Finding Your Ideal Multi Media Storage Solution

When it comes to multimedia storage, there are basically three ways to go.  There are open media shelves (like bookcases), media cabinets with doors and modular solutions like a DVD and Video storage box-bamboo.  If you are like me (a movie buff and audiophile) then you have a huge task when it comes to figuring out a storage solution for your DVD’s and CD’s.  If you are not like me, chances are you still need something to hold them.  Even TV stands with built in media storage tend to not have enough storage space for the average collector.  And then, what about the CD’s?  I recommend just going with something that will store both.  This eliminates the necessity for two different racks, thus simplifying your home and making it fell less cluttery.

Apothecary Media Cabinet - Holds 456 CD Cases

Apothecary Media Cabinet – Holds 456 CD Cases

If you want to go with a shelf that stores your media collection, then I would recommend getting one that has an attractive finish and looks like a bookcase.  It will blend in with your other furniture pieces and look cohesive in the living room, rather than standing our like an eyesore.  And if space is limited, then get something like a bookcase media tower which is tall and narrow, using vertical space against the wall.  This particular one holds 754 cases; even if that is more than you have, you can utilize the remaining space on the shelves for decorative items.  I like to break up the rows of music and DVD cases with little knick knacks.  The bookcase media tower – tall single has a similar effect and almost as much storage capacity, but its shorter profile offers a ledge to display photos, candles and other home accents.
For media cabinets which offer concealed storage, there are a couple of different looks.  The cabinet style with doors like the locking multimedia storage cabinet and apothecary style like the media cabinet – 456 walnut.  Apothecaries are neat because they have drawers rather than shelves and they have an “old world” look.  But no matter what your style is, make sure your multimedia solution is perfectly suited to your needs!

The Best Storage For Your CDs

Any music lover needs just the right storage for their serious CD collection and electronics. A rack that puts each CD on display with a convenient, but stylish design is a must have for the living room. A spinning design is the easiest way to make each CD accessible in a large collection. Storing media center equipment is another must have for any movie or music lover.

612 Revolving CD Rack

612 Revolving CD Rack

Holding over 300 CDs the CD Rack – Spinner 336 is a great choice for storing music. With a wood finish this rack has a casual look, making it perfect for living room décor. This spinner can also be used to store up to 160 DVDs or 80 VHS, making this organizer a must have for any media center. Simply place it next to your TV or audio system.

For even more storage try the 612 Revolving CD Rack. Holding almost twice the CDs, this rack makes your entire collection easy to access. Individual compartments make it easy to sort and organize CDs. Coming in a variety of finishes, this rack can be coordinated with existing living room furniture.

When it comes to storing audio equipment look for storage that suits your needs and décor. Use your audio equipment on a daily basis? Consider using easy to access, open shelving that makes controlling equipment with a remote a breeze. Don’t want to have your entire media center on display? Consider media centers with concealed storage like cabinets that can be left open when in use and closed to cover everything up when not being used.

Having the right storage makes it that much easier to enjoy your media center and create an enjoyable space to relax. Keeping everything in it’s place, you can always find the CD or DVD you’re looking for.

Mini Milk Crates Make Perfect CD Storage

Modular storage provides options traditional storage just cannot match. Most importantly, it can grow and adapt with your needs. Versatile storage is great for a growing media center or an at-home office. Whether you’re looking for casual shelving or to create a display space, there is modular storage to suit your space. My personal favorite type of modular storage uses that old-time favorite, mini milk crates.

Plastic Mini Milk Crates

Plastic Mini Milk Crates

If you want to start small try storage like the plastic mini milk crates for your CD collection. Featuring a fun milk crate design, this is a great storage option for music lovers young and old. These crates look great everywhere from the game room to the dorm room. They are also small enough to be used as drawer organizers for everything from socks to office supplies.

For your other office needs try modular drawers for storing paperwork in your growing office. At home or at work, using storage that can grow as your business grows is an economical storage choice. Build your office in contemporary style.

