Decorative Bedroom Shelves Add Function and Fashion

What is the best way to get a messy bedroom organized? The bedroom is one place that many people value fashion over function. The worst case bedroom-scenario involves mountains of clothing so high that you cannot find your shoes. However, the second-worst case scenario is a sterile yet organized bedroom that could double as a hospital room. The best way to give your room a dash of décor while providing an additional touch of storage is to add decorative bedroom shelves.

Decorative bedroom shelves come in all shapes and sizes- and are able to hold and organize a variety of items. Not only that, I have seen gorgeous bedroom shelves made from oak, steel, bamboo and even heavy-duty plastic! Basically what I am saying is that there are no fashion-oriented excuses for a lack of bedroom shelving. There is a match for every style and situation.

I don’t have a lot of space in my bedroom. Therefore, my shelving needs skew towards the compact and space-efficient side of things. One of the toughest organizational tasks is finding a place to store my laundry after it has been cleaned. Half the time I do my laundry and fold up the clothes, I end up with a storage space shortage. That means I leave my freshly washed and folded clothing out on a cabinet or on top of the dresser. My clothing ends up getting dusty, dirty or full of cat hair (my cat loves to sleep on my clothes).

Decorative bedroom shelves free up some space in the bedroom.

Decorative Bedroom Shelves

Instead of wasting my own time and my valuable supply of quarters, I decided to add some decorative bedroom shelves. The 3 Drawer Metal and Wicker Chest offered the perfect storage solution for the bedroom. With just a single piece of furniture I was able to increase the clothing storage space in my bedroom. Now, I don’t have to worry about hairy or dusty slacks when I am running late for work!

Elegant Drawer Dividers for Upscale Organizing!

Drawer Dividers are by far one of the best organizing tools in the professional organizers tool belt!  They can make any room of the home a more orderly place and save you valuable time because you won’t be searching through drawers endlessly to find the right sock, battery or tool!  Well, drawer dividers have gotten a style upgrade recently.  No longer just made of plastic and metal, you can find drawer organizers for any room of the home in any style that you crave!

walnut stained expandable dresser drawer divider

walnut stained expandable dresser drawer divider

The walnut stained expandable dresser drawer divider is one such updated, stylish drawer organizer!  This beautiful piece is perfect for use in the bedroom.  It has a dark walnut stain that will match fancy bedroom furniture and also makes it easy to clean.  Expandable drawer dividers are great because they can fit into more spaces and also because they use the entire drawer for storage, instead of leaving wasted space on the sides of a more traditional drawer organizer.  This particular model is 5.5” deep which is perfect for dresser drawers.  If you are looking for drawer dividers for the bathroom or kitchen, you might want to go with a plastic model or metal that can be cleaned and sanitized easily.  Also, typically these drawers are not as deep as they are in a dresser, so a shorter drawer divider might be in order.  There are also drawer dividers that are specifically designed for different purposes.  For example, in the kitchen, you can get a utensil tray or even a spice drawer organizer that turns any drawer into a spice rack for easy access and better viewing of spice bottle labels.  In the laundry room, a specially designed junk drawer organizer works wonders with those drawers where all odds and ends in the home seem to end up!