Get organized with shelf dividers

Have a small closet or shelf? There are lots of things you can do to get the most out of your space. If you’re working with a small space, utilize shelf dividers to maximize your space. When you add dividers you can use more vertical space; the sides allow you to better contain stacks of folded clothes or organize large accessories. These attachments are also great in hall closets, kitchen pantries and much more.

Here are some of my favorite styles:

  •  Wire Shelf Dividers: If you currently have a wire closet system, then wire dividers are the way to go. The wire shelf organizers are designed to fit either tight mesh wire shelving or standard wire shelving and are constructed from sturdy steel wire with a durable white epoxy finish to maintain their clean look for years. These dividers attach with a simple squeeze; push the sides together so the bottom hooks to your wire shelf then release to secure them.
  • Acrylic Shelf Dividers: If you’re looking for more of a streamlined appearance, acrylic dividers are a great choice. Acrylic dividers provide a more solid build; attach these organizers to solid shelves to create organized cubbies. If you have a custom closet system with shelves, this option is for you. Now you can organize folded clothes with ease and utilize the totality of shelves because you can stack clothes taller.
  • Divider, Shelf Duo: Looking for even more storage surface? This multi-use piece allows you to divide up already existing shelves while creating MORE shelf space for your goods! This organizer slides over the edge of a shelf, creating a solid structure of two dividers connected by a top shelf. Now you can keep small pieces from falling over while creating a sturdy way to utilize every vertical inch of existing shelves.