Larger modular shelving is a modern way to display a growing collection throughout the home. Have an ever growing collection of china that you want to show off in the dining room? Consider modern shelving that allows the emphasis to be on your collection and not the case. The living room is another space where you can never run out of storage. Whether you have a large movie collection or lots of books, modular storage allows shelving to expand or be streamlined much more easily than replacing an entire bookshelf.

Have a media center that just won’t stop growing? Look for a TV stand that has cabinets or additional shelving that can be added to it as you acquire more media components and movies. That way, when it comes time to expand, you can ensure the living room maintains a uniform look rather than ending up with a hodgepodge of storage pieces.

Versatile CD Storage – As Bin Or Shelf

It can be difficult to get the most out of storage pieces. Over the years storage needs change and finding adaptable shelving can be a challenge. With a little forethought, finding shelving that can serve multiple functions can save you time and money. The key is to find long lasting shelving with a versatile look that can be enjoyed for years to come.

mountable mesh 12 cd tower

mountable mesh 12 cd tower

Smaller storage options are a good place to start since there are always odds and ends around that need sorting. The mountable mesh 12 CD tower has a stylish, modern look that easily transitions from the dorm room to the office. Whether you want to display a CD collection or organize office supplies this versatile tower has got it covered. Shelving that can be mounted on the wall opens up all kinds of space saving possibilities. Place it above a desk to to free up space or use it next to your audio components for easy CD access.

For larger bookcases, investing in durable wood shelving is a good way to ensure stylish book storage for years to come. When you know you’ll be moving shelving that can easily be assembled and disassembled is a great choice. With shelving that can be taken apart, you can easily boxed up all the pieces in a single flat box, rather than wasting space on an entire, fully assembled bookshelf.

Modular shelving is another great choice for storage that can grow with your collection. Look for shelving that gives you the option of adding to it so you can maintain a cohesive storage style. When you want to streamline your collection, simply remove extra storage and use it elsewhere.

Simple pieces in neutral colors are the easiest to blend with various styles over the years. With a little time and effort it’s easy to find storage options that have multiple uses and can grow and adapt with you.

Shelves for a Media Library

The living room doesn’t have to be an overly casual space in order for it to be relaxing. There are many ways to create a comfortable, cozy feel. Adding the right shelving can help create a chic, stately library look in the living room while adding storage as well. Whether you choose to fill the walls with floor to ceiling bookcases or add a single cabinet, bookshelves bring a classic look home.

large media cabinet with sliding doors

large media cabinet with sliding doors

For large or medium sized living rooms lining the walls with bookshelves is one way to create a cozy, study like feel. Don’t be afraid to place other pieces of furniture like couches or media centers in front of them, this layering can give the shelves a more permanent look. Filling the shelves with books turns the living room into a library as well. Don’t feel limited to using shelves for storing books, they can also be a great place to store a movie or music collection. Fill in unused space with family photographs, vases or anything else you want to display.

Have a smaller space or don’t want to commit to a full on library look? Choose lowering shelving that only covers half the wall and use it to surround the room or line a single wall. The large media cabinet with sliding doors is a great option for smaller spaces. The sliding doors mean you don’t have swing out doors that can get in the way and the height is just right for displaying a collection without shelving taking over a smaller room. A cabinet designed for storing movies or music, but with traditional style is a great way to make the living room feel like a study.

Shelving doesn’t have to be traditional, opt for modular bookcases with clean lines for an updated look. Variously sized compartments are an easy way to add visual interest and display favorite objects in a modern way. No matter your living room style, shelving can help make it personal by perfectly displaying your favorite collection.

Unexpected Living Room Storage

Living room storage can be a challenge, especially when it comes to your movie collection. You want to store your DVDs or video games where they’re easily accessible, but most of the time you want them out of sight. Finding attractive storage you don’t mind having on display can be a tall order, the first step is to figure out your storage needs.

bamboo dvd and video storage box

bamboo dvd and video storage box

Have a small collection of favorite movies you watch over and over again? Or do you have a large collection, with six or seven DVDs that always end up stranded around the DVD player? Consider a bin in a natural wood tone like the bamboo dvd and video storage box to help corral them. A wood container brings a touch of warmth and casual look to the living room so it blends nicely with the rest of your décor. Set one or two of these bins on a nearby open shelf and they will always be within reach, but never without a home.

