Closet Shelf Help

Making the most of your existing closet shelf is a priority when you are organizing your closet.  The shelf above the closet rod, which you will find in almost every closet, is a great place for storage of clothing, office supplies, shoes and pretty much anything else you can think of.  So how can you make the most of this space?  Often you will find that you stack sweaters, pants or shirts high up on that shelf, only to come back later and they have fallen down.

Purse Organizer - Park-a-Purse

Purse Organizer – Park-a-Purse

One solution to this is to use shelf dividers that are specifically designed for the closet.  These handy tools simply slide onto your wooden shelf and create a vertical divider that keeps stacked items neat and tidy.  Another great tool for the upper closet shelf are bins, which contain items, but offer less access to stored items, so it’s a better solution for things that you don’t need daily access to.  A third option is to use wire shelves which divide up the space vertically.  This also helps to keep clothes from falling over and makes it easier to grab from the pile without causing a closet avalanche!  If you have other items that you would like to store up there, like shoes or purses this is a great place to do that. The Park-a-Purse – Purse Organizer is an inexpensive closet organizing tool that can be used high up on that shelf or even on the floor if there is space.  Each purse has its own compartment, perfect for accessories lovers.  It can also be used for smaller shoes, especially ladies footwear like pumps.   Other ideas include plastic bins for out of season clothing, toys, personal items and more.  Whatever your closet organizing needs are, there are plenty of closet tools to help you out on your way to a more organized wardrobe!