Wall Decoration Shelves. Squared.

Sometimes you need shelves for organization, and sometimes you just need to show off terrific items like flowers and picture frames. When it comes time to forgo roomy shelf space for a design that demands attention and acts a de facto display case, albeit one that hangs on the wall without a glass door, the perfect choice is this delightful Collection Box from STACKS AND STACKS.

Sold in a handy set of 3 varying sizes, these Boxes are Shelves, and visa versa. But here’s a hint (shh, don’t tell) – they actually CAN be used for storage and organization! I know! Many times I find it frustrating that décor and “style” have to intrude on good old-fashioned functionality. If I had my way, modern and tradition design would eschew the need for “glitter” as I call it: little flourishes that many find make a home or office “cozy”. I prefer pure the cold mathematics of shelf organization; optimizing anti-clutter expenditure and maximizing the available raw space of a shelf. But this is my opinion only. There is certainly room for both schools of thought, and the Collection Box is nothing if not versatile.

Not only do the Boxes come in 3 sizes, but they also feature a gamut of color choices. Pick from Natural, White, Dark Cherry, Black, Chocolate, Honey, and Mahogany if you, like many others, enjoy harmonizing your home or office’s look and color scheme.

I know my hard-edged opinions on shelf organization would classify me as “straight-laced”, “cold”, or even “square” — but these Collection Boxes prove that squares can be cool, too.