For a large movie collection that you want to be able to peruse on movie night think about using a dedicated cabinet designed for storing DVDs. This is an easy way to keep them organized, easy to access and well concealed. Many TV stands offer built in cabinets where movies can conveniently be stored out of sight.

Short on space in the living room? Get creative by choosing living room furniture based on it’s storage space. Choose a coffee table with an open lower shelf where you can use boxes to store movies. Organize and label boxes by movie genre so it’s easy to sort through them on Friday night. You could also pick side tables with cabinets or an ottoman with interior storage to get really creative. There are lots of ways to gain space for your favorite movies.

Adjustable Wood 1000 CD Media Rack – Big Enough For Your Collection

My friend loves to buy CDs so much; in fact, over the years he has been able to accumulate a sum in excess of 1000 compact discs! I have tried to tell him that CDs are passé and that the future is in digital or a return to vinyl, but he just keeps on buying like it is 1999.

adjustable wood 1000 CD media rack

adjustable wood 1000 CD media rack

Anyways, as everyone knows, CDs take up a ton of space in the home, plus they are not the most aesthetically pleasing media, so finding a place to store them can be tough. My friend doesn’t even try. He lives in a tiny studio apartment, so this ridiculous collection of CDs is really filling up his home and making him look like the world’s neatest hoarder.
So, for Christmas I thought I would do my buddy a favor and take care of that mess of CDs that keeps growing ever larger in his living room. (Which is also his bedroom, which is also his kitchen, which is also his dining room.)
I looked all over and finally came to Stacks and Stacks for the solution to the compact disc nightmare that was growing worse by the day.  I needed to find a media storage case that was big enough to store the massive amounts of plastic CD cases that were littering my friend’s home. I browsed through 100 capacity cases, 250 capacity cases, even 500 capacity cases, but none of them appeared large enough to handle this CD avalanche.
Then I found the adjustable wood CD / media rack – 1000 capacity; it was just right. I was like Goldilocks, except for not. The bigger the better in my mind, because there is no stopping the CD train that is my friend. This CD rack was perfect because it is adjustable so my friend can raise the clearance to fit in his huge VHS collection (I know.)

Apothecary Style Wooden CD Cabinet – A Classic Solution

As the years go by I have discovered that the decrease in the compact disc’s popularity over the years has led me to be able to purchase used discs at a cut-rate price. For a low price of just 20 bucks, I can sometimes acquire up to five CDs, which is an amazing deal. Unfortunately this CD buying spree has led to my home becoming cluttered with innumerable compact discs and their gaudy, large jewel cases. What I really needed was a wooden CD cabinet to store them all in.

All these stacks and stacks of CDs were becoming an issue for me and my sanity. I could not find my keys or my remote, my toe nail clippers or my garage door opener; you name it, I lost it among the towers of musical media. I went to the only logical place to go to eliminate my stacks upon stacks of CDs:

My home is furnished in a traditional style, and unfortunately it seems like most CD towers these days have a sleek, modern look that just does not fit in with my home decor.  Luckily I was able to find the incredible, traditionally designed apothecary style wooden CD cabinet! It was available in three colors, oak, walnut and cherry; I chose walnut (It matches my hardwood floors).

apothecary style wooden cd cabinet

apothecary style wooden cd cabinet

This incredible CD storage unit has a solid wood construction, so I knew I was getting a sturdy piece of furniture.  I plan to keep it around long after my CDs have gone by the wayside; who knows, maybe someday I will become an apothecary myself. It has 24 drawers, each large enough to hold 19 CDs or eight DVDs, or (for those of you who are really old-school) four VHS tapes! If you do the math that is 456 CD’s, 192 DVDs or 96 VHS tapes! Each drawer comes with a slot for drawer labels, so I always know where my favorite Hall & Oates greatest hits collection is! (Yes, I have a favorite.)