekend finding some solutions for how to add even more storage and display space to the apartment.

I am sure you are thinking the answer is obvious – “Just get a shelving unit, man!” But what you may not realize is that there is just no more floor space left in my 300 square foot for a bulky shelving unit.

After hours of scouring home-improvement sites and clutter-reducing blogs, I finally came across the perfect solution to adding more storage to my tiny studio apartment without: adding wall mounted corner shelves to the room! These shelves are perfect because they utilize the only space along my walls that has not yet been filled with wall storage shelves. Now I am able to store all of my belongings along wall shelves.

Corner Wall Shelf

The solution to all of your home-storage problems??

Organizing the Bathroom with Wall Shelves

My newly-organized bathroom.

As a college student and as a post-graduate that lived with a multitude of roommates, it took a lot of work to make the small space usable and comfortable for all of us. Organizing the  smaller-than usual bathrooms that we shared was quiet a trying task, especially considering how many of us there were. Add in the fact that I was living with some of the messiest people I know, and that is a recipe for a disaster-area-esque bathroom.

The first apartment I shared with roommates was a two bedroom that was shared by four college students. As you can imagine the 1000 square foot apartment was barely large enough to contain us, let alone all of our junk. The hardest hit room was definitely the bathroom, which looked like a scene out of a third-world country.

So when our lease was finally up and it came time to find a new apartment, I dropped those roommates like they were hot and found some new roomies that were hopefully a little bit cleaner (by the way, my ex-roommates were great guys, just terribly messy). I wanted to be able to bring a date back to the apartment without having to explain that a bear had made its way into our apartment, and that is why there is garbage and clothing strewn about the entire place (it is a pretty tough line to sell, let me tell you that).

Another step I took to ensure that the new apartment looked great was to install bathroom wall shelves, keeping each roommate’s towels and toiletries and other bathroom items organized and easily separated. Of course other steps throughout the house had to be taken as well, but I felt like finally getting the bathroom organized was the first step in having a clean home.

After just six months of living in a non-garbage-dump apartment, and I actually was able to get dates (and more importantly, keep them). Turns out the girl that I ended up marrying was one of the first people that I took into my new apartment, it is a good thing that I had learned to keep it clean!

Tool Storage for the Cold Season

Finding a place to store your garden and outdoor equipment during the fall and winter months can be quite a hassle, especially for those that are not blessed with a large shed or garage. I personally am lucky (or cursed, I guess it depends on your outlook) enough to live in a one-bedroom apartment with absolutely no outdoor space, so this is not an issue I have to worry about.

However, I do know of quite a few people that do run into this dilemma including my brother-in-law who owns a small house with a decent amount of yard space. His front and back yard require quite a bit of maintenance during the summer, spring and early autumn seasons, so he has a bunch tools like a weed-whacker, shovels and hoes, wheel-barrow and so much more. The problem is during the winter months, he has to find a place to store them while his yard is buried under half a foot of snow.

The problem with storing all of these tools is that the yard is too small to accommodate a full-size shed with shelves. What I recommended to my brother-in-law was to try and install small yard-tool rack to some solid wood surface of his home. Luckily, the side of his house is made from weather resistant solid wood, perfect for installing the rack. He also built a small awning above the rack for weather protection, keeping his tools dry.

What is great about the yard tool rack is that it is able to store just about any type of garden tool, whether it is a shovel, rake or a weed-whacker. Even without the luxury of additional yard storage space, my brother-in-law found a way to keep his tools in great shape throughout the off-season.

My brother-in-law’s expertly installed wall rack.

For those that are lucky enough to have a small shed or a garage that is large enough to accommodate tools, I would recommend using durable garage storage shelves to store your tools. There are a wide variety of garage shelves, including all-metal shelves, metal frame with wood shelves, and even all-wood shelves.

Shook Ones without Utility Straps

I have been living in Los Angeles, California for the last two years, and in all honesty have done a horrible job of preparing my home for any sort of earthquake. As you probably know, Los Angeles is located along the “ring of fire” which means it gets earthquakes with somewhat regularity. The evidence of Los Angeles being earthquake-prone can be seen throughout the city – many older buildings are retrofitted, up until the 60s there was a height limit on buildings, and even those buildings that have been built since then feature flat tops to accommodate the required helicopter pads.

Now, you would think with all those visual reminders and the long-standing popular culture surrounding Los Angeles and earthquakes it would not take a minor incident to shake one into taking earthquake preparedness measures. But alas, that was exactly the case with me earlier this summer. We had been getting small earthquakes in May and June, but so small that you could barely feel them and one I even slept through completely. But then in July “the big one” hit – yes it measured just 3.0 on the Richter scale, but it was enough to jar me into reality.

Simply put, my particle board bookcase fell flat on its broad face and split in two – not to mention the contents of the case which shot out across my living room. This happened around 4 AM when I was in bed, so as I burst into the living room to view the devastating damage I realized that a change had to come.

The bookcase had to be replaced, and this time I made sure a terrible fate would never befall its gorgeous wood-grain panels. By using a bookcase utility strap to connect it to the wall of my apartment, I ensured that the shelf would stay in place even through a large tremor.
In my next post I will go into detail about other measures you can take to ensure your home stays in order through an earthquake and other tips for keeping you and your family safe.

You can use the utility straps for a dresser as